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SQL::Routine::Language 0.70.3 by Darren R. Duncan

SQL::Routine::Language is a Perl module for what language or grammar SQL::Routine speaks.

SQL::Routine contains SQL schemas and queries, represented as a tree of atomic tokens; it is structurally like an abstract syntax tree or an XML DOM, but one that only accepts, respectively, a specific sourc… 

uLan Driver 0.7 by Pavel Pisa

uLan provides 9-bit message oriented communication protocol, which is transferred over RS-485 link.

Characters are transferred same way as for RS-232 asynchronous transfer except parity bit, which is used to distinguish between data characters and protocol control information. A physical layer co… 

State Machine Compiler 4.3.3 by Charles Rapp

State Machine Compiler takes a state machine stored in an .sm file and generates the state pattern classes in nine programming languages.

Its features include default transitions, transition arguments, transition guards, push/pop transitions, and Entry/Exit actions. State Machine Compiler require… 

Sys::OutPut 2.1 by Alan K. Stebbens

Sys::OutPut is a Perl module to help make output easier.


usage Sys::OutPut;

talk $fmtstr [, @args];

out $fmtstr [, @args];

put $fmtstr [, @args];

err $fmtstr [, @args];

debug $fmtstr [, @args];

$Sys::OutPut::quiet = $::quiet;


GLPK 4.9 by Andrew Makhorin

The GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit) package is intended for solving large-scale linear programming (LP), mixed integer programming (MIP), and other related problems. It is a set of routines written in ANSI C and organized in the form of a callable library.

GLPK supports the GNU MathProg languag… 

POE::Component::Basement 0.01 by Robert Sedlacek

POE::Component::Basement provides Class::Std and base POE component functionality.


package POE::MyComponent;

# use as base
use base qw/ POE::Component::Basement /;

# where the initializations happen (see Class::Std)
sub BUILD { ... }

# see also Class::Std… 

IP Tables State 2.1 by Phil Dibowitz

Having worked with IP Filter on Solaris for a few years now, when I work on IP Tables in Linux I come to miss State Top. So I decided to write a version for IP Tables. IPTState is a state top along with a "single run" mode to quickly display states once. IP Tables State has customizable sorting (inc… 

Term::TUI 1.20 by Sullivan Beck

Term::TUI is a simple tool for building text-based user interfaces.


If TUI_Run is the only routine being used:
use Term::TUI;

If other TUI subroutines are used:
use Term::TUI qw(:all);

FSA::Rules 0.26 by David Wheeler and Curtis Poe

FSA::Rules is a Perl module to build simple rules-based state machines in Perl.


my $fsa = FSA::Rules->new(
ping => {
do => sub {
print "ping!n";
my $state = shift;

Nerys 0.0.7 by Kir Daemon

Small "watchdog-like" daemon which monitors network interfaces and log state changes to a file. It has filters to log only specified state and abilitiy to run various programs on state is changing.

Here are some key features of "Nerys":
Ability to monitor multiple interfaces

Concurrent Hierarchical State Machine 4.2 by Paul J. Lucas and Fabio Riccardi

Concurrent Hierarchical State Machine (CHSM) is a language system for specifying concurrent, hierarchical, finite state machines (an implementation of "statecharts") to model and control reactive systems.

CHSM uses its own statechart specification langauge annotated with either C++ or Java code f… 

CAM::PDF::GS 1.07 by Clotho Advanced Media Inc.

CAM::PDF::GS is a PDF graphic state.


use CAM::PDF;
my $pdf = CAM::PDF->new($filename);
my $contentTree = $pdf->getPageContentTree(4);
my $gs = $contentTree->computeGS();

This class is used to represent the graphic state at a point in the rendering flow of a PDF p… 

Xnetintf 1.9 by Jeff Forys

Xnetintf is an X Windows application that manages network interfaces. The current interface state is depicted through a series of bitmaps, and a mouse click in the window initiates a state transition.

Xnetintf uses a per-interface configuration file to supply commands that check and toggle state,… 

Object::Relation::Meta::Type 0.1.0 by Kineticode, Inc.

Object::Relation::Meta::Type is an Object::Relation Data type validation and accessor building.


key => "state",
name => "State",
builder => 'Object::Relation::Meta::AccessorBuilder',
raw => sub { ref $_[0] ? s… 

libspawner 0.0.20060526 by Hilko Bengen

libspawner implements the MTA side of Sendmail's Milter (mail filter) protocol that is used by the MTA to delegate policy decisions to external daemons.

libspawner's main purpose is to enable other MTAs, or any mail-handling software, to talk to the existing mail filters that have been developed… 

ftplib 3.1 by Thomas Pfau

ftplib is a set of routines that implement the FTP protocol. They allow applications to create and access remote files through function calls instead of needing to fork and exec an interactive ftp client program.

ftplib has been built, tested and is working on Linux (X86 and AXP), VMS (VAX and A… 

Sysmond 0.2 by Michele Cantelli

Sysmon is a client/server application to monitor the state of one or more computers.

It’s based on a daemon and a PHP script.

The first has to be runned in all boxes you need to check, and the second calls the daemon and prints the state into a nice Web frontend.

The sysmond functi… 

Getargs::Long 1.1001 by Raphael Manfredi

Getargs::Long is a Perl module with named subroutine arguments, with optional type checking.


use Getargs::Long; # case sensitive
use Getargs::Long qw(ignorecase); # case insensitive

# Simple, args mandatory
my ($val, $other) = getargs(@_, qw(val other… 

CAM::PDF::GS::NoText 1.07 by Clotho Advanced Media Inc.

CAM::PDF::GS::NoText is a PDF graphic state.


use CAM::PDF;
my $pdf = CAM::PDF->new($filename);
my $contentTree = $pdf->getPageContentTree(4);
my $gs = $contentTree->computeGS(1);

This class is used to represent the graphic state at a point in the rendering flow o… 

Sub::Slice::Manual 1.048 by John Alden

Sub::Slice::Manual is a Perl module with user guide for Sub::Slice.

USING Sub::Slice

Sub::Slice is a way of breaking down a long-running process and maintaining state across a stateless protocol. This allows the client to draw a progress bar or abort the process part-way through.

The mechan… 



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