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SharpMusique 1.0 by Jon Lech Johansen

SharpMusique project is the fair interface to the iTunes Music Store.

Here are some key features of "SharpMusique":
Preview songs
Signup for an account
Buy songs and albums
Redownload songs that were bought with SharpMusique
Redeem Pepsi Caps
Redeem gift certificates


geddum 0.2.1 by Jeffry Wescott

geddum is a simple interface to download any songs they have purchased from is the premier site for downloading DRM-free music. Although the legality of the site is still in question, it seems to be the only place I that I can go and pay for the music that I want withou… 

Chordpack 0.8.2 by Daniel Polansky

Chordpack is a tool written in Perl, whose purpose is to typeset song-books/songs written in chordpro format. The typesetting is done through typesetting system TeX using macro package LaTeX. Chordpack was created to do whatever you might want to do with songs in chordpro format. Chordpack currentl… 

Canzoniere 0.2.0 by Gabriele Bartolini

Canzoniere is an Mp3 mood classifier.

Canzoniere is an mp3 classification tool, which allows users to classify their songs using personal criteria such as artist score, song score and moods (i.e. romantic, relax, party, etc.). Users can then select their mood and play songs that match.


Smart DJ 0.6.0 by Manuel Amador

Smart DJ lets you find tracks based on how similar they sound to each other.

Smart DJ can also automatically add new tracks to your playlist based on how similar they are to what you've been listening to.

You already know how powerful amaroK's search and playlist management capabilities are.… 

Tam Jukebox Snapshot-2004-12-07 by Tom Surace

A jukebox that selects songs with relative frequency depending on how much you think they suck.

Tam (Track Attribute Manager) jukebox is a system that randomly picks songs to play, and considers every track you have to be in every playlist--until you say otherwise.

Requires Gt… 

MyMP3db 2.0 by Joshua Cantara

MyMP3db will display your MP3 collection as a searchable, browsable, streamable Web site. You can use it to stream your music from anywhere to any Icecast compatible MP3 player, and without installing anything.

It is similar to Apache::MP3, but improved. It features a rich, yet easy to navigate i… 

MakeDelay 0.4 by harshadrj

MakeDelay is a simple amaroK script to insert delays between songs. It supports two options for inserting delays:

1. A random interval between a specified maximum and minimum.
2. A fixed interval (similar to what amaroK currently supports, but with intervals greater than 10 seconds)


Songs 0.3 by Sed E. Zeugma

Songs is a graphical tool to record and mix audio files. It supports an infinite number of tracks, huge audio files, and various effects.

One important motivation for Songs was the need of a recording tool under Linux. There are some already existing (see the links below), but these are too compl… 

Dynamic Taste Detection for XMMS 20020303 by Walles

Dynamic Taste Detection patch makes XMMS adapt its playlist randomization function to your personal taste.

Songs you don't like end up at the end of the playlist, and songs you like to hear together tend to end up next to each other.



Use XMMS normally for a whil… 

KMusicManager 1.2 by Joris Guisson

KMusicManager manages your entire music collection.

Here are some key features of "KMusicManager":
The music collection view

The main collection view shows an overview of your entire music collection. At the top of the view there's a search bar. Entering text here will only show those songs… 

Pygme 0.0.6 by Vinay Reddy

Pygme is an mplayer frontend written in Python/PyGTK. It has been written with audio and video songs in mind (as opposed to movies). It has a searchable media library, which can be used to enqueue songs in a playlist. It also has support for processing ID3 tag information.

The media library and p… 

songanalysis 0.4.0 by Manuel Amador

songanalysis software analyzes a song in WAV, Ogg Vorbis, or MP3 format and produces an output consisting of the volume differential, the relative strength in each frequency band, and the tempo.

This is useful if you want to build something that lets you find out whether you have duplicate files,… 

xPort 4.86 by xtremsoft

xPort is the most efficient backup tool for your iPod, it enables you to export songs from your iPod to your computer without loosing any rating, because it is able to recognize your playlists.

Accomplishing that exportation is summarised in a few clicks. This program can also create an internal… 

Yammi 1.2.2 by Oliver N?lle

Yammi ("Yet Another Music Manager I...") is a digital music collection (eg. mp3, ogg, flac, wav files) manager targeted at large song collections (eg. a few thousand songs).

It allows you to efficiently organize your music collection (edit tags, rename or move files, ...) and features intuitive a… 

Tunez 1.21 by Philip Lowman

Tunez is a MP3 jukebox that works with a voting system. You can vote for your favorite tracks via the Web interface, and the Tunez daemon will take care of the rest.

Here are some key features of "Tunez":
MP3 and OGG vorbis playback support via a PHP or Perl daemon
Support for Icecast v1 (wit… 

phpMMS 7.00 by MaasOnline

phpMMS is a webbased frontend for XMMS or mplayer in the beta version. phpMMS project is Open Source Software (GPL-2), developed and given to the community by MaasOnline, and

With phpMMS, you can control your XMMS player from every browser, or rate your songs used by rphpMMS. It allo… 

xmms-fc 0.5.4 by Michael Schwendt

xmms-fc is a Future Composer plugin for XMMS.

Above XMMS plug-in is based on this reference player which has been implemented because hardly any FC player available on PC (and not even on AMIGA) manages to play back all modules without flaws (if at all). On PC, I don't know any.

With other impleme… 

iPod Music Liberator 3.5 by Zeleksoftware

The iPod Music Liberator allows you to copy music from your iPod to any computer, filling in a missing feature of iTunes. You see, iTunes only allows for a one way transfer of music from your computer to your iPod.

But what if you want to move music to another authorized computer? What if you wan… 

Beep Media Player RSS feed provider 0.1.0 by Dennis Smit

Beep Media Player RSS feed provider is a tool for generating RSS feeds of songs played by BMP.

bmp-rss-feeder is a plugin for the Beep Media Player that makes it possible to publish an RSS feed containing the names of recently played songs.

The feed can be published both locally and on the In… 



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