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Fruit Show 0.5 by Wayne Venables

Fruit Show is a minimalist forum package based on the forums at Fruit Show is based on the philosophy that social atmosphere is a by-product of software design.

There's no registration and very few features for visitors. It's skinnable and easy to install. It also contains som… 

gTVListings 0.8 beta by Ross Merrigan

TV listings management program

gTVListings is a TV listings management program constructed in Mono for Gnome using XMLTV to download the listings.

Key features include Searching, Favorites, Show Category, Reminders and Now & Next.

an XMLTV file

What's New in This… 

Advanced Slide Show Software by Patrick OBrien

The Advanced Slide Show is designed to display your slides in sequence with a range of changover effects. In addition you can specify multiple link area's within any slide.

The Advanced Slide Show applet has been very efficiently written and as a result will enhance your visitors viewing experien… 

Crystal Vista XT Paolo Icon Mod 1.5 by manowarlord

Crystal Vista XT Paolo Icon Mod is NOT my theme, I modified Vista Inspirate, Crystal Clear, Nuove XT and other Icons like Debian Icons, Firefox Alternative and much more.

I take my favourite icons from these Icons-theme and I create my Mod, Crystal Vista XT Paolo Mod.

Vista Inspirate is creat… 

Kisdnmonitor by Jorge Windmeisser Oliver

Kisdnmonitor is an applet for your KDE-desktop environment, it shows the status of the B-Channels and logs the calls (incoming and outgoing) with the duration and the costs and some other information.

It uses the standard KDE-addressbook to avoid annoying duplicities, and it retrieves on the fly… 

Show InOut 0.1.2 by Guenter Gersdorf

Show InOut is a Thunderbird extension that adds two columns to the list of mails.

One shows an indicator wether a mail is incoming or outgoing, the other shows the sender or the recipient of the mail respectively.

These columns are designed to replace the sender and recipient columns for peopl… 

WebSwf Slide Show Creator 1.0 by Alessandro Pasotti

WebSwf is a program for generating slide shows in Macromedia SWF Flash format. WebSwf Slide Show Creator is a multi-user application with a client-server architecture. SWF generation is done with PHP's Ming extensions.

Here are some key features of "WebSwf Slide Show Creator":
Multi user, every… 

Calconsole 0.3 by Simon de Castro

Calconsole is a calendar and schedule in mode command line. Like a cal with schedule. Calconsole is a merge the application cal with the library libical. Calconsole works with files ics.

The events are save in the file type ics compatible with others calendars.
Calconsole can show file ics the… 

Umimon 0.2 by vetto

Umimon is a Karamba System Monitor, part of the Umicon Theme inspired by Manhattan's Umicon icons that includes:

BootSplash - (umicon-bootsplash)

KSPLASH - (umicon-splash)


kidentify 0.3.1 by Rolf Jakob

kidentify project is a a utility to show some information about a file.

kidentify calls the command "file" to determine the file type according to the magic files. Unfortunately the KDE magic files has two syntax errors when using with "file".

Therefore there is a patch file in the kidentify… 

Todo: AIO plugin 0.31 by toscen

Todo: AIO plugin is a todo plugin for Aero AIO.


- Install the plugin via the Aero-AIO config dialog.

Aero AIO


- show priority
- change look of percentage bar
- show category

What's New in This Release:
added bar images for different themes… 

JMP 0.51 by Robert Olofsson

JMP is a profiler for java that can be used to trace objects usage and method timings. JMP uses the JVMPI interface to gather statistics and interact with the JVM. JMP project uses the GTK+ interface to show the status.

JMP normally uses one window to show the classes in memory. Each class has su… 

GNU Diffutils 2.8.1 by GNU Diffutils Team

Computer users often find occasion to ask how two files differ. Perhaps one file is a newer version of the other file. Or maybe the two files started out as identical copies but were changed by different people.

You can use the diff command to show differences between two files, or each correspon… 

Jimsim Network Simulator 1.1 by Jimboney

Jimsim Network Simulator project can emulate several routers connected via virutal networks. You can connect to the routers with your own favorite telnet program.

Connecting to the Virtual Routers

Use your favorite telnet program to connect to each of the virtual routers. For example:

For rout… 

Root (su) Konqueror 0.1 by peppelorum

Root (su) Konqueror is a simple service menu that opens a su:ed Konqueror with the same url that you're currently working in.

This is a low-tech-not-so-cool-KDE4-version of that works with the current Konqueror

For really simple installa… 

Pic2AA 0.2.1 by Pic2AA Team

Pic2AA is tool providing converting jpeg/png (and any other image formats supported by Qt library) to AA (Ascii Art) images, using AA-Lib library.

It can show preview of converted image and save image into text file.

What's New in This Release:
BUGFIX: Crash while: synchro=ON, open, cancel,… 

episoder 0.4.4 by Stefan Ott

episoder is a tool to tell you when new episodes of your favourite TV shows are airing. episoder does so by parsing online TV show episode guides.

Currently episoder can parse the website thus it tells you whenever a new episode of a show listed on is aired.

What's New in This Re… 

ps: Aero AIO plugin 1.0.2 by kovidgoyal

ps: Aero AIO is a plugin for Aero AIO that show the 6 most resource intensive processes. You can choose whether to sort on CPU, mem or elapsed time.


- Install the plugin via the Aero-AIO config dialog. The columns have headings

Aero AIO 0.9.1

What's New in This R… 

Secret Word Grabber 1.3 by tj9991

Secret Word Grabber is a Firefox extension to always be up to date on today's Secret Word.

Are you a fan of the kids' show "Pee-wee's Playhouse"?

Remember how Conky would always spit out a random word at the beginning of every show, and everyone had to scream when the word was spoken? This bri… 

QuiKview 1.1 by QuiKview Team

QuiKView project is a simple, fast and portable viewer made to work with the simplest gui and to do as much as possible without having to touch the mouse.

What's New in This Release:
Fixed qmake project file, now it will compile the quik executable in the current directory
Added shortcut to s… 



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