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Python logging module by Vinay Sajip

The Python logging module implements a standard logging system for Python programs. It was strongly influenced by log4j from the Apache project.

As this package is included in versions 2.3 and later, only users of earlier versions of Python would need to install this module.

There was a need f… 

Pax Logging 0.9.2 by Niclas Hedhman

Pax Logging is a consolidation effort that aims to make all existing logging APIs in the Java world available for OSGi developments, driven by a Log4J backend.

Each legacy API is loaded as its own bundle. The logging service can be reloaded at run-time.

Here are some key features of "Pax Loggi… 

Simple Log 2.0.1 by Graham Lea

Simple Log is a small library that does logging very simply and requires you to do almost nothing (other than actually logging) to get log output to happen. Simple Log is much simpler to use than a logging framework, especially in terms of configuration.

It doesn't attempt to solve every logging… 

Wiggly-Log 0.0.0-alpha by Wiggly

Wiggly-Log is a small C++ logging library.

Whilst playing with graphics I found I needed a simple and fast logging implementation that I could improve as I needed.

I wanted to be able to use standard C++ features like streams for outputting user-defined datatypes instead of having to bother wi… 

NmnLogger 1.1 by Ivan Preziosi

NmnLogger is a small set of PHP classes which provide a simple but effective logging mechanism. NmnLogger has the ability to create complex and functional logging systems within minutes.

NmnLogger relies on a small XML config file, where you can set up all your logging preferences. Logging driver… 

Simple Logging Facade for Java 1.1.0 RC0 by Ceki Gulcu

Simple Logging Facade for Java also know as SLF4J is intended to serve as a simple facade for various logging APIs, allowing to the end-user to plug in the desired implementation at deployment time.

Logging API implementations can either choose to implement the the SLF4J interfaces directly, e.g.… 

log4sh 1.3.6 by Kate Ward

log4sh project is a logging framework for shell scripts that works similar to the other wonderful logging products available from the Apache Software Foundataion (eg. log4perl, log4j).

Although not as powerful as the others, it can make the task of adding advanced logging to shell scripts easier,… 

PHPloghost 1.4 by tuatha

PHPloghost is a web based application meant to make your system logging more accesible.
On a single system this is not a problem, nor is it a problem when you're sending all your loghost data into one single file.

The problem comes when you're organising the logging from each different host into… 

ulogd 1.24 by Harald Welte

ulogd is a replacement for traditional syslog-based logging (using the LOG target) in iptables-based firewalls. ULOG/ulogd has a different concept.

Packets get copied to a special logging daemon, which can do very detailed logging to different targets (plaintext files, MySQL databases, ...). ulog… 

uuturn 0.1 by Thomas Habets

Now you can find out without even logging into the box by only analyzing the packets on the network!

Every wonder if someone is remotely logging in to one of your boxen and then going on to another? Now you can find out without even logging into the box by only analyzing the packets on the networ… 

Xlog 1.4 by Joop Stakenborg

Xlog is a GTK+ Logging program for Hamradio Operators with rig control.

xlog is a logging program for amateur radio operators which can be used for dialy logging and contest. Xlog stores the logs into a text file.

QSO's are presented in a list. Items in the list can be added, deleted or upda… 

PIX Logging Architecture 2.0 Beta 1 by Kris Philipsen

PIX Logging Architecture [PLA] is a project allowing for correlation of Cisco PIX Firewall Traffic and IDS Logs.

Centralization of the logs is provided using a MySQL database, supported by a Web-based frontend for Log Viewing, Searching, and Event Management.

PLA is completely coded in the Per… 

cx_Logging 1.2 by Anthony Tuininga

cx_Logging is a Python extension module which operates in a fashion similar to
the logging module that ships with Python 2.3 and higher. cx_Logging project also has a C interface which allows applications to perform logging independently of Python.

This project is being released to the public si… 

DBIx::Frame 1.06 by Tim Skirvin

DBIx::Frame is a Perl module for creating and maintaining DBI frameworks.


use DBIx::Frame;
DBIx::Frame->init('server', 'dbtype') || exit(0);
my $DB = DBIx::Frame->new('database', 'user', 'pass')
or die("Couldn't connect to database: ", DBI->errstr);
See below for how to… 

KLog 1.2 by Jaime Robles

KLog is a Ham radio logging program for KDE. This is my very first KDE program so it has many bugs, please help to correct them.

All your ideas and suggestions will be appreciated. Why another logging program? There are many logging programs and some of them are quite good but i wanted to make an… 

NNTP Client Lib 0.1.5 by Pedro Fonseca

NNTP Client Lib is a Java implementation of RFC 997 for newsreaders, with support for authentication and logging.

NNTP Client Lib is meant to be used by newsreader implementations as some NNTP commands irrelevant for newsreaders are not implemented. Support for MIME or any other article encoding… 

dclog 1.1.0 by Josh Glover and Chris White

dclog is a logging library for C and C++. It supports the concept of log levels, configurable logfile timestamps, and a configurable prefix to log messages.


1. From source:

make all
make install (as root)

2. Gentoo users:

emerge -vp dclog
emerge dclog… 

pgLOGd 2.3 by Digital Stratum, Inc.

pgLOGd is a project for logging Apache access log entries to a PostgreSQL database.

Here are some key features of "pgLOGd":
Database logging. The primary feature that gave pgLOGd its name. Instead of writing log entries to a file, pgLOGd writes them to a database. The advantages of this method… 

Patch for Net Accounting Daemon for logging 0.7 by alexander atanasov

A patch for Net Accounting Daemon which adds support for logging network traffic on a MySQL Server.

You can control nacctd with so called signals. Here is what the signals do (one might call this abuse of signals:

SIGINT ends daemon
SIGTERM ends daemon
SIGUSR1 increases debugging level

THC-vlogger 2.1.1 by The Hacker's Choice

THC-vlogger is an advanced linux kernel based keylogger, enables the capability to log keystrokes of all administrator/user's sessions via console, serial and remote sessions (telnet, ssh), switching logging mode by using magic password, stealthily sending logged data to centralized remote server.



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