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App::Session 0.962 by App::Session Team

App::Session can represents a sequence of multiple events perhaps executed in separate processes.


# ... official way to get a Session object ...
use App;
$session = App->context();
$context = $session->session(); # get the session

# any of the following named pa… 

ROX-Session 0.29 by Thomas Leonard

ROX-Session is a simple session manager. It loads, runs any programs you asked it to, and then quits when you run it a second time (thus ending your session). ROX-Session does not display any windows until you ask it to quit.

The first time you run it it will offer to make itself your session man… 

WWW::Meta::XML::Browser 0.08 by Benjamin Boksa

WWW::Meta::XML::Browser is a Perl module to simulate a browser session described in a XML file.


use WWW::Meta::XML::Browser;

my $session = WWW::Meta::XML::Browser->new();

Screenie 1.30.0 by Marc O. Gloor

Screenie is a small and lightweight screen frontend that is designed to be a session handler that simplifies the process of administrating detached jobs by providing an interactive menu.

UNIX operating system (Linux, BSD, AIX, Solaris, OSX are whatever you want)
POSIX compliant… 

POE::Session::GladeXML2 0.3.1 by Martijn van Beers

POE::Session::GladeXML2 is a Perl module that can emit POE events for Gtk2 callbacks.


package test;

use POE::Session::GladeXML2;

# the name of the sub needs to match with the name you entered in
# the glade signal handler dialog.
sub on_button1_clicked {

pppoesk 1.0a by Loic Pefferkorm

pppoesk is a PPPoE session killer.

pppoesk is a small C program which goal is to terminate a bogus PPPoE session in an automatic way.

A PPPoE session is established this way :rfc2516

your network device send a PADI packet (PPPoE Active Discovery Initiation)
answer from one or several ac… 

mod_but 2.2 by BUT Solutions

mod_but is an Apache 2.x module designed to operate as reverse-proxy enhancement component. mod_but integrates with mod_rewrite, mod_replace, mod_proxy, mod_security, mod_headers and other standard modules.

Here are some key features of "mod but":
Pre-Authentication (Login)
Cookie based sessi… 

pam_script 0.1.10 by Izak Burger

pam_script is a PAM (plugable authentication module) that runs a session open script and/or a session close script when a user logs into a service.

pam_script project works with any service that implements pam session management.

What's New in This Release:
This release fixes a bug that prev… 

POE::Component::Generic 0.0904 by David Davis and Teknikill Software

POE::Component::Generic is a POE component that provides non-blocking access to a blocking object.


use POE::Component::Generic;

my $telnet = POE::Component::Generic->spawn(

# required; main object is of this class
package => 'Net::Telnet',

# o… 

pam_require 0.7 by Andreas Gohr

pam_require is a simple Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) for Linux (and maybe other systems which use PAM).

pam_require is an account module that allows you to require a special user or group to access a service.



auth required

gnome-session 2.16.2 by Tom Tromey & Felix Bellaby

gnome-session package is free software and is part of the GNOME project.

Contained here are

the GNOME session manager
the GNOME session manager configuration program
and several other session management related utilities.



The simplest way to com… 

SMK PHP Authentication Class 1.0.1 by SoftMarket

SMK PHP Authentication Class package can be used to authenticate users against a MySQL database of user records.

It can verify whether there is a record for an active user given the user name and password. If the authentication succeeds, it creates a record for a new session in another database t… 

POE::Kernel 0.3502 by Rocco Caputo

POE::Kernel is an event driven threaded application kernel in Perl.


POE comes with its own event loop, which is based on select() and written entirely in Perl. To use it, simply:

use POE;

POE can adapt itself to work with other event loops and I/O multiplex systems. Currently… 

Cookie Store 0.2 by Kyle Wilgus

Cookie Store is a Firefox extension which allows multiple simultaneous session cookies for a given domain.

For example, you can be logged into a web application with multiple accounts at the same time in the same browser window and be able to switch between them easily.

The Cookie Store will… 

Qingy Is Not Getty 0.9.3 by Michele Noberasco

qingy is a replacement for getty. It uses DirectFB to provide a fast, nice GUI without the overhead of the X Windows System.

Qingy Is Not Getty project allows the user to log in and start the session of his choice (text console, GNOME, KDE, wmaker, etc.).

Here are some key features of "Qingy I… 

XtMix 0.4 by Martin Denn

XtMix is a mixer program that is KDE aware, supports session management, and is simple to use. The current version is 0.4 which can be improved.

Here are some key features of "XtMix":
XtMix detects a running KDE and uses its color settings. It even responds to color change requests. And all thi… 

Gnome-Sshman 0.5.2 by Jordi Ivars

Gnome-sshman is an ssh session manager for Gnome.

Gnome-sshman is easy and fast to use and is useful for system administrators that need to connect to many SSH servers.

Gnome-sshman saves ssh sessions and allows you to open a saved session with selecting the saved session in a extensible menu… 

LASANGE 0.4.1 by Satori Yakamura

LASANGE project is an advanced LAN session management system.

LASANGE aims at creating a mostly-automated LAN session administration and management system.

It provides game server management (instant deployment of game servers) and tournament management in a more advanced and automated way th… 

Sessinfo 0.1 by Gary Mills

Sessinfo is a Gnome Session Information Display.

This is a Gnome application that's intended to be a semi-graphical equivalent of the messages that you normally get with a command-line login session.

So far, it's not very graphical. Future versions might include such things as a graphical ban… 

pam_envfeed 0.4 by Egmont Koblinger

pam_envfeed is a PAM module that runs an external program, grabs its output, and then defines the environment variables this program has emitted.

pam_envfeed is especially useful for dynamically setting up a PATH that depends on many circumstances (such as whether the user is root, or whether a d… 



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