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SomaList 0.1 by Andrea Marchesini

SomaList is a part of the Soma project.

Soma project started in summer 2003 to manage the digital version of an acitvists radio old spools.

The first release just gave just the chance to play random some audio files in a directory using an external program (at that time mpg123). In despite o… 

Somax 1.1 by Andrea Marchesini

Somax is a somad GTK-2 interface and an editor of palinsesti files.

Somax is a frontend for somad and an editor of palinsesti files. You can export, update, create and delete trasmismissions of a remote somad scheduler. For more info look soma project web site.


Soma suite 2.3 by Andrea Marchesini

Soma is a suite of programs that let you play and schedule audio files from the Web.

Soma suite supports extra utilities using run-time loadable modules and includes a broadcasting scheduler, a tool to control it via TCP/IP, and an utility to check configuration file syntax.

Soma project start… 

SomaMdD 0.1 by Andrea Marchesini

Somamddd come from Soma MetaData Daemon and is a daemon that gets input from the current song scheduled by somad and updates the icecast (1 and 2) flags. So, the clients can show info about the current song of your radio.

Soma project started in summer 2003 to manage the digital version of an acitv… 

SomaWrapper 0.1 by Andrea Marchesini

Somawrapper is based on rows of configuration in which all are defined the modalities of access to the various ones somad with relative password, logon SSL or in luminosity,

Soma project started in summer 2003 to manage the digital version of an acitvists radio old spools.

The first release just… 

somaplayer 0.5.2 by Andrea Marchesini

Music player for mp3, ogg, wav, audiocd, mp3 streaming, ogg streaming.

It's fast, comfortable and able to use the appropriate sound drivers or daemons to male music, to encode in mp3 or ogg,and to stream directly to an icecast server (icecast2 or shoutcast).

somaplayer is even a sound daemon… 

Burr Tools 0.1.9 by Andreas Rover

Burr Tools will help you solve a certain kind of puzzle.

Namely puzzles that are made out of square or dice shaped units and whose solution also contains only rectangular aligned pieces.

Here are some key features of "Burr Tools":
Does nearly all that PuzzleSolver 3D which is
You can ente… 

PHP Project 1.19 by PhpProject Team

PHP Project is an easy-to-use Web-based project management system PHP Project features multiple user support, and is easy to customize for your needs.

Easily create and edit project details with web-based project management software. Customize your project categories and the project status option… 

Linux Test Project 20061017 by Paul Larson

Linux Test Project is a joint project with SGI, IBM, OSDL, Bull, and Wipro Technologies with a goal to deliver test suites to the open source community that validate the reliability, robustness, and stability of Linux.

The project consists of well over 2000 individual testcases and a test driver… 

Project Lancelot 0.2 by Anselm Lingnau

Project Lancelot is a modular mailing list manager.

Far simpler and less feature-rich than the likes of Mailman, it is still quite easy to understand, to change, and to extend.

Project Lancelot is a work in progress and should not (yet) be used for serious applications.

What's New in This Release… 

DVD Home Video Project 0.4.0 by DVD Home Video Project Team

DVD Home Video Project is a tool that provides a simple, quick way to transform video on a DV camcorder into a fully functional DVD, including a menu with optional background images and music.


What's New in This Release:
Cosmetic fixes were made.
The main… 

USAGI Project 20060508 by Jun Murai & Keio University

USAGI(UniverSAl playGround for Ipv6) Project works to deliver the production quality IPv6 and IPsec(for both IPv4 and IPv6) protocol stack for the Linux system, tightly collaborating with WIDE Project, KAME Project and TAHI Project.

USAGI Project is run by volunteers from various organizations. A… 

Open Project Services 0.2 by Open Project Services Team

Open Project Services (OPS) is a project collaboration platform, integrating server components such as e-mail, calendaring, timesheets, documents, knowledge, etc. with standards complient clients. Open Project Services consists of a project server and a set of client extensions.

We are building a p… 

Compute Portal Project 0.8.4 by Shawn Houston

Compute Portal Project is a portal project to produce a web based front end to a compute resource, such as a cluster, using PHP, mysql, and apache.

The intent is to allow non-programmers to use complex programs through an intuitive interface.

What's New in This Release:
This release has impr… 

Research Project Helper 0.9 by Adrian Tucker

Research Project Helper manages sources, notes, quotes, and links between them.

It's designed to help you write a research project by managing your sources, quotes and notes.

It is written in Java and uses compressed XML for storage so both application and data are portable and will run from… 

RISE Project 0.1.0 by David S.

RISE Project's goal is to produce software to efficiently manage and publish academic catalog information including programs, courses, and schedules.

RISE means Resources and Information for Success in Education.… 

UDE 0.2.9b by Christian Ruppert

The UDE-Project is creating a new WM which will be a complete GUI in future. The project does not use any special GUI-Libraries such as QT or GTK+.

We just use the standard Xlibs (both to keep UDE fast and slim and to avoid dependencies).

UDE has a completely original Look'n'Feel, it's not jus… 

Compact Flash Linux Project 1.0 by Compact Flash Linux Project

The Compact Flash Linux Project is a Linux distribution designed to run on a compact flash card in read-only mode. It is as small as possible, and currently needs around 14 MB.

Compact Flash Linux Project includes OpenSSH, quagga, iptables, hostap, madwifi, wireless-tools, pppoe, tcpdump, bridge-… 

Z-machine Preservation Project 0.92 by Wei-ju Wu

The Z-machine Preservation Project is a Java implementation of the Z-machine.

Z-machine Preservation Project is to provide a Z-code interpreter in Java that conforms to the standard and is easy to comprehend, maintain, and extend.

Architecturally, it consists of a Z-machine core system that is… 

Robocode Robots 1.0 by Marco Bakera

Robocode Robots project is a collection of robocode robots.

This project is a collection of robots for the robocode framework.

Robocode is an alphaworks project from IBM that provides an environment for creating software robots that compete against each other.

This collection provides exa… 



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