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Tiff Plugin 0.3 by Vinay

Tiff Plugin is Mozilla/Netscape compatible plugin for viewing TIFF images.

Its features include zooming, rotation, and a progress bar when downloading images. It is ideal for when available memory is limited.

Here are some key features of "Tiff Plugin":
Zoom in - keyboard shortcut '+'

QuickFolders 3.5.0 by Alexander Malfait

QuickFolders allows you to easily bookmark mail folders in Thunderbird.

This extension adds an extra toolbar to Thunderbird.

When you drag a mail folder to it, you get a shortcut to that mail folder (which you can rename). You can also drag messages to this shortcut to move/copy them to the… 

TB QuickMove 0.4.2 by Frank DiLecce

TB QuickMove is a Thunderbird extension that allows you to move messages to common folders quickly. You can use the keyboard or the right-click/message menu.

Here are some key features of "TB QuickMove":
Keyboard shortcuts
... you can have max 10 target folders ( ctrl+1 thru ctrl+0 )
... yo… 

Net::IRC3::Util 0.3 by Robin Redeker

Net::IRC3::Util are common utilities that help with IRC protocol handling.


use Net::IRC3 qw/parse_irc_msg mk_msg/;

my $msgdata = mk_msg (undef, PRIVMSG


These are some utility functions that might come in handy when handling the IRC protocol.

You can export… 

Bulk Meter Flow and Operations 1.2.4 by Steffen Macke

Bulk Meter Flow and Operations provides a Web-based application to manage water meter readings.

In order to run the BMFO you need a web browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla and the address (URL) of a BMFO server. Contact your BMFO administrator if you need help.
If you are… 

Leet Key 1.3.1 by Roman Mironenko

Leet Key is a Thunderbird extension which transforms typed or static text to L337, ROT13, BASE64, HEX, URL, BIN, DES Morse code etc.

Firefox 0.8 - 1.5.0.* ALL
Mozilla 1.7 - 1.8 ALL
Thunderbird 0.5 - 1.5.0.* ALL

What's New in This Release:
Now with settings dialog,… 

JavaLog Analyser 20061126 by Benjamin Lepeigneul

JavaLog Analyser allows you to customize your log files in real time with text and color filters.

Java 1.5

What's New in This Release:
A best logs and filters analyser
Fix minor and major bugs
Code cleanup
Add Settings Display to the menu (via the shortcut CTRL+A)… 

Hoglet 0.2 by Gary Bentley

Hoglet allows special markup to be added to text documents so that software documentation can be easily produced.

It provides a configurable parser, simple markup rules, and extensible "tag handlers" that allow custom Java code to process content.

What's New in This Release:
New Features

ajaxMyTop 0.7.2 by Luke Crouch

ajaxMyTop project is a Web-based tool featuring an AJAX user interface for monitoring a MySQL server.


Unzip+untar into a directory on your web server.

You can configure ajaxMyTop by editing the config.php file.

The db settings are stra… 

iList 0.4.7 by iList Team

The project aims to develop an intelligent playlist for the KDE media player Noatun. Intelligent in the sense that songs are selected from a (possibly large) repository of audio files in a smart manner. Think of it as your personal radio station that plays your favourite songs all day long.


Gnome-Themer 2.1 by Marcus Habermehl

Gnome-Themer is a program for select Icon, GTK-2, Metacity (and now) cursor and GTK-1 themes and wallpapers and splash screens from one place.


What's New in This Release:
Adding a credits button
Creating an about window
Changing the spacing of the widgets t… 

Klat 0.5.1 by Liesenborgs Jori

Klat is a LaTeX editor for KDE 3. It uses a 'kate' component as its editor. It provides a menu to run programs like 'latex', 'dvips', 'pdflatex' etc.

This menu can be modified by the user: commands can be added, deleted and edited. Shortcut keys can be assigned to the defined commands.

The pro… 

RPM Wizard 0.7 by Magnus Bj?rkl?f

RPM Wizard is an installation program for RPM packages. Using a wizard interface, it makes installing easy even for beginners. With features such as automatic dependency handling, it aims to become the most easy-to-use RPM installation program.

RPM Wizard is written in Python and uses the PyQt bi… 

[Un]read 0.4 by Pierecarlo Slavazza

[Un]read extension adds a button (plus keyboard shortcut) which allows for quickly switching between the "view all"/"view unread" message filters.

Moreover, if you are in the "view unread" mode and you start typing in the search box, it will automatically switch to the "view all" mode.

It is… 

QuiKview 1.1 by QuiKview Team

QuiKView project is a simple, fast and portable viewer made to work with the simplest gui and to do as much as possible without having to touch the mouse.

What's New in This Release:
Fixed qmake project file, now it will compile the quik executable in the current directory
Added shortcut to s… 

Cert Viewer Plus 1.0 by Kaspar Brand

Cert Viewer Plus is a small extension which adds two options to the certificate viewer in Firefox or Thunderbird.

Additionally, the Tools menu is extended by an entry for direct access to the certificate manager (including a keyboard shortcut).

Here are some key features of "Cert Viewer Plus":… 

Emnu, new menu for KDE(proof of concept) 0.1 by cjacker

Emnu, new menu for KDE(proof of concept) is a proof of concept I finished at aKademy.

It is a new menu idea.

dnd any files to the startmenu.
dnd any desktop files(shortcut) to the startmenu.

drop quicklauncher and panel buttons.


This is a idea, some codes is toke from bagh… 

screeny 1.2 by padde

screeny is a shell script is intended for KDE users who have access to a webserver via ssh (with pubkey authentication) only.

What it does:
- take a screenshot (png format)
- upload it to the server (via scp)
- convert it from png to jpg on the server (and keep the png, so that a lossless an… 

LogDay 1.0 by Flavio Carrara

LogDay script opens up KEdit in a specific folder, using as title for the simple text file the two last digits of the year followed by the numer of the day in the year, sequencially.

I also use a keyboard shortcut (set up manually on Control Center) for quicklly accessing the file. I use Ctrl+Alt… 

Java Date Picker 4.1 by Stand By Soft

Java Date Picker is a suite of date components for Swing, highly appreciated by Java developers for its richness of features, configurability and well crafted API. It contains an editable date picker, a date/time field, a multiple month calendar and a month component.

Here are some key features of… 



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