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restore CD/DVD 1.06 by Frank Boehm

restore CD/DVD allows you to create a CD or DVD that can be used to backup whole hard disk partitions from any OS and restore them without user interaction.

restore CD/DVD can be used in a manner similar to vendor-provided rescue CDs included with new computers, but with all your own settings.… 

Dump/Restore 0.4b41 by Stelian Pop

Dump/Restore project examines files in a filesystem, determines which ones need to be backed up, and copies those files to a specified disk, tape or other storage medium.

Subsequent incremental backups can then be layered on top of the full backup.

The restore command performs the inverse func… 

Simple scAnning Tool 1.2 by azurIt

Simple scAnning Tool is a simple and fast network scanner. Simple scAnning Tool is used to identify network devices and services. The identification is based on recieved data such as banners.

Usage: [options] < file_name/ip_range > -r [-f < file >]

Magic Settings Wizard 0.1 by Thierry Deseez

Magic Settings Wizard is designed to quickly and easily restore or backup your favorite applications settings.

Magic Settings Wizard can backup/restore through an FTP location used as a storage medium.

Here are some key features of "Magic Settings Wizard":
backup or restore applications sett… 

SBackup 0.10.2 by Aigars Mahinovs

SBackup is a simple backup solution intended for desktop use. SBackup can back up any subset of files and directories. Exclusions can be defined by regular expressions. A maximum individual file size limit can be defined. Backups may be saved to any local and remote directories that are supported by… 

Make CD-ROM Recovery 0.9.5 by Gratien D'haese

Make CD-ROM Recovery makes a bootable (El Torito) disaster recovery image (CDrec.iso), including backups of the linux system to the same CD-ROM (or CD-RW) if space permits, or to a multi-volume CD-ROM set. Otherwise, the backups can be stored on another local disk, NFS disk or (remote) tape.


ebtables 2.0.8 rc2 by Bart De Schuymer

ebtables is a filtering tool for a bridging firewall. A firewalling tool to transparently filter network traffic passing a bridge. The filtering possibilities are limited to link layer filtering and some basic filtering on higher network layers. Advanced logging, MAC DNAT/SNAT and brouter facilities… 

Browseable Online Backup System 0.6.3 by Joe Zacky and Rene Rask

Browseable Online Backup System (BOBS) is a complete online backup system. It uses large disks for storing backups and lets users browse and restore the files using a webbrowser.

Files are fetched from other computers and stored in directories on the computer where bobs is installed.

Two types… 

Xin 2 by Mark Pulford

Xin reads from standard input splitting the data up into sections. Each section is piped into a command separately.

The Xin package also includes an RPM spec file. RPM users can build a binary package ready to install by running:

rpm -tb xin-1.0.0.tar.gz

You will find the binary rpm under /… 

MySQL BackUp 1.0 by Ren? Baran

MySQL BackUp is UI developed by Kommander (under Aurox Linux). It works with mysqldump (backup) and mysql (restore) commands.

MySQL BackUp can easy backup and restore data from MySQL server. You can use it on local PC (localhost) and on server too (attention - rights!).


HPTalx 1.3.0 by Bruno Barberi Gnecco

HPTalx is an application which transfers files from/to your HP 48/49 calculator, has backup and restore capabilities, and a lot of other nice features.

The HP 49g+ Calculators are connected to the PC via USB. Thus, HPTalx relies on the facilities provided by Linux to make the USB connection behav… 

SamBru 0.22 by Eric Sandeen

SamBru project stands for Samsung Backup and Restore Utility is a small Perl script that talks to a Samsung SCH-6100 or SCH-8500 cellular phone.

You can use it to back up and restore the phone book.

It can save the data in either raw/native format or as vCard data so GnomeCard can be used to… 

GSUtil 0.3 by Charles Howes

The Grandstream BudgeTone 100 VOIP telephone is a telephone that does VOIP on a budget, from a company called Grandstream.

GsUtil is a project I wrote to dump and restore the data from these phones. Since a reboot is required to make the configuration change effective, this program does that too.


sync2cd 1.2 by Remy Blank

sync2cd is an incremental archiving tool. sync2cd project allows backing up complete filesystem hierarchies to multiple backup media (e.g. CD-R). Files are archived incrementally, i.e. only new or changed files are stored during an archive operation.

All entity types are supported: directories, f… 

Partition Image 0.6.4 by Francois Dupoux and Franck Ladurelle

Partition Image application is a Linux/UNIX utility which saves partitions in many formats (see below) to an image file.

The image file can be compressed in the GZIP/BZIP2 formats to save disk space, and split into multiple files to be copied on removable floppies (ZIP for example); partitions c… 

Cool Linux 2.3 by Michael Vasiliev & Andrew S Velikoredchanin

Cool Linux CD is a bootable CD with Linux operating system that contains a 2.4 kernel and many free software packages.

What's New in This Release:
Kernel 2.4.20-wolk and 2.4.22 with supermount, squashfs, shfs patches and ALSA 0.9.6 drivers;
Ability to choose a version of linux kernel and para… 

Arkeia Server Backup 5.2.28 by Arkeia Corp.

Arkia Server Back-up is expressly developed for the many business environments and organizational structures with centralized single servers, Server Backup is built on Arkeia's proven engine. Combined with an easy-to-use Java interface, it offers one of the most intuitive backup solutions on the mar… 

ZZEE Active SQL Backup 0.9.2 by ZZEE

Since MySQL is the most popular SQL server that is used in conjunction with web sites, there was a need for incremental backup utility. ZZEE Active SQL Backup is designed for clients of web hosting companies, and can be useful to system administrators as well.

Here are some key features of "ZZEE… 

GView 0.9.1a by Jason Barto

GView is a simple functional image viewing utility designed to teach newcomers the uses of the GTK / GDK libraries.

GView serves many purposes. The first is as a replacement for the Eye of Gnome application. I don't know why, but EOG as installed on my box stopped working; so I wrote my own. Seco… 

FileBackup 0.70 by Igor Menshikov

FileBackup is an easy-to-use backup and restore utility with GUI. It supports patch backups, soft and hard links, has an ability to backup to a standard ZIP archive, on a removable disk, FTP server or Tape unit. You can easily 'teach' the program how to do the hard work, then you make your backups i… 



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