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vile 9.5f by Thomas E. Dickey

vile retains the "finger-feel", if you will, of vi, while adding the multiple buffer and multiple window features of emacs and other editors.

vile is definitely not a vi clone, in that some substantial stuff is missing, and the screen doesn't look quite the same. The things that you tend to type ov… 

Web Search Aggregator 1.2.0 by Cezary Tomczak

Web Search Aggregator (WSA) provides multiple Web searches from one place. It features multiple categories and the display of results from many sites with a single search.

Your last search and the state of the tabs are remembered. Tabs can be navigated with the keyboard.

What's New in This Rel… 

mediadbs 0.04 by Dominic Hargreaves

mediadbs is a project that aims to produce a flexible database system for tracking and searching for multiple forms of electronic media (eg mp3, divx, ogg) distributed on multiple servers in a local network. It currently only supports mp3 format files.

Apache web server with mod_p… 

quizzy 0.91 by dentar

quizzy project is a simple multiple-choice quizzing program.

Quizzy is a multiple-choice quiz engine for Linux.

The format for the quizzes is very easy to understand and write, and two small sample quizzes are included.

What's New in This Release:
Fix long quiz titles bug. It now works… 

BasiliX 1.1.1 fix2 by Mike Peters

BasiliX is a webmail application based on PHP and IMAP, and powered by the MySQL database server.

It supports simple mail actions, sending/receiving attachments, an addressbook with group capability, configurable, multiple languages and multiple folders.

Here are some key features of "BasiliX"… 

Multiple-Precision Floating-Point Library 2.2.0 by Vincent Lefevre

The MPFR library is a C library for multiple-precision floating-point computations with exact rounding (also called correct rounding). It is based on the GMP multiple-precision library.

The main goal of MPFR is to provide a library for multiple-precision floating-point computation which is both e… 

Migma 0.1.0 by Antonio Luiz Basile

Migma project is a multiple-choice exam generator.

Migma is a command-line tool that helps teachers create several different multiple-choice exams based on an original along with their respective answer sheets.

What's New in This Release:
some important bugs fixed… 

mp3 CUE cutter 0.4.0 by Manuel Odendahl

mp3cue cuts an input MP3 file according to the information stored in a .cue file (for example multiple tracks of DJ mix), and writes the output to multiple MP3 files.

poc is a mp3 and ogg streamer supporting following protocols:

HTTP (mp3 and ogg)
RTP (RFC 2250) (mp3 only)
RTP (RFC 3119) (mp… 

Ultrize TimeSheet 20051230 by Ultrize LLC

Ultrize TimeSheet is a Web based time card to keep track of all time spent on multiple clients and projects.

Ultrize TimeSheet project can keep track of multiple clients with multiple rate quotes with multiple projects easily, intuitively, and simply.

I realized a while ago, that I was having… 

Rsync Vault Manager 1.01 by Michael Peek

Rsync Vault Manager is an archive manager that uses rsync to manage backups of multiple clients across multiple logical partitions (vaults).

Rsync Vault Manager has some features that some other rsync-based backup schemes lack, such as being written in C++, needing no scripts or other programs th… 

Cajun 4.2 by Paul Bournival

Cajun turns your computer into a car audio device.It can supports mp3s, CD audio, Icecast/Shoutcast, LCD/LFD display, keypad or infra-red input. Supports multiple audio streams, multiple input devices, and multiple displays (each their own size).

Here are some key features of "Cajun":

vii-ppp-scripts 1.0 by John Fremlin

The vii-ppp-scripts are yet another set of ppp scripts. They feature handling multiple ISPs, autosetting DNS from ISP, ability to have a different resolv.conf for each connection, phone billing and chatscripts.

It is lacking of:
Graphical interface
Friendly set-up
Explicit multiple… 

rss2admins 20060726 by Stanislav Lechev

rss2admins generates an RSS feed from your (log) files. rss2admins is easy to configure, and supports multiple channels (multiple logs).


Multi-Cursor Window Manager 1.0 by Grant Wallace

Multi-Cursor Window Manager is a modified Unix window manager which provides multiple cursors. This allows multiple users to simultaneously interact with a Unix desktop environment.

Using a modified x2x client users can capture the keyboard and mouse input from their workstation and send to thei… 

ckmame 0.8 by NIH

ckmame is a program to check ROM sets for MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.

ckmame project tells you which ROM files are missing or have a wrong checksum, and can delete unknown and unused files from the ROM sets, and rename or move ROM files.

lib (at least version 1.… 

ZNC 0.045 by Prozac

ZNC is an IRC bouncer with many advanced features like detaching, C++/Perl module support, multiple users, multiple clients per user, channel/query playback buffers, SSL, transparent DCC bouncing, party line, and Web administration.

Here are some key features of "ZNC":

ZNC will st… 

Locale Switcher 2.0 for Firefox by Benjamin Smedberg

Locale Switcher extension provides simple way to switch between languages through a menu.

The default UI for Firefox does not provide an easy way to switch between multiple installed language packs for the application, because ordinary users aren't expected to install multiple language packs.


mysqlBind 1.94 by Gary Wallis

myqslBind manages multiple DNS/BIND (8 and 9) name servers. mysqlBind automates updates to multiple DNS servers, centralizes and stores all zone and resource records for sets of related name servers (, and even manages different name server sets from a single browser-based inte… 

ManEdit 0.7.1 by Tara Milana, Wolfpack Entertainment

ManEdit is a UNIX manual page editor and viewer, it is designed specifically for the editing of the UNIX manual page format using an integrated XML interface.

Although some developers with more resources can create a source document using a much more advanced editor and then export to multiple fi… 

Multiple Time Sheets 4 by John Kawakami

Multiple Time Sheets is a simple tool to help you keep track of how many hours you work and for whom.

It differs from most time-tracking software because it's designed to work like paper that magically totals up hours.

Here are some key features of "Multiple Time Sheets":
Uses text files, re… 



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