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System Info by revolutionist

System Info is a SuperKaramba theme for system monitoring.

It monitors the following:


It also shows the system uptime.


Learning Management System 1.14 by WT

Learning Management System allows users to manage online learning classes.

It allows them to set up classes, create assignments online, and send messages to students from within the system for tracking.

Learning Management System is a simple system to move academic classes onto the Web in order to… 

All System Info by revolutionist

All System Info is a system info SuperKaramba theme. Simple english version...

It shows:
System Info
CPU usage
Network Usage
Memory Load
HDD usage


X-Digital Disco System 0.1.4 by Sebastian Fastner

X-Digital Disco System (X-DDS) is the graphical frontend for the Digital Disco System. X-Digital Disco System is based on the XMMS Multimedia Player.

About Digital Disco System:

Digital Disco System is a client/server-based audio player for disco purposes as well as at-home usage.

It has an… 

gdWebSuite System by Golden Dragon Computer Studio

gdWebSuite System is a script that is designed to be a full featured system for user registration, login, and administration on a Web site.

It also supports account activation and retrieving lost passwords. gdWebSuite System supports visual templates and different styles for each template.


Oxylus Newsletters System 0.2 by OXYLUS Development

Oxylus Newsletters System is a complex newsletter system. It allows you to manage multiple groups.

You can import and export users, and public subscription is allowed. Oxylus Newsletters System project allows linux users to schedule newsletters for a specific date using a crontab job.

For each… 

BananaMIS 1.9.12 by Al Kingsley

BananaMIS is a back office administration system for bananapos.

The system is entirely modular, and has an extensive permissions framework. The end presented interface to a user logging into the system is a function of how the user was set up. Every user has their own set of modules, tabs, and ac… 

PHP System Administration Toolkit 1.0 RC1 (ooLDAP) by Moritz Bechler

PHP System Administration Toolkit is a toolkit/framework for the rapid development of system administration Web interfaces in PHP. PHP System Administration Toolkit will provide easy access to, for example, LDAP/xSQL servers.


What's New in This Release:
An object oriented… 

Edmon 0.8 by sede

Edmon is a system monitor SuperKaramba theme.

I just made this system monitor for myself, because didn't find any suitable for my needs.

It looks like Liquid Weather Plus, and has all the important info about the system. For the temperatures lm_sensors have to be installed. The theme needs to… 

Debian Packages of System Configurations 1.0.29 by Ola Lundqvist

Dpsyco is a automated system to distribute system configurations to several computers. It is written mainly for the Debian distribution but should be portable (without too much difficulties) to other distributions or Unixes as well.

It consists of a number of shell scripts to perform the desired… 

Open Tournament System 1.16.2 by Random

Open Tournament System project is a Web-based tournament system.

Open Tournament System is a full tournament engine that supports modular additions of new tournament types. It features team, single, and draft tournaments.

This site requires to be at the Url root or it's own subdomain.


TC System Monitor 1.44 by timecop

TC System Monitor is the fastest system monitor dockapp. Accept no substitute!

Quick Instructions:

| [---------] |… 

MPEG Menu System 2 1.0.8 RC2 by Anders Rune Jensen

MPEG Menu System Version2 is a menu system for easy movie, audio, and image playback. It supports many common file formats, including MP3, OGG, DivX, XviD, VCD, SVCD, DVD, JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

MPEG Menu System 2 is controlled using a remote control, USB device, or keyboard. It supports DXR3, DVB,… 

My Media System 1.0.8 by Anders Rune Jensen

My Media System is a media system with you in control. It lets other applications such as MPlayer, VDR, or Xine take care of what they respectively do best, and integrates them into one system, that is easy to understand and operate.

By combining their individual strength, you get the best of all… 

DSS-Live 0.1 by DSS-Live Team

DSS also know as Debased Scripts Set project is dedicated to providing you with a "System Development Environment" to create your own DEbian BASED Live Linux System.

Normally you're stuck with the type and amount of applications the creator decided to include, now you can customize the system to… 

Remote Secure Command System 1.0 by Sebastien DIAZ

Remote Secure Command System project is a remote asynchronous and secure command system based on a file configuration.

A standalone server sends and receives commands through files, and a batch system launch ssh and scp commands.… 

Library Accounting System 1.1.0 by Aaron D

Library Accounting System is a Web-based library system for cataloging books, journals, magazines, and newspapers.

Unlike the majority of Web-based systems, it is intended for individual users rather than for institutional use.

Library Accounting System supports loaning and viewing of records,… 

Pocket PC System Controller 0.1-1 by zootzoner

Pocket PC System Controller is a client-server package that will allow you to use your pocket pc as a remote controller for your desktop by sending voice commands.


This is the server part of the software which you can install on a linux system.
See the INSTALL file in the ppc-sy… 

Expat Converter 1.0 by Mac Games and More

Expat Converter is a simple measurement units converter.

Most of the world uses the METRIC system! Not only that, the metric system seems to make much more sense over the Imperial System (aka The English System) because of the convenient use of the units of 10.

That said, when someone says it… 

Score Cluster System Software 5.8.3 by PC Cluster Consortium

Score Cluster System Software is a cluster system software is designed for the high performance cluster environment without using the TCP/IP protocol stack. Score Cluster System Software features high performance communication, efficient computer management and single-system image, higher usability… 



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