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Robsort Sorting Algorithm 1.0 by Robert Thompson

Robsort in a GNU public license sorting algorithm devleloped by Robert Thompson. Robsort uses random number generation to sort arrays of integers. It is claimed to be the world's least efficient sorting algorithm.

Scientists have calculated the robsort algorithm to approach an order of [n!] (n fa… 

Algorithm::Networksort 1.05 by John M. Gamble

Algorithm::Networksort can create inline comparisons for sorting.


use Algorithm::Networksort qw(:all);

my $inputs = 4;

# Generate the network (a list of comparators).
my @network = nw_comparators($inputs);

# Print the list, and print the graph of the… 

Kisdnmonitor by Jorge Windmeisser Oliver

Kisdnmonitor is an applet for your KDE-desktop environment, it shows the status of the B-Channels and logs the calls (incoming and outgoing) with the duration and the costs and some other information.

It uses the standard KDE-addressbook to avoid annoying duplicities, and it retrieves on the fly… 

XML::Filter::Sort 1.01 by Grant McLean

XML::Filter::Sort is a SAX filter for sorting elements in XML.


use XML::Filter::Sort;
use XML::SAX::Machines qw( :all );

my $sorter = XML::Filter::Sort->new(
Record => 'person',
Keys => [
[ 'lastname', 'alpha', 'asc' ],
[ 'f… 

libredblack 1.3 by Damian Ivereigh

libredblack is a library to provide the RedBlack balanced tree searching and sorting algorithm.

The algorithm was taken from the book "Introduction to Algorithms" by Cormen, Leiserson & Rivest. Frankly I never entirely understood it, but it most definately works!

What is the problem with norma… 

msort 8.31 by Bill Poser

msort is a program for sorting files in sophisticated ways. msort project was originally developed for alphabetizing dictionaries of "exotic" languages, for which it has been extensively used, but is useful for many other purposes.

msort differs from typical sort utilities in providing greater fl… 

HOL 3 by Michael Norrish

HOL short from Higher Order Logic is a programming environment in which theorems can be proved and proof tools implemented.

Built-in decision procedures and theorem provers can automatically establish many simple theorems. An oracle mechanism gives access to external programs such as SAT and BDD… 

libSieve 2.2.4 by Aaron Stone

libSieve is an implementation of the Sieve mail sorting language originally developed for the Cyrus mail system.

libSieve helps to bring mail sorting functionality into your mail server application without the need to reinvent the wheel.

As a library, libSieve is not intended for end users exp… 

TableTools 0.1 by Mingyi Liu

TableTools supercedes the TableSort extension. TableTools sorts, filters or copies any HTML table ('ctrl+alt+click' sorts, 'ctrl+shift+click' shows/hides filter, 'ctrl+z+click' etc. allows copying in various formats).

Sorting/filtering are smart as they auto-detect the data types such as date/tim… 

sortdemo 0.2 by Anuradha Ratnaweera

sortdemo project is a tool for sorting algorithm demonstrations.

Sortdemo generates sequences of image files (GIF or PNG) to visualize the steps of sorting algorithms.

It supports insertion, selection, bubble (4 variations), and quick sorts. The nature and the size of the initial list can be… 

libpmsort 0.2 by Markus W. Weissmann

libpmsort provides a parallel merge-sort algorithm that is interface compatible with qsort(3). If the compare function is thread-safe, you may easily swap qsort with pmsort.

Though merge-sort itself is slower then quicksort on average, utilizing multiple CPUs or waiting in parallel for I/O can spee… 

Parallel BZIP2 0.9.6 by Jeff Gilchrist

Parallel BZIP2 project is a parallel implementation of the bzip2 block- sorting file compressor that uses pthreads and achieves near-linear speedup on SMP machines. The output of this version is fully compatible with bzip2 1.0.2 (ie: anything compressed with PBZIP2 can be decompressed with bzip2).

pg_collkey 0.1 by Jan Behrens

pg_collkey is a wrapper to use the collation functions of the ICU library with a PostgreSQL database server.

Using this wrapper, you can specify the desired locale for sorting UTF-8 strings directly in the SQL query, rather than setting it during database installation. Default Unicode collation (… 

Playlist Warlock 0.2 Beta by Dan Pemstein, Sean Waters

Playlist Warlock is a text-based frontend for mpg123 written in Perl. It is intended to provide users with the playlist browsing and song selection of a GUI MP3 player from any terminal.

It provides a combination of Winamp/XMMS, vi/less, and Unix prompt-style commands for creating, editing, sorti… 

spamstats 0.6c by Vincent Deffontaines

Spamstats is a Perl script that analyses spamassassin+mailer logs in order to extract useful informations about spam traffic.

Spamstats was originally written in 2002 for the Council of Europe, and has since then it was modified to support new products and new features. In january 2004 the German… 

JDBC SQL Profiler 0.3 by Serge Huber

JDBC SQL Profiler is a quickly hacked tool to do statistics on SELECT queries in order to know where it is most efficient to create indexes.

This small tool, released under an Apache-based license connects to the P6Spy JDBC logger and displays in real time the queries going to the database. It us… 

slashManager 0.0.2 by Piotr Luszczek

slashManager is a fast file manager for Unix systems written in wxPython. It supports directory tree view and tabbed browsing. It has internal viewers for major image formats (GIF, JPEG, PNG, and others) and HTML. It combines, in a unique way, features found in many other file managers.

Here are… 

Apache::MP3::Playlist 4.00 by Lincoln Stein

Apache::MP3::Playlist can manage directories of MP3 files with sorting and persistent playlists.


# httpd.conf or srm.conf
AddType audio/mpeg mp3 MP3

# httpd.conf or access.conf
< Location /songs >
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler Apache::MP3::Playlist

ListPatron 0.1.1 by Ferry Boender

ListPatron is an (GTK) application for maintaining lists of information. It was written as a replacement of quicklist, which wasn't being maintained anymore and has since disappeared of the internet.

It operates on the basis of rows and columns. Cells can be of a variety of different types like t… 

uniLETIM 0.9.3 by uniLETIM Team

UniLETIM is a web-based application for collecting, sorting and searching the offers and requests of goods, services or knowledge and for transaction processing.

UniLETIM enables independent managing of several LETS or TimeBank groups.

UniLETIM is written in PHP/MySQL. uniLETIM project is easy to… 



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