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Audio::File 0.10 by Florian Ragwitz

Audio::File is a audio file abstraction library.


use Audio::File;
my $file = Audio::File->new( "" );

print "The ". $file->type() ."-file ". $file->name
." is ". int $file->length() ." seconds long.n";

print "It's interpreted by ". $file->tag->art… 

Steghide servicemenu by swed

Steghide is a stenography software. In short I can describe how it is used. You need jpeg, bmp or wav file and the file you want to hide.

Steghide will compress, encrypt and embed this file into jpeg, bmp or wav mentioned above. Nobody can see that this file contain another file. But if he has s… 

Tie::File 0.96 by Mark Jason Dominus

Tie::File can access the lines of a disk file via a Perl array.


# This file documents Tie::File version 0.96
use Tie::File;

tie @array, 'Tie::File', filename or die ...;

$array[13] = 'blah'; # line 13 of the file is now 'blah'

Audio::File::AudioProperties 0.10 by Florian Ragwitz

Audio::File::AudioProperties is a Perl module that can abstract an audio file's audio properties.

Audio::File::AudioProperties is the base class for other file format independant audio property classes like Audio::File::Flac::AudioProperties or Audio::File::Ogg::AudioProperties. You should not us… 

File Activity Viewer 0.2.0 by pupeno

File Activity Viewer opens a file and shows you the last lines (this is configurable) and then keeps waiting for changes in that file.

It works like a graphical (with GUI) tail -f.

What's New in This Release:
Add Edit menu with Copy, Clear and Select All functions.
Add possibility to open… 

Audio::TagLib::Vorbis::File 1.42 by Dongxu Ma

Audio::TagLib::Vorbis::File is an implementation of Ogg::File with Vorbis specific methods.


use Audio::TagLib::Vorbis::File;

my $i = Audio::TagLib::Vorbis::File->new("sample vorblis file.ogg");
print $i->tag()->comment()->toCString(), "n"; # got comment

This is the cent… 

File::Comments::Plugin::C 0.06 by Mike Schilli

File::Comments::Plugin::C is a plugin to detect comments in C/C++ source code.


use File::Comments::Plugin::C;

File::Comments::Plugin::C is a plugin for the File::Comments framework.
Both /* ... */ and // style comments are recognized.

This is not a full-blown C parser/prepr… 

Apache File Manager 0.19 by Phil Collins

The Apache::FileManager module is a simple HTML file manager. It provides file manipulations such as cut, copy, paste, delete, rename, extract archive, create directory, create file, edit file, and upload files.

It also has the ability to rsync the server htdocs tree to another server with the cl… 

File::Sync 0.09 by Carey Evans

File::Sync is a Perl access to fsync() and sync() function calls.


use File::Sync qw(fsync sync);
fsync(*FILEHANDLE) or die "fsync: $!";

use File::Sync qw(fsync);
use IO::File;
$fh = IO::File->new("> /tmp/foo")
or die "new IO::File: $!";

PHP File Browser 3.27 by crash

php file browser is a simple Web-based file browser.

php file browser allows the user to upload files, delete, copy, make directories and paste files and directories. It has two access levels: one for admin, one for guest.

Access for guests can be optionally password protected.

What's New in This… 

Cxplorer 2.0.0 by Yasumichi Akahoshi

Cxplorer is a Gtk+2 based file manager.

Here are some key features of "Cxplorer":
Front end aim that positively uses external command
Three pane composition of preview of file list in directory tree and directory and file (The preview pane can be folded).
Preview of file by external comman… 

gFast File 0.1.1 by Daniel Capitan

gFast File is a file manager like Konqueror or Nautilus. You can work with your files with classical operations: Copy, Move, Rename and Open like others but with gFast File you have a work queue with all your operations. gFast File work to complete all task without your attention.

gFast File is p… 

kidentify 0.3.1 by Rolf Jakob

kidentify project is a a utility to show some information about a file.

kidentify calls the command "file" to determine the file type according to the magic files. Unfortunately the KDE magic files has two syntax errors when using with "file".

Therefore there is a patch file in the kidentify… 

PostScript::File 1.01 by Chris Willmot

PostScript::File is a Perl base class for creating Adobe PostScript files.


use PostScript::File qw(check_tilde check_file
incpage_label incpage_roman);


An 'hello world' program:
use PostScript::File;

my $ps = new PostScript::File();

d command 5.3 by Dave Yost

The d command runs a command in the background and redirects its output to a file. The output file is annotated with start and end time, the actual command used, cwd, host, etc.

You can ask the d command to extract the last command from the output file and run it again, you can ask it to append t… 

File type determination 0.9 by jah

File type determination is a little KDE Service Menu that calls the GNU 'file' command to retrieve Mime information from files, and presents it inside a standard KDE dialog.


Reft 0.10 by Rafkind

Reft comes from "Ridiculously Easy File Transfer", and is a file transfer program without hassles.

All that's required is for two parties to load Reft. One person sends a file, the other person accepts the file, and that's it


java -jar reft-0.1.jar

Java 1.4.2 or la… 

Audio File Library 0.2.6 by Michael Pruett

The Audio File Library provides a uniform and elegant API for accessing a variety of audio file formats, such as AIFF/AIFF-C, WAVE, NeXT/Sun .snd/.au, Berkeley/IRCAM/CARL Sound File, Audio Visual Research, Amiga IFF/8SVX, and NIST SPHERE. Supported compression formats are currently G.711 mu-law and… 

Audio::TagLib::Ogg::FLAC::File 1.42 by Dongxu Ma

Audio::TagLib::Ogg::FLAC::File is an implementation of Audio::TagLib::File with Ogg/FLAC specific methods.


use Audio::TagLib::Ogg::FLAC::File;

my $i = Audio::TagLib::Ogg::FLAC::File->new("sample file.flac");
print $i->tag()->album()->toCString(), "n"; # got album

This i… 

FLV::ToMP3 0.17 by Clotho Advanced Media Inc.

FLV::ToMP3 can convert audio from a FLV file into an MP3 file.


use FLV::ToMP3;
my $converter = FLV::ToMP3->new();

See also flv2mp3.

Extracts audio data from an FLV file and constructs an MP3 fi… 



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