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Squid 1.2 by Squid Hackers

Squid is a high performance Web proxy cache that can be arranged hierarchically for an improvement in response times and a reduction in bandwith usage.

Squid project runs on all popular Unix and Windows platforms.

Here are some key features of "Squid":
a full-featured Web proxy cache

squidwall 0.5 by Tino Reichardt

Squidwall is a fast, small, and secure squid redirector. It is written with security in mind.

squidwall enables the administrator to build an easy to use Web interface for controlling user-, host-, or IP-based access to squid. It also does pass-through antivirus scanning with clamav.

Here are… 

squidview 0.69 by Graeme Sheppard

Squidview is a program that displays the squid proxy server log file in a nice fashion, providing the log file is in squid's native reporting fashion. It has features such as search, report generation, monitor mode and supports three log files.

Thus, the program can be used to monitor Internet us… 

SqStat 1.20 by Alex Samorukov

SqStat is a script to view active squid user connections. SqStat uses the cachemgr protocol to get information from the squid proxy server.


1. Unpack the distribution in your webserver's document root.
2. Copy file to config.i… 

Squid Users Manager 1.2.0 by Fred Cox

Squid Users Manager is a web-enabled and intuitive user interface written upon Ruby on Rails web development framework that manager Squid Proxy NCSA auth users across MD5 digest files.

The project is Open Source and distributed under the terms of the GPL licence.

What's New in This Release:

MySQL Squid Access Report 2.0.12 by Stoilis Giannis

MySQL Squid Access Report, mysar for short, is a reporting system for user web traffic activity, as logged from a squid proxy.

MySAR consists of two parts:

- Command line utilities which import a squid log file in a MySQL database and maintain the databas.
- A web interface for accessing the… 

Squid Graph 3.2 by SecurLogic

Squid Graph is a free, simple, yet powerful Squid v2 native logfile analysis tool that generates reports with graphical representation of the proxy server's traffic.

Squid Graph is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL), which means it is FREE FOR USE AND DISTRIBUTION.

Squid Gr… 

SquidClamAv 3.0 by Gilles Darold

SquidClamAv is a dedicated ClamAV antivirus redirector for Squid. SquidClamAv script can run antivirus checks based on filename regex, content-type regex, and more. It is easy to install and works even with heavy Squid access.

libcurl 7.12.1 at least


cd regex/

SquidRestrict 1.0.3 by Michael Harding

SquidRestrict intention is to allow multiple time restrictions to be placed on internet usage for firewalls that use The Squid Web Proxy Cache. Primarily SquidRestrict is intended to be used on Linux based firewalls such as IPCop and Smoothwall.

Currently SquidRestrict is known to work with the f… 

iSAK 2.1.0 by Jean-Francois Levesque

iSAK, Internet Secure Access Kit, is an integrated Open Source applications package that gives an efficient departmental access control of Internet services. Right now, many installations of iSAK have been made by Savoir-faire Linux.

Multiple versions of iSAK will be available shortly. Each versi… 

Squid Report Generator 1.1 by Matt Brown

SRG is a Squid Report Generator designed for the needs of CRCnet. None of the existing report generators could provide the exact solution that we required and we decided to start from scratch rather than trying to modify an existing progamme.

SRG is designed to be fast and easy to integrate in to… 

squidGuard 1.2.0 by Pĺl Baltzersen

squidGuard is a combined filter, redirector and access controller plugin for Squid.

squidGuard can be used for next activities:

limit the web access for some users to a list of accepted/well known web servers and/or URLs only.
block access to some listed or blacklisted web servers and/or URLs… 

BannerFilter 1.31 by Andy Lyttle

This script blocks advertising banners on the Web. If you have a slow Internet connection, it will speed up your surfing, since the banners are not downloaded from the Internet at all.

Unlike most other similar solutions, BannerFilter does more than simply block advertising graphics. It also bloc… 

OpenBSD Live-CD Firewall 3.8.1 by alti

OpenBSD Live-CD Firewall is an OpenBSD-based pf (packet filter) firewall, with DNS, squid, NAT, and a DHCP server (dnsmasq) for internal clients preconfigured. Settings and log files can be saved to a USB device.

Saved settings will be restored at the next reboot. Additional security related soft… 

ChangePassword 0.9 by Vinicius M. Souza

ChangePassword modifies the passwords of passwd, Samba, and Squid through the Web. All passwords are syncronized and changed in real time through browsers like Mozilla, Netscape, IE, Opera, and others.

Apache Web Server with cgi-bin enabled (Version 1.3.20 or later)

Mod-Cache 1.2 by QUE Hongyu

Mod-Cache is a cache(reverse-proxy) accelerator plugin for lighttpd, which works like Squid with similar configuration. However mod_cache is faster and more effective than Squid because of powerful Lighttpd.

Mod-Cache has following advantages over Squid:

Simpler. Mod-Cache just sets proper… 

SquidRestrict 1.0.1 (Smoothwall) by Michael Harding

SquidRestrict is a Web-based tool that allows multiple time restrictions to be placed on Internet usage for firewalls that use Squid.

Primarily, the focus of SquidRestrict is on the Linux-based firewalls IPCop and Smoothwall.

SmoothWall Express is an open source firewall distribution based on… 

Viralator Proxy Virus Scanner 0.9.7 by Viralator Team

Viralator is a Perl script that virus scans HTTP/FTP downloads request on a UNIX server after passing through the Squid proxy server.

Even when I implemented virus protection for my network email server we still continued to get the odd virus. Most of the viruses came from people using free webma… 

SimpleFirewall 0.8 by Luis Wong

Simple Firewall is a easy tool for administration of users and access control. It uses iptables for packet filtering, and saves rules with XML. It can run in shell or over the Web via webmin.

What's New in This Release:
Perform reconfigure squid conf for all linux distros
Fix script init for… 

Falcon Firewall Project 0.1.5 by Falcon Open Group

The Falcon project is an open firewall project with the intention of developing an independent firewall system. [COPYRIGHT-1]

Falcon consists of different modules:
Falcons own proxies (generic TCP-Proxy and application specific proxies)
Squid for web access and caching (modified package for Li… 



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