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LiquidClassifiedsXML 1.4.5 by Ted Shieh

LiquidClassifiedsXML project is a classified ad web service client available for PHP-Nuke and PostNuke.

All ads are pooled in a centralized database so that many small Web sites can combine their marketing power to have, in effect, the classified ad system of a large Web site.

After you register y… 

Web Site Robot 2.4 by Net For All

Web Site Robot is an easy to use Web site builder with a blog tool, shopping cart, and online photo album. It is free and does not require additional software, HTML, programming, or a hosting company.

It enables secure online payments with credit cards. There is virtually unlimited storage space… 

Rockin Rounded Corners 1.0 by Implied By Design LLC.

Rockin Rounded Corners is an easy way to add rounded corners to any element on your web site. Upload this script to your site to allow your web site visiters to quickly and easily generate the code needed to add rounded corners, or use it for your own site.

Here are some key features of "Rockin R… 

GeekLog 1.3.11 by Tony Bibbs

Geeklog is a weblog powered by PHP and MySQL. It allows you within minutes to set up a fully functioning dynamic website, and has many features to get you started.

Here are some key features of "GeekLog":
User-system, allowing members of the public to register for your site and submit stories.

Qixite 0.0.15 by Linas Jakucionis

Qixite is an application for creating web sites. User just has to worry about information and structure of site, Qixite will do all the rest.

This is a very short description of what Qixite does:

- generates a set of HTML pages with the links between them.
- generates a site map for your web site.… 

Clever Copy 2.0a by Clever Copy Team

Clever Copy is a free, fully scalable web site portal and news posting system. You can run it as a very simple blog or ramp it up to a full Content Management System.

It is easy to setup, use and maintain requiring no previous knowledge of web portals, blogs, php, Cms's or databases.

It uses a… 

sshproxy 0.5.0 by David Guerizec

sshproxy is a pure Python implementation of an SSH proxy.

sshproxy allows users to connect to remote sites without having to remember the password or key of the remote sites.

How do I use it ?

Here is an overview of a normal ssh session:

me@myhost $ ssh -tp 2242 me@proxy remote-site

site-C-ing 0.0.1 by Klever Group

site-C-ing is a web development environment akin to HTML::Mason, but it does to c++ what HTML::Mason does to Perl. I used to use HTML::Mason at some point, but one day I decided that c++ would be more native environment for me and, besides, that would save me some 50M of RAM on the server.


RightWebPage 0.8.1 by Luis Andre Dutra e Silva

RightWebPage project verifies many aspects of conformance of Web pages to International Standard ISO/IEC 23026-2006(E) IEEE Std.

2001 - 2002, "Software Engineering - Recommended Practice for the Internet - Web Site Engineering, Web Site Management, and Web Site Life Cycle".

What's New in This… 

RefControl 0.8.7 by James Abbatiello

RefControl is a Firefox extension that controls what gets sent as the HTTP Referer on a per-site basis.

You create a list of sites, and the referrer that should be sent for each site.

You can choose to send that referrer unconditionally or only for third-party requests.

Additionally, you… 

slash 2.2.6 by Slash Admins

Slashcode is the site for All Things Slash. Slash is the source code and database that was originally used to create Slashdot, and has now been released under the GNU General Public License.

It is a bona fide Open Source / Free Software project. Use this site to get the Slash source, read the lat… 

Vice Stats 1.1 by Anthony Lieuallen

Vice Stats is an advanced Web site statistics gathering package. Vice Stats collects data about the resources in a Web site, the visitors to that site, and the referring resources. Vice Stats runs in PHP and stores its data in a MySQL database.

What's New in This Release:
The $vs_resourceQuery… 

Finance-QuoteHist 1.07 by Matthew P Sisk

Top level aggregator that will select a default lineup of site instances default lineup of site instancesof site instancesof site instancesof site instances from which to retrieve quotes.

Other than the default lineup, this module behaves identically to whichever site-specific module is first in th… 

CeaMuS 2.0.6 by Lazarus Internet Development

CeaMuS is a simple, powerful way to build a web site. CeaMuS project is a light weight Content Management System to help you edit web pages and build image galleries.

Who Can Benefit From CeaMuS
Web Designers who want to make maintaining client sites faster and easier
Web Site Owners who want… 

phpCAMALEO 0.0.2 by

phpCAMALEO is a collection of useful and ready-to-use customizable code letting you to concentrate on contents, menu structure, graphic layout, SEO optimization and all you need to work at when creating a web site!

Why using phpCAMALEO?

Because time is money! To give you some clues about where… 

PHPMyEcards 1.0 by Guilhem Beneito

.PHPMyEcards is a set of PHP pages that provides you with an e-card-sending service for your Web site.

The main features are automatic installation and an admin section to manage your e-cards and to set the site presentation… 

Site Tools 0.78 by Steve Slaven

Site Tools is a collection of Modules for perl that allow easy template integration, SQL forms creation, tables, sessions, and various other things that make web development a little easier to manage. Requires the SQLObject and PObject classes available on my project page. I have stopped developing… 

Facebook Perl 0.0.0pre1 by Michael Snoyman

Facebook Perl has opened up an API to get access to some of the features of their site. Facebook Perl provides a Perl library to access this.

What's New in This Release:
This is the first version written. It is currently being used on a (seemingly stable) site, albeit an incredibly simple one.

FTB ConMan 0.3 by Feel The Burn

FTB ConMan is a dynamic website content management system.

It allows you to have dynamic content (content which changes, including user input such as forums) on your site without having to know anything about the code that actually runs it.

Only minor HTML knowledge is necessary. And minor gra… 

mod_relocate 1.0 by Brian Aker

mod_relocate is an Apache module which allows you to create virtual documents that, when selected, transfer you offsite and log the transaction to your access log.

All GET arguments are passed along to the remote URL. Triggers can be set to run whenever a virtual document is selected.

So what… 



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