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Kbi 0.2 by Luis Marques

Kbi is a small aplication to organize source code into a database. It uses SQLite and PyGTK to save your code. Kbi project can export, delete, add and search quickly pieces of code.

GTK+ version 2.4.x


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DBDesigner Preview 2 by Mihnea Balta

DBDesigner is a program to create any visual design of MySQL databases.

f you need to build complex SQL databases you will find DbDesigner quite a useful tool. It allows you to construct your DB in an intuitive and easy to use environment, where you have a visual representation of the tables and… 

MaVerick 0.3 by Robert Colquhoun

MaVerick is a project to produce a free open source Multivalue Database Management System.
MaVerick is intended to provide a flexible and readily extendable implementation suitable for use in a new century.

The MaVerick project was started in 1999 on the comp.databases.pick newsgroup by a collec… 

Ruby/DICT 0.9.3 by Ian Macdonald

Ruby/DICT is an RFC 2229 compliant client-side library implementation of the DICT protocol, written in the Ruby programming language. Ruby/DICT library can be used to write clients that access dictionary definitions from a set of natural language dictionary databases. In the words of the RFC:


gmbCrossword 0.8 by Mikael Ulfenborg

gmbCrossword is an application for making swedish type crosswords. It is written i Gambas and has support for word lookup in databases.

It is written in english but is translated to swedish. I have some problems to get Gambas to use the swedish translation myself but it's probably my own fault.


php-sqlite3 0.3 by Bruno Fleisch

php-sqlite3 project is a PHP extension that lets you access SQLite3 databases within your scripts.

PHP 4 and PHP 5 have already built-in support for this RDBM, but this is limited to the 2.x releases. This extension adds support for SQLite 3.x release.

Please note that this project is still alpha-… 

HiM 0.9.3 by Walery Studennikov

HiM (Hierarchical Marshalling Library) is an attempt to implement a small and efficient library for working with hierarchical data structures (trees).

With HiM you can easily create/edit Windows-registry-like databases in memory and then store them to files with a very compact, portable embeddabl… 

PersonalDB 0.90 by Robert W. Johnstone

PersonalDB is background process that provides access for multiple users to individual SQL databases. The SQL database provides a central internet accessible datastore for a variety of applications. In particular, the database can be used as a personal information manager (PIM).

However, SQL data… 

OpenDBX 1.1.8 by Norbert Sendetzky

OpenDBX is an extremely lightweight but extensible C library for accessing databases with a single API.

OpenDBX provides a clean and simple interface across all supported databases that leads to an elegant code design automatically. Currently supported databases are:


DbDiff 0.2.0 by Eric Kolve

DbDiff project performs a diff between two databases. Currently, only MySQL is supported.

It generates the necessary SQL to alter the target database and apply the changes in the proper order to satisfy any constraints that exist while preserving the data in the target database.

What's New in… 

Diogenes 1.4.2 by Peter Heslin

Diogenes is a tool for searching and browsing the databases of ancient texts, primarily in Latin and Greek, that are published by the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae and the Packard Humanities Institute. It is free software: you are encouraged to modify, improve, and redistribute it under the terms of the… 

DataKiosk 0.8 beta by The KDE Project

DataKiosk is a JuK-like database interface tool for generic SQL databases. What does that mean? Essentially, DataKiosk provides a series of wizards (anyone familiar with Qt Designer's database wizards will find them familiar) that allow you to build a custom Juk-like interface for any SQL database w… 

Kettle 2.3.1 by Matt Casters

Kettle comes from Kettle ETTL Environment is a meta-data driven ETTL (Extraction, Transformation, Transportation, and Loading) tool.

This means that no code has to be written to perform complex data transformations. It is possible to create plugins to do custom transformations or access proprieta… 

Yada 0.9.3 by dev/IT

Yada is a c library that abstracts SQL databases aiming at allowing transparent use of multiple databases. The goal in mind is to make a common interface to multiple databases, thus stopping the need for application developers to write different modules for each SQL backend they want to support. It'… 

cdbxx 0.0.1 RC2 by Stanislav Ievlev

cdbxx is a small STL style C++ library for TinyCDB implementation of Constant Database. It provides iterators, data adapters and high level interfaces for databases.

a TinyCDB implemenation

What's New in This Release:
Makefile.common, include/cdbxx/map.hh, src/, testsuite… 

libpackman 0.3.2 by Christian Hammond and Rodney Dawes

libpackman (Package Management) library provides a single API for accessing multiple package formats and package databases.

Libpackman's module support allows for other developers to quickly provide support for new package formats and database formats.

Libpackman is in the alpha stage. It curr… 

cbMySQL 4.0.2 by Christoph Becker

cbMySQL is a PHP Class witch can create, alter, and modify MySQL databases and tables. For backup issues, you can export CSV data directly with only one class method.

The MySQL object is much easier to handle than PHP's built in functions, and there's no need to install anything like PEAR.


JamDB 0.9.9 by Marc Schiffbauer

JamDB (Just another music DB) is a fast PHP-based music database that can be used with many different databases. (JamDB is well tested with MySQL and PostgreSQL). All MP3s can easily be searched for artists, albums, and songs.

A user can choose to download a song or add a single song, an album, a… 

Jackess 1.1.6 by Tim McCune

Jackcess project is a pure Java library for reading from and writing to MS Access databases. It is not an application. There is no GUI.

It's a library, intended for other developers to use to build Java applications. Jackcess is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Take a look at… 

DiaDBDesigner 1.5.3 by Ivo van Kamp

DiaDBDesigner is a standalone module for constructing databases with the help of the diagram creation program Dia.

In an easy to use environment, with DiaDBDesigner you can join multiple diagrams together to form one model of interconnected tables.


What's New in This… 



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