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Oryx::DBI 0.24 by Richard Hundt

Oryx::DBI is a DBI Storage interface for Oryx.


my $storage = Oryx::DBI->new;

$storage->connect([ 'dbi:Pg:dbname=mydb', $usname, $passwd]);
$storage->connect([ 'dbi:Pg:dbname=mydb', $usname, $passwd], $schema);


Device::Cdio::Device 0.2.3 by Rocky Bernstein

Device::Cdio::Device is a class for disc and device aspects of Cdio.


use Device::Cdio::Device;
$d = Device::Cdio::Device->new(-driver_id=>$perlcdio::DRIVER_DEVICE);
$drive_name = $d->get_device();
($i_read_cap, $i_write_cap, $i_misc_cap) = $d->get_drive_cap();


PySDM 0.4.1 by Jaime Soriano

PySDM is a Storage Device Manager that allows full customization of hard disk mountpoints without manually access to fstab.

PySDM also allows the creation of udev rules for dynamic configuration of storage devices.

Here are some key features of "PySDM":
PyGTK graphical interface

usb-mount 0.96 by Michael Hamilton

usb-mount project provides desktop integration for systems using the hotplug scripts and the KDE desktop. It automatically mounts and unmounts USB storage partitions and modifies the user's desktop, via the addition of icons representing USB storage device partitions.

The user can interact with t… 

OpenBSD Live-CD Firewall 3.8.1 by alti

OpenBSD Live-CD Firewall is an OpenBSD-based pf (packet filter) firewall, with DNS, squid, NAT, and a DHCP server (dnsmasq) for internal clients preconfigured. Settings and log files can be saved to a USB device.

Saved settings will be restored at the next reboot. Additional security related soft… 

Transfer to Media Device 0.8 by madpenguin8

Transfer to Media Device is a script that creates a new Playlist Right Click Menu item for transferring selected playlist items to your iPod via the Media Device Browser.

This script now also supports generic copy to operation for USB mass storage devices. Currently the script will prompt for a… 

Apache-Storage 1.00 by Brian Aker

Apache::Storage is Perl module containing simple functions to store and retrieve information from within the Apache process.… 

pam_usb 0.3.3 by Andrea Luzzardi

pam_usb is a PAM modules that enables either two-factor or password-less authentication using an USB storage device (such as an USB Flash Memory Token).
It can work with any PAM enabled program, such as login, su, gdm/kdm/xdm, xlock...

This is done with a pair of DSA keys, the private one is store… 

Blockish 0.0.2 by StackFrame, LLC

Blockish is a server for the NBD protocol implemented in Java. This allows you to serve up storage as a virtual block device to Linux systems from any system that can run Java. Blockish project is designed to support multiple pluggable backends.

Available backends:

Memory (useful for providing… 

Audio::DSP 0.02 by Seth David Johnson

Audio::DSP is a Perl interface to *NIX digital audio device.


use Audio::DSP;

($buf, $chan, $fmt, $rate) = (4096, 1, 8, 8192);

$dsp = new Audio::DSP(buffer => $buf,
channels => $chan,
format => $fmt,

Cleversafe Alpha 4.1.3 by Cleversafe, LLC

Cleversafe is a storage software solution that offers extremely high reliability and security. It uses fast information dispersal algorithms to store small slices of data in multiple, disparate locations.

Each slice is individually unusable, yet any majority of the slices can perfectly recreate a… 

driveplugger 12-06-2006 by Calin

driveplugger is a removable storage manager that safely puts control into the hands of the user. driveplugger project makes devices such as USB drives, CDROMs, or any other removable media easy to use. The user can assign names to devices. Browsing, ejection, and other operations can be done through… 

iriverh10.amarokscript 0.9.3 by Caspar Maessen

iriverh10 is an amarokscript to manage the iRiver H-series digital audio player in USB mass storage mode (USM mode as opposed to MTP-mode) from within amaroK.

iriverh10 script is build around easyh10. This is a commandline utility to generate a media database and playlist for the iRiver H-series… 

ATA over Ethernet driver 39 by Ed L Cashin & Sam

ATA over Ethernet driver allows the Linux kernel to use the ATA over Ethernet (AoE) network protocol.

Using AoE, a Linux system can use AoE block devices like EtherDrive (R) storage blades.

The block devices appear as local device nodes (e.g. /dev/etherd/e0.0).

What's New in This Release:

kds 0.2.6 by Christian Willy Asmussen

kds (krico's distributed storage) is a distributed storage system. kds's main goal is to work as a session handler for PHP.

This package provides four components: a daemon (kdsd), a command-line cilent (kdsc), a library (libkds), and a PHP session handler extension.

kdsd is a daemon that… 

netspeed 0.13 by Joergen Scheibengrube

Netspeed is just a little GNOME-applet that shows how much traffic occurs on a specified network device (for example eth0).

You get the best impression of it, if you look at the screenshots below.

What's New in This Release:
The "layout-engine" for different panel-configurations was rewritte… 

GETD 0.2 by jal

Getd is a Linux Gtk2 app for usb storage disk easy managing.

It will automatically mount to proper place and perform requested operations - e.i. executing a command script like synch file between disk and hdd or dump pictures from a camera - by it's own. ... and it support crypted disk.


devfsd 1.3.25 by Richard Gooch

The devfsd program is a daemon, run by the system boot, which can provide for intelligent management of device entries in the Device Filesystem (devfs).

It is desirable to start the daemon at the beginning of the boot scripts, in particular before filesystem checks.

Devfsd provides configurabl… 

Catux-USB 0.1 by CaTuX

Catux-USB is a distribution created by CaTuX, an association of GNU/Linux's users from the central area of Catalonia.

This distribution is not just one more, but it has a distinguishing feature: it can be executed from any Pendrive (or any USB storage device, even the low capacity ones.

Once i… 

Device Control Device 0.13 by Green Sheep

Device Control Device is a platform independent remote telescope and device control program compatible with the INDI standard (see

This program is a client (a user interface) and provides functions to control devices connected to a remote system that is running an I… 



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