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Noble Ape Simulation 0.683 by Tom Barbalet

The Noble Ape Simulation has been developed (as the Nervana Simulation) since 1996 and is a biological simulation software. The aim of the simulation is to create a detailed biological environment and a cognitive simulation.

The Simulation is intended as a palette for open source cross-platform d… 

Mars Simulation Project 2.79 by Scott Davis

Mars Simulation Project is a free software Java project to create a simulation of future human settlement of Mars.

The simulation is a multi-agent artificial society set in a detailed virtual world.

XML configuration files allow the user to modify the simulation properties.

The Mars Simulat… 

Floatator 0.2.1 by Gordon Cichon

Floatator project is an interactive fluid dynamics simulation that runs on Linux.

The simulation and visualization are in 2D.

It was originally programmed on HP-PA and SGI, and uses X-Motif for visualization.

The fluid dynamics simulation core is derived from the course work "Praktikum wis… 

Adun 0.6 by The Adun developers

Adun project is an extensible biomolecular simulation program that includes data management and analysis capabilities.

Adun provides advanced algorithms and protocols for molecular simulation which can be accessed from an intuitive user interface but also from a more flexible programmatic level.… 

GEZEL 2.1 by Patrick Schaumont

GEZEL is a language and open environment for exploration, simulation, and implementation of cycle-true hardware models.

GEZEL2 is a language and design environment for the exploration, simulation and implementation of domain-specific micro-architectures.

GEZEL2 provides a hardware description… 

xplanets 1.0.0 by Roland Smith

xplanets shows a simulation of a spacecraft flying through the solar system. With the controls next to the simulation screen you can control the simulation and steer the spacecraft's flight.

The following planets are visible:

the Sun (yellow)
mercury (gray38)
venus (burlywood2)
earth (b… 

Shell for Simulated Agent Systems 1.9.2 by SeSAm Team

SeSAm (Shell for Simulated Agent Systems) provides a generic environment for modelling and experimenting with agent-based simulation.

We specially focused on providing a tool for the easy construction of complex models, which include dynamic interdependecies or emergent behaviour.

SeSAm agents… 

KTechlab 0.3 by David Saxton

KTechlab is a development and simulation environment for microcontrollers and electronic circuits, distributed under the GNU General Public License.

KTechlab consists of several well-integrated components:

A circuit simulator, capable of simulating logic, linear devices and some nonlinear dev… 

E-Cell System 3.1.105 by Kouichi Takahashi

E-Cell System is a concept of constructing virtual cells on computers.

E-Cell System is an object-oriented software suite for modeling, simulation, and analysis of large scale complex systems such as biological cells, architected by Kouichi Takahashi and written by a wonderful team of developers.… 

Qucs 0.0.10 by Michael Margraf

Qucs project is going to be an integrated circuit simulator which means you will be able to setup a circuit with a graphical user interface (GUI) and simulate the large-signal, small-signal and noise behaviour of the circuit. After that simulation has finished you can present the simulation results… 

libquantum 0.2.4 by Bjorn Butscher & Hendrik Weimer

libquantum is a C library for the simulation of a quantum computer. libquantum provides an interface for a quantum register and for all important quantum operations.

An efficient model for decoherence allows an analysis of quantum computation in a realistic environment.

Here are some key featu… 

GEneral NEural SImulation System 2.2.1 by Genesis Development Team

GENESIS (short for GEneral NEural SImulation System) is a general purpose simulation platform that was developed to support the simulation of neural systems ranging from subcellular components and biochemical reactions to complex models of single neurons, simulations of large networks, and systems-l… 

Virtual AGC 20060110 by Ron Burkey

Virtual AGC project is a simulation of the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) used in the Apollo Command Modules and Lunar Modules in 1968-1972, as well as the Abort Guidance System (AGS) used in the LM.

The project includes an emulated CPU, an emulated display/keyboard (DSKY), the AGC's original exe… 

ToBiX 1.0 by Bielefeld University

ToBiX is a Morphix-based Linux live CD containing a range of specialist applications for bioinformatics. With this distrubution you just boot from the CD and you have a fully functional LINUX OS distribution with open source applications.

Besides using some RAM, ToBiX doesn't touch the host compu… 

67-80-85, the openCPU 1.2a by t3lssh

67-80-85, the openCPU project is a simulation of a simple and efficient open CPU called 67-80-85.

After quite some time of hard labour, I finished to implement a milestone of a simulation of an open CPU, called 67-80-85 (ASCII for 'CPU'), which I somewhat had in my mind for quite some time.


Arithmetic Operations Simulation Library 0.01 by Sandeep Kumar

Arithmetic Operations Simulation Library's aim is to develop an open source library to simulate heavy arithmetic operations efficiently.

Finding different ways to solve a problem has been an interesting way to relax for many people. Not only they derive some kicks out of it, but as a side effect… 

Asteroids 1.8.1 by Jan Kasper Martinsen

Asteroids is a simulation game where you have to shoot in some asteroids. Asteroids is a clone of asteroids game.

Control your spaceship with the mouse, shoot rocks until they vaporize completely.


I have tried to compile this programs on : Linux and Solaris.

On Linux and Solaris, s… 

FARnodes 1.0 by Josef Spillner

FARnodes is a protocol simulation and execution environment. FARnodes project comes with a command-line frontend, a protocol code distribution manager, and a statistical analyser based on PyKDE.

Example algorithms like Consensus and several other small tools and a big chunk of documentation make… 

Boomer 4.0 by David W. A. Bourne

Boomer project is a general purpose modeling and simulation program.

It provides the estimation of parameter values by non-linear weighted least squares regression or the simulation of complex systems of differential equations.

Parameter estimation can be by normal or Bayesian methods. A com… 

Moonlander 1.0 by Jan Danihelka

Moonlander is a space simulation game.

You must land with lander on the Moon, but you have limited fuel.

Landing is very hard, because you must land very very slow. Prees "B" to increase fuel.




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