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DAMASCAS 0.2 by DeciGen Solutions

DAMASCAS is a tool to manage team. DAMASCAS project helps team leader in allocating tasks to team members.

A person is skilled in many different things, but normally we tend to overlook the range of skill our team members possesses. DAMASCAS helps team leader by considering multiple skills member… 

Blue Frog by Blue Security, Inc.

Blue Frog allows you to actively demand spammers to stop sending you spam. Blue Frog automatically and securely posts complaints and opt-out requests at spam sites asking spammers to remove Blue Community members from their mailing lists.

The Do Not Intrude Registry creates an incentive for spamm… 

GForge 4.5.11 by Tim Perdue

GForge is a Web-based collaborative development environment. GForge is based on a fork of the 2.61 SourceForge code, which used to be available via anonymous CVS from VA Software, but has been extensively rewritten and enhanced.

GForge has tools to help your team collaborate, like message forums… 

Shift Linux 0.3.1 by Shift Linux

Shift Linux is designed to give the user an experience of being part of the Neowin community as well as having a simple, easy-to-use Live CD that can be installed to your hard drive, if you enjoy the way our distribution works. Shift is a free, GPL-based Linux distribution that can be freely distrib… 

bb_mug 1.5 by S. Franke

bb_mug is a simple, tiny, and fast Java class obfuscator. Where applicable, it replaces class, method, and field names with shorter names.

bb_mug removes all information not required for execution.

Here are some key features of "bb_mug":
It is simple since there are no options
It is tiny because… 

textTHaCAA 0.4 by Daniel G. Davies

textTHaCAA is a system for Computers Apart Automatically and Telling Humans that was inspired by CAPTCHA from Carnegie Mellon.

Unlike image-based problems which can be difficult for people with certain disabilities, it is designed to be accessible to all users.

It achieves this by asking simpl… 

FTB ConMan 0.3 by Feel The Burn

FTB ConMan is a dynamic website content management system.

It allows you to have dynamic content (content which changes, including user input such as forums) on your site without having to know anything about the code that actually runs it.

Only minor HTML knowledge is necessary. And minor gra… 

Fachwerk 0.2.1 by A. Vontobel

Fachwerk addresses to structural engineers who are involved with analyzing and designing reinforced concrete structures. Fachwerk intends to simplify the application of discontinuous stress fields and strut-and-tie models.

The program calculates strut-and-tie models. It only uses the equilibrium… 

Rubicon Tracker 2.0.6 by Majentis Technologies Inc.

Rubicon Tracker is a Ticket/Issue Tracking System written in C++ using an SQL backend to store and save all ticket information and history.

Tracker is a Web based system. All interaction occurs through a regular Web Browser. Tracker can be used for Bug Tracking, Phone/Help Desk Support, or any ot… 

Joblist 0.3.1 by Tobias Lohmann

Joblist is a MySQL based PHP Webapplication for managing jobs. Jobs are categorized by different priorities.

Everybody with access is able to insert and update team members and jobs. Every job has a deadline and can be marked as done.

Feel free to download and use it.

What's New in This Rel… 

Teamwork 1.00 by Open Lab Srl.

Teamwork is a software application specifically for team work management. If your company works in teams then this is the application for you, as you can manage large volumes of information and operate effectively with your team members on complex projects.

Teamwork will improve worklife quality,… 

PDFdirectory 1.0 by Richard Bondi

PDFdirectory project is designed to save time and frustration in the process of creating a printable directory for your organization. Much of the difficulty is in the exchange of information from group members to whomever is assigned the task of creating the directory.

This difficulty is overcome b… 

Channel 0.3 Beta by Yigong Liu

Channel is a generic/simple facility with the purpose of making event dispatching and message passing as straightforward to use as data structures:

Channel is a template library, with its major components configurable as template parameters:


class Channel

By replacing Id… 

Chipmunk CMS 1.3 by Chipmunk CMS Team

Chipmunk CMS is a forum-integrated News posting system. All articles posted will have the ability to start threads of their own.

The forum also has a photo rating system for its members as well as a integrated PM system. More components are coming.… 

PHP Gift Registry 1.5.2 by Ryan Walberg

PHP Gift Registry is a a Web-enabled database that allows members to keep track of the gifts they'd like to receive and see what items other members would like to receive. Private reservations ensure gifts are not bought twice.

Here are some key features of "PHP Gift Registry":
A single unifyin… 

Fedora Core 5 Re-Spin 20060818 by The Fedora Unity Project

Fedora Core 5 Re-Spin is based upon Fedora Core 5 and all updates released as of June 21th, 2006.

The Fedora Unity Project has been created by concerned peers in the Fedora Community to bring quality solutions to the Community. These are members of the Community who want to see the best solutio… 

Vogoo PHP LIB 1.8 by St?phane DROUX

Vogoo PHP LIB is a free PHP library.

With Vogoo PHP LIB, you can easily and freely add professional collaborative filtering features to your Web Site.

Here are some key features of " Vogoo PHP LIB":
Automatic ratings based on clicks and purchases New !
Slope one Item-based CF engine that c… 

Fachwerk3D 0.2.1 by A. Vontobel

Fachwerk3D calculates three-dimensional strut-and-tie models used by structural engineers for analysing and designing reinforced concrete structures.

The program only uses the equilibrium conditions, thus it is not assuming elastic behaviour.

Fachwerk3D is the spatial version of the program F… 

Aardvark Topsites PHP 5.1.2 by Jeremy Scheff

Aardvark Topsites PHP is simply the best topsites script available. Aardvark Topsites PHP project is licensed under the GNU General Public License so it will always remain completely free.

Here are some key features of "Aardvark Topsites PHP":
Members ranks can be shown on their button.

Yahoo Group Archiver 1.13 by Mithun Bhattacharya

Yahoo Group Archiver project is a collection of scripts to interact with Yahoo Groups and download various sections of each group to your local workspace.

Currently the following scripts are being actively supported:




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