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DateTime::Format::Excel 0.2901 by Iain Truskett

DateTime::Format::Excel is a Perl module that can convert between DateTime and Excel dates.


use DateTime::Format::Excel;

# From Excel via class method:

my $datetime = DateTime::Format::Excel->parse_datetime( 37680 );
print $datetime->ymd('.'); # '2003.02.28'


pstoedit 3.43 by Wolfgang Glunz

pstoedit program converts Postscript and PDF files to other vector graphic formats so that they can be edited graphically.

Supported Formats

Currently pstoedit can generate the following major formats:

Tgif .obj format (for tgif version >= 3)
.fig format for xfig
pdf - Adobe's Porta… 

DateTime::Format::Epoch 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijli

DateTime::Format::Epoch is a Perl module that can convert DateTimes to/from epoch seconds.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch;

my $dt = DateTime->new( year => 1970, month => 1, day => 1 );
my $formatter = DateTime::Format::Epoch->new(
epoch => $dt,

Ringplay 0.2 by BruXy

Ringplay plays several mobile ringtone melodies which can be given as Nokia Composer format, Siemens or Ericsson format and support a converting between these music formats too.

As audio output is used standard Open Sound System device /dev/dsp (which could easy be emulate by ALSA). The output i… 

DateTime::Format::Epoch::TJD 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijli

DateTime::Format::Epoch::TJD is a Perl module that can convert DateTimes to/from Truncated Julian Days.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch::TJD;

my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::TJD->parse_datetime( 13244.5 );
# 2004-08-27T00:00:00


DateTime::Format::Epoch::Lilian 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijll

DateTime::Format::Epoch::Lilian is a Perl module to convert DateTimes to/from Lilian Days.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch::Lilian;

my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::Lilian->parse_datetime( 53244.5 );
# 2004-08-27T00:00:00


HTML::FromMail::Format::OODoc 0.10 by Mark Overmeer

HTML::FromMail::Format::OODoc is a Perl module that can convert messages into HTML using OODoc::Template.


is a HTML::FromMail::Format
is a Mail::Reporter


my $fmt = HTML::FromMail->new
( templates => ...
, formatter => 'OO… 

DateTime::Format::Epoch::Unix 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijli

DateTime::Format::Epoch::Unix is a Perl module that can convert DateTimes to/from Unix epoch seconds.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch::Unix;

my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::Unix->parse_datetime( 1051488000 );
# 2003-04-28T00:00:00


DateTime::Format::Epoch::TAI64 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijll

DateTime::Format::Epoch::TAI64 is a Perl module that can convert DateTimes to/from TAI64 values.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch::TAI64;

my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::TAI64
->parse_datetime( '4611686019483526367' );
# 2003-06-20T19:49:59


DateTime::Format::Epoch::RataDie 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijll

DateTime::Format::Epoch::RataDie is a Perl module that can convert DateTimes to/from Rata Die.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch::RataDie;

my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::RataDie->parse_datetime( $count );

# $count


Compface 1.5.2 by Ben Wing

Compface provides utilities and a library for converting to and from the X-Face format, a 48x48 bitmap format used to carry thumbnails of email authors in a mail header.

What's New in This Release:
CRLF endings in the sources were fixed. was moved to and the obsolete cons… 

DateTime::Format::Epoch::RJD 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijll

DateTime::Format::Epoch::RJD is a Perl module that can convert DateTimes to/from Reduced Julian Days.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch::RJD;

my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::RJD->parse_datetime( 53244.5 );
# 2004-08-27T00:00:00

DateTime::Format::Epoch::MJD 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijll

DateTime::Format::Epoch::MJD is a Perl module that can convert DateTimes to/from Modified Julian Days.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch::MJD;

my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::MJD->parse_datetime( 53244 );
# 2004-08-27T00:00:00


hexdump 1.6 by Eric S. Raymond

hexdump produces a CP/M-like format by default, and can handle EBCDIC. It is internationalized, and has many formatting functions.

This hex dumper was born because

a) od octal format is appallingly ugly
b) od -x ain't much better
c) I needed to dump EBCDIC files from SNA sessions
d) I neede… 

PMathGen 0.1.0 by Kenneth Knowles

PMathGen project is a simple math problem generator that outputs LaTeX and optionally PostScript.

From the operators, format, etc. specified on the command line or in a worksheet description file, it generates LaTeX and optionally PostScript files that can be used as math worksheets.

What's Ne… 

libpuz 0.1 by Josh Myer

libpuz is a C library implementing the .PUZ crossword file format.

PUZ is a file format commonly used by commercial software for crossword puzzles. There is, to my knowledge, no other documentation of the format available online.

This page (and the implementation) is the result of a few weeks' re… 

DateTime::Format::Epoch::MacOS 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijli

DateTime::Format::Epoch::MacOS is a Perl module that can convert DateTimes to/from Mac OS epoch seconds.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch::MacOS;

my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::MacOS->parse_datetime( 1051488000 );
# 105… 

DateTime::Format::Epoch::JD 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijll

DateTime::Format::Epoch::JD is Perl module Convert DateTimes to/from Julian Days.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch::JD;

my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::JD->parse_datetime( 2453244.5 );
# 2004-08-27T00:00:00
# 2453244.5

bonk-xmms 0.12 by Fabrice Haberer-Proust

bonk-xmms is a plugin for the multimedia player XMMS that plays audio files in
the bonk format. Bonk is a highly compressed audio format by Paul Harrison.

The original bonk format encoder may be found at:

GTK library including header files

Audio File Library 0.2.6 by Michael Pruett

The Audio File Library provides a uniform and elegant API for accessing a variety of audio file formats, such as AIFF/AIFF-C, WAVE, NeXT/Sun .snd/.au, Berkeley/IRCAM/CARL Sound File, Audio Visual Research, Amiga IFF/8SVX, and NIST SPHERE. Supported compression formats are currently G.711 mu-law and… 



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