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Simple C++ ODBC Database API 1.10 by Eminence Technology Pty Ltd.

Simple C++ ODBC Database API is designed to encapsulate the ODBC API functionality in an object oriented manner.

The API was created due to an absence of any other such API that was database independent. The database independence is achieved using the ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) API.


SQL Query Builder 1.2 by David Regla Demaree

SQL Query Builder is a PHP 5 class that generates simple SQL queries (select, insert, update, and delete) that can be sent to an SQL server.

It provides an intuitive class-based way to build queries instead of crafting complicated one-line or concatenated-string queries by hand.

It is very use… 

DBIx::HTML::ClientDB 1.05 by Ron Savage

DBIx::HTML::ClientDB is a Perl module to convert sql into a client-side db with keyed access.


use DBIx::HTML::ClientDB;

my($object) = DBIx::HTML::ClientDB -> new
dbh => $dbh,
row_headings => 'Unit code,Unit code,… 

Better String Library 07222006 by Paul Hsieh

Better String Library is an abstraction of a string data type which is superior to the C library char buffer string type and C++'s std::string.

The library is totally stand alone, portable (known to work with gcc/g++, MSVC++, Intel C++, WATCOM C/C++, Turbo C, Borland C++, IBM's native CC com… 

web.template 0.9.1 RC2 by Marcin Staniszczak

web.template is a template framework for PHP 5 that uses an XML-based language.

It allows you to create classes with getters that are made accessible to the framework with an addVarClass method.

web.template also supports modifiers, tags, and resource drivers for template or cache storage.


Math::String::Charset 1.27 by Tels

Math::String::Charset is a simple charset for Math::String objects.


use Math::String::Charset;

$a = new Math::String::Charset; # default a-z
$b = new Math::String::Charset ['a'..'z']; # same
$c = new Math::String::Charset
{ start => ['a'..'z… 

XML::Parser::PerlSAX 0.08 by Ken MacLeod

XML::Parser::PerlSAX is a Perl SAX parser using XML::Parser.


use XML::Parser::PerlSAX;

$parser = XML::Parser::PerlSAX->new( [OPTIONS] );
$result = $parser->parse( [OPTIONS] );

$result = $parser->parse($string);

XML::Parser::PerlSAX is a PerlSAX parser using the XML::Pars… 

Levenshtein 0.10.1 by David Necas

Levenshtein is a Python C extension and C libray to compute Levenshtein string distance, string similarity, normal and generalized string set medians, and other related quantities.

It contains functions for fast computation of

Levenshtein (edit) distance, and edit operations
string similari… 

Math::XOR 0.02 by Tyler MacDonald

Math::XOR is a package to handle XOR encryption of string buffers.


use XOR;
print xor_buf("hello", "world"), "n";

The XOR module allows you to quickly XOR two strings together. This is the only method of encryption that (assuming the randomness of the pattern used… 

Aero AIO: netstat plugin 2.0.5 by kovidgoyal

Aero AIO: netstat plugin is a plugin for Aero AIO that lists all processes connecting out of your computer.

Install the .aiz plugin via the Aero AIO config dialog
The first column is the number of processes with the same name
The second column is the port at which one of these proces… 

Convert::UU 0.52 by Andreas Koenig

Convert::UU is a Perl module for uuencode and uudecode.


use Convert::UU qw(uudecode uuencode);
$encoded_string = uuencode($string,[$filename],[$mode]);
($string,$filename,$mode) = uudecode($string);
$string = uudecode($string); # in scalar context

uuencode() takes as the… 

Web diary 0.3.5 by Dave DeMaagd

Web Diary is a Web-based multi-user CGI diary applet. It includes scripts for allowing users to make entries publicly viewable, easy administration, and user preference editing.

There are two changes to the database structure in this release and is very simple:

1. There is a new table (see di… 

wxPropertyGrid 1.2.5 by Jaakko Salli

wxPropertyGrid is a property sheet control for wxWidgets.

wxPropertyGrid is a specialized two-column grid for editing properties such as strings, numbers, flagsets, string arrays, and colours.

GTK+ version 2.0.x
wxWidgets 2.6.0+

What's New in This Release:
wxPython Bind… 

Regular Statement String 2.5.3a by Liu Rui

Regular Statement String (RSS) provides several libraries in C, Java, and COM to implement and demonstrate the key-value development method using well-designed "strings" (RSS) as the media. Regular Statement String also shows a way to write "Process Oriented" applications.

What's New in This Rele… 

my_string 1.1 by Boulat Khakimov

my_string is an easy-to-use, fast string manipulation library. my_string is an incomplete port of PHP string manipulation functions to C.

Please note that this library is not binary safe. It was not written for binary data manipulation, just text string manipulation.


The resulting str… 

Object::Declare 0.13 by Audrey Tang

Object::Declare is a Perl module for declarative object constructor.


use Object::Declare ['MyApp::Column', 'MyApp::Param'];

my %objects = declare {

param foo =>
!is global,
is immutable,
valid_values are qw( more values );

column bar… 

File::Stat::ModeString 1.00 by Dmitry Fedorov

File::Stat::ModeString - conversion file stat mode to/from string representation.


use File::Stat::ModeString;

$string = mode_to_string ( $st_mode );
$st_mode = string_to_mode ( $string );
$type = mode_to_typechar( $st_mode );

$record = < IN >; chomp $record;

phpsmallbiz 1.0 by Mark Schwab

phpsmallbiz is a Web-based front-end to MySQL for customer tracking and inventory of parts.

phpsmallbiz project features easy navigation and can interface with existing tables. As many columns as you like can be added in your table.


What's New in This R… 

Joel Dare's Dynamo 0.0.2 by Joel Dare

Joel Dare's Dynamo is a PHP library that executes complex MySQL queries and automatically generates HTML code.

For example, it can draw a spreadsheet-like table from a simple query such as "SELECT last, first, phone FROM users". It can generate horizontal tables, vertical tables, multi-column tab… 

sqlitewrapped 1.3 by Anders Hedstrom

sqlitewrapped is a C++ wrapper for the Sqlite database C application programming interface.

The code works for linux/unix, as well as win32. This library supports version 3 of the sqlite database. From version 1.2 the connection pool can be made threadsafe.


#include < stdio.h>



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