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vp-usb-lock 0.2.1 by Tim Theede

vp-usb-lock is a Linux kernel driver and PAM module that utilizes the PC wireless USB lock and makes it possible to use it as authentication method for your Linux box.

It is easy to install, but needs access to the sources of the kernel and PAM to build correctly. It has been tested under Fedora… 

VaryOnApplet 1.4 by Chuck Rhode

VaryOnApplet is a pushbutton process-control applet for Gnome.

After VaryOnApplet is installed, you will need to logout and log back into Gnome, or you can force the panel to reload by killing it:

killall gnome-panel

As soon as the panel recovers, you can add the VaryOnApplet to it by r… 

old 0.17 by Alberto Bertogli

old is a short from Open Lock Daemon and is a simple lock server which provides central point where to lock resources in a distributed environment by using TCP/IP to communicate with its clients.

Objects are identified by strings, so it's really a general purpose server: you can use it to lock fr… 

xscreensaver lock window themes 1.1 by Alan Swanson

xscreensaver lock window themes is a replacement for ugly password lock window.

XScreenSaver is a ubiquitous program on Unix for preventing the pixels of your monitor from burning in, providing pretty animations and providing password protection. However, the default lock window used for password… 

Gnome Wireless PC Lock 0.2 by Qball Cow

Gnome Wireless PC Lock is a Gnome applet that locks your desktop when you walk away from your desk.

A small gnome program that locks your desktop when you walk away from your desk. It is tested with a Sitecom cn-129 Wireless PC Lock.

GTK+ version 2.10.x

What's New… 

grmd 0.1 by Masahiko Ito

grmd is a daemon program on UNIX-like systems which provide general management feature for every resources.

usually in exclusive lock control of files, programer use busy-wait method with mkdir(),symlink() etc, or use flock(),lockf(),fcntl() etc. and in exclusive lock control of some resources ex… 

Z-lock 0.1 by Jumpei Isshiki

Z-lock is a Japanese shooter with a twist: your shot power is directly proportional to the number of enemies locked on to you.

Z-Lock is entirely contained within this directory. There is no installation. To uninstall, simply delete this directory.

Type ./z-… 

rsnapshot 1.3.0 by Nathan Rosenquist

rsnapshot is a filesystem snapshot utility for making backups of local and remote systems.

Using rsync and hard links, it is possible to keep multiple, full backups instantly available. The disk space required is just a little more than the space of one full backup, plus incrementals.


FCFS RWLock 0.4.0 by Shlomi Fish

FCFS RWLock is a Readers/Writers Lock (or RWLock for short) is a mechanism that allows an arbitrary number of readers or alternatively one writer to access a resource at any given time.

FCFS RWLock project is useful in case writing may temporarily harm the integrity of the resource.

Many RWLoc… 

kkeyled 0.8.11 by Dieter Landolt

KKeyled is a KDE panel tray widget which displays the LED states of the keyboard (ie. Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock).

It is particularly useful for wireless keyboards without LEDs, and can be used to set the LED states of the keyboard aswell.

Cooperates with KlineakConf

What's New in… 

Extreme FTPd 0.3.4 by Angelo Rosiello

Extreme FTP is an FTP daemon created with security as a priority.

Extreme FTPd features SSL/TLS and other ways to both secure the end hosts during connections and transfers.

What's New in This Release:
This release adds add_features() for module developers, auth ->lock = config ->lock in auth.c,… 

mod_lock.c 1.0 by Lyonel VINCENT

mod_lock.c Apache module allows to conditionaly lock a part of a web server by just creating a file in a predefined location. This feature is useful for system maintenance on multi VirtualHosted systems.


Integrating into Apache - compiling and linking

To link the lock module… 

WorkBone 2.40 by Thomas McWilliams

WorkBone is a simple, curses-based CD player that is controlled by the num-lock keys. It uses the cdtool package can be used to determine the contents of a CD before playing it.

WorkBone uses the numeric keypad as a control panel to allow you to move track to track, play, stop, pause, and resume… 

KShutDown 0.8.2 by Konrad Twardowski

KShutDown is an advanced shutdown utility for KDE. It has 4 main commands: Shut Down (logout and halt the system), Reboot (logout and reboot the system), Lock Screen (lock the screen using a screen saver), and Logout (end the session and logout the user).

KShutDown features time and delay options… 

Hwrt 1.20 by Alex Laburu

Hwrt is a Hypertext Web Replication Tool. It has rudimentary support for Apache MultiViews and access files; it cleans up stale files in local and remote targets; and it generates plain-text sitemaps that you can submit to Google.

Hwrt tries to rely only on bare shell essentials for its core functi… 

XScreenSaver.App 1.0 by A.Sleep

XScreenSaver dockapp that will lock (left-click) your XSession and upon right-click bring up the XScreenSaver prefs.

Window Maker


make install


XScreenSaver.App &

* Left-click on the dockapp to lock the screen us… 

Lock Keys Applet 1.0 by Joergen Scheibengruber

Lock keys Applet is a GNOME-applet, that shows the status of the caps-, num- and scroll-lock keys of your keyboard.

This isn't especially usefull for normal keyboards, as they got leds for that. But some keyboards (especially wireless keyboards) don't have. One more feature of the applet is that… 

WSL 0.3 by Brian Schau

The Sitecom Wireless Security Lock is based on the Cypress Ultra Mouse. WSL currently identifies itself as a wireless mouse.

Under Linux this is problematic as the input stacks tries to parse the input as mouse coordinates and button presses.

The patch on this page adds support for Wireless Secur… 

GAC 0.7 by Stas Zytkiewicz

GAC is short for (G)TK (A)Larm (C)lock and is intended for the GNU/Linux system.

It's an alarm clock application which is used to splash alarm messages on your desktop or run a command at any given time.

It consists of two parts, a graphical client and a 'deamon' that runs in the background. T… 

Faq-O-Matic 2.721 by Ask Bjoern Hansen

The Faq-O-Matic is a CGI-based system that automates the process of maintaining a FAQ list. It allows visitors to your FAQ to take part in keeping it up-to-date. A permission system also makes it useful as a help-desk application, bug-tracking database, or documentation system. Jon wrote an article… 



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