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The Open For Business Project 3.0.0 by David E. Jones

The Open For Business Project is an open source enterprise automation software project licensed under the MIT Open Source License.

By open source enterprise automation we mean: Open Source ERP, Open Source CRM, Open Source E-Business / E-Commerce, Open Source SCM, Open Source MRP, Open Source CMM… 

GNU Source Installer 0.5 by Claudio Fontana

GNU Source Installer (sourceinstall), a source package installer and manager for Unix-likes which provides configuration, compilation, installation, tracking and removal of source packages. It offers both a command line and a graphical interface, and works best with packages prepared by the develope… 

Open Source Quotes DataBase 0.1 Alpha by Open Source Quotes DataBase Team

Open Source Quotes DataBase is a Web site which is very similar in style to the QDB. Open Source Quotes DataBase is designed for people who would like to run their own quote sites.

What's New in This Release:
The ability has been added for all admin users to change their own passwords, in… 

slash 2.2.6 by Slash Admins

Slashcode is the site for All Things Slash. Slash is the source code and database that was originally used to create Slashdot, and has now been released under the GNU General Public License.

It is a bona fide Open Source / Free Software project. Use this site to get the Slash source, read the lat… 

Source Mage GNU/Linux by The Source Mage Team

Source Mage GNU/Linux distribution is based on a sorcerous metaphor of "casting" and "dispelling" packages, which we refer to as "spells".

This is a development ISO and potentially loaded with bugs and glitches. This is where you come in. We need your help to squash these bugs.

Please download… 

Fnord Linux 4.0.0 by FnordNet

Fnord is a Linux distribution designed to be built from source and maintained manually. This allows the administrator maximum control over the system.

Unlike other built-from source systems, Fnord is not a toy; it is intended as a production Linux system (in fact, Fnord has been running on all of… 

PHP Source Code Obfuscator 2006Jan22 by Mirko Kaiser

PHP Source Code Obfuscator is a small script designed to make source code unreadable.

It searches source code for variables and replaces them with less readable replacements. PHP Source Code Obfuscator is also capable of removing newline characters.


- If you try to replace the variabl… 

Graph-includes 0.11 by Yann Dirson

Graph-includes creates a graph of dependencies between source files and/or groups of source files, with an emphasis on getting readable and usable graphs even for large projects.

Graph-includes project is meant to be an helper tool for a refactoring effort. Usability of the dependency graphs are cu… 

Quake III Arena Source 1.32c by id Software

This is the source code for Quake III Arena version 1.32b, released by id Software. Quake III Arena Source is subject to the terms of the GNU General Public License.

While we made sure we were still able to compile the game on Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac, this build didn't get any kind of extensiv… 

GNU Source-highlight 2.5 by Lorenzo Bettini

GNU Source-highlight produces a document with syntax highlighting when given a source file.

Source-highlight reads source language specifications dynamically, thus it can be easily extended (without recompiling the sources) for handling new languages.

GNU Source-highlight also reads output fo… 

QPPP 0.6 by Jaybee Caoibes

QPPP is a PPP dialer for Red Hat Linux. It lets users dial a PPP connection and records the total time the user online. It let's you start a ppp dialup connection and it records how much time you're online. QPPP runs under Red Hat Linux 7 or newer with Qt installed.

To install follow these steps:… 

PolyglotMan 3.2 by Tom Phelps

PolyglotMan project takes man pages from most of the popular flavors of UNIX and transforms them into any of a number of text source formats. In contrast various man2html filters, which essentially translate bold and italic text and otherwise wrap the entire manual page in PRE tags, PolyglotMan trie… 

Source Mage GNU/Linux 0.9.6 PPC by The Source Mage Team

Source Mage GNU/Linux distribution is based on a sorcerous metaphor of "casting" and "dispelling" packages, which we refer to as "spells".

This is a development ISO and potentially loaded with bugs and glitches. This is where you come in. We need your help to squash these bugs.

Please download, bu… 

Sequoia Open Source ERP 0.8.1 by Si Chen

Sequoia ERP is a true enterprise-class open source ERP solution. It combines the advanced features and scalability required for enterprise software with the flexibility and low cost of ownership that only open source can deliver.

Here are some key features of "Sequoia Open Source ERP":
Full Su… 

PyODE 1.1.0 by Matthias Baas

PyODE is a set of open-source Python bindings for The Open Dynamics Engine, an open-source physics engine.

PyODE also includes an XODE parser. Like ODE, PyODE may be distributed under the terms of either the GNU Lesser General Public License or a BSD-style license.



Sorcerer 20050314 by Kyle Sallee

Sorcerer is a source-based Linux distribution for system administrators. The sources are downloaded directly from software authors' homepages and mirrors.

Then, they are compiled with the architecture and optimizations that the system administrator specifies.

Finally, it is installed, tracked,… 

Parrot::Docs::Section::C 0.4.5 by The Parrot Team

Parrot::Docs::Section::C is a C source code documentation section.


use Parrot::Docs::Section::C;

A documentation section describing all the C source code in Parrot.

Class Methods

header_item($text, @names)

Returns a C header files documentation item.


Litestream 1.3 RC3 by

Litestream is an free sound server to develop your own web radio.

Litestream is a mp3 streaming server for UNIX-like operating systems. It is compatible with the shoutcast protocol.

It is written in C and is intended to be lightweight and robust.

Literestream Server

Literestream Server i… 

DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::RelBuilder 0.03007 by Brandon Black

DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::RelBuilder is a Perl module that builds relationships for DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader.

This class builds relationships for DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader. This is module is not (yet) for external use.



Arguments: schema_class (scalar), fk_info (hashre… 

sersnoop 0.4 by ken restivo

serialsnoop is a command-line tool for Linux that echoes bytes to and from any two serial ports, PTYs, or network sockets , and prints all traffic to stdout in hex and ASCII.

to install (binary, debian):

get the latest x86 .deb file and dpkg -i the thing.

to install (from source):




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