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eProxy 1.0 by Raymond Doetjes

eProxy software is an SMTP proxy server framework specially designed for use in conjunction with Postfix version 2.1 and higher. However, it does also work as a frontend proxy however security wise I trust on the postfix smtpd.

What can eProxy be used for?
It is very fast and utilizes multi-thr… 

Better String Library 07222006 by Paul Hsieh

Better String Library is an abstraction of a string data type which is superior to the C library char buffer string type and C++'s std::string.

The library is totally stand alone, portable (known to work with gcc/g++, MSVC++, Intel C++, WATCOM C/C++, Turbo C, Borland C++, IBM's native CC com… 

ImportServer by Weird Kid Software LLC

ImportServer project can help you import email in standard mbox format into email applications that otherwise cannot. Specifically, the ImportServer acts like an email server that holds all your old email, ready to be downloaded as if you were checking email for the first time.

Email programs oft… 

web.template 0.9.1 RC2 by Marcin Staniszczak

web.template is a template framework for PHP 5 that uses an XML-based language.

It allows you to create classes with getters that are made accessible to the framework with an addVarClass method.

web.template also supports modifiers, tags, and resource drivers for template or cache storage.


Math::String::Charset 1.27 by Tels

Math::String::Charset is a simple charset for Math::String objects.


use Math::String::Charset;

$a = new Math::String::Charset; # default a-z
$b = new Math::String::Charset ['a'..'z']; # same
$c = new Math::String::Charset
{ start => ['a'..'z… 

Levenshtein 0.10.1 by David Necas

Levenshtein is a Python C extension and C libray to compute Levenshtein string distance, string similarity, normal and generalized string set medians, and other related quantities.

It contains functions for fast computation of

Levenshtein (edit) distance, and edit operations
string similari… 

Math::XOR 0.02 by Tyler MacDonald

Math::XOR is a package to handle XOR encryption of string buffers.


use XOR;
print xor_buf("hello", "world"), "n";

The XOR module allows you to quickly XOR two strings together. This is the only method of encryption that (assuming the randomness of the pattern used… 

PHPMailer 1.73 by Brent R. Matzelle

PHPMailer is an email transport class which features multiple file attachments, CCs, BCCs, REPLY-TOs, HTML messages, redundant SMTP servers, and word wrap, among others.

It can send email via sendmail, PHP mail(), or with SMTP. Methods are based on the popular AspEmail active server component.


Convert::UU 0.52 by Andreas Koenig

Convert::UU is a Perl module for uuencode and uudecode.


use Convert::UU qw(uudecode uuencode);
$encoded_string = uuencode($string,[$filename],[$mode]);
($string,$filename,$mode) = uudecode($string);
$string = uudecode($string); # in scalar context

uuencode() takes as the… 

Regular Statement String 2.5.3a by Liu Rui

Regular Statement String (RSS) provides several libraries in C, Java, and COM to implement and demonstrate the key-value development method using well-designed "strings" (RSS) as the media. Regular Statement String also shows a way to write "Process Oriented" applications.

What's New in This Rele… 

Email::Store 0.24 by Simon Cozens

Email::Store is a framework for database-backed email storage.


use Email::Store 'dbi:mysql:mailstore';
Email::Store->setup; # Do this once

Email::Store::Mail->store( $rfc822 );
Email::Store::Mail->retrieve( $msgid );


Email::Store is the ideal basis for any a… 

MythTV email next 10 recordings 0.1 by Sam Contapay

MythTV email next 10 recordings python script sends an email to you with an email showing the next 10 recordings. It only shows what would be recorded like that status window for MythWeb. I use it so I can see any gaping holes in that days schedule and schedule more recordings while I'm at work.


conceptRM (Rss Mail) 0.04 by Alain Orset

ConceptRM (RssMail) project is an email client using RSS as a means to deliver the list of email to the user.

Here are some key features of "conceptRM Rss Mail":
Support pop3 mailbox
Support for multiple mailboxes (display a preferred format e.g. html as opposed to plain email format)

Attach to Email Service Menu 0.7.5 by Dylan Schrader

Attach to Email Service Menu is a service menu for Konqueror that works in conjunction with a python script to allow the user to select multiple files and add them as attachments to an email using whatever mail client is configured. If a directory is selected, then its contents will be attached to t… 

Ciphire Mail 1.2.47 by Ciphire Labs

Ciphire Mail is an email encryption tool. It works in conjunction with your existing email client. It operates seamlessly in the background and does not interfere with normal email routines.

Ciphire Mail program encrypts and decrypts email messages, and can digitally sign each message to provide au… 

Merak Email Server Suite 8.5.0-6 by IceWarp Ltd.

Merak Email Server Suite consists of multiple awards winner Merak Email Server core and optional components providing all the features for secured offices and Internet communication.

Here are some key features of "Merak Email Server Suite":
Email Server
Anti-Spam Protection
Anti-Virus Prote… 

my_string 1.1 by Boulat Khakimov

my_string is an easy-to-use, fast string manipulation library. my_string is an incomplete port of PHP string manipulation functions to C.

Please note that this library is not binary safe. It was not written for binary data manipulation, just text string manipulation.


The resulting str… 

CGI::Validate 2.000 by Byron Brummer

CGI::Validate is an advanced CGI form parser and type validation.


use CGI::Validate; # GetFormData() only
use CGI::Validate qw(:standard); # Normal use
use CGI::Validate qw(:subs); # Just functions
use CGI::Validate qw(:vars); # Just exception vars… 

Email Notification Randomizer 1.2.2 by Joshua Pressnell

Email Notification Randomizer is a Thunderbird extension that randomizes the email notification sound.

Each time an email is received, the configured email notification sound is updated from the set of wav files in the configured folder.

This extension also adds additional options in the Soun… 

File::Stat::ModeString 1.00 by Dmitry Fedorov

File::Stat::ModeString - conversion file stat mode to/from string representation.


use File::Stat::ModeString;

$string = mode_to_string ( $st_mode );
$st_mode = string_to_mode ( $string );
$type = mode_to_typechar( $st_mode );

$record = < IN >; chomp $record;



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