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Template::Library::HTML 2.15 by Andy Wardley

Template::Library::HTML is a template library for building basic HTML pages.

NOTE: This documentation is incomplete and may be incorrect in places. The 'html' template library is distributed as part of the Template Toolkit. It can be found in the 'templates' sub-directory of the installation dire… 

Template::Tutorial::Web 2.15 by Andy Wardley

Template::Tutorial::Web is a Perl module for generating web content using the template toolkit.

This tutorial document provides a introduction to the Template Toolkit and demonstrates some of the typical ways it may be used for generating web content. It covers the generation of static pages from… 

Template::Library::Splash 2.15 by Andy Wardley

Template::Library::Splash is a template library for building stylish HTML user interfaces.

NOTE: This documentation is incomplete, incorrect and outdated. The Splash! library is still evolving and subject to change. See the examples for a much more recent and accurate demonstration of use.


Template::Magic 1.38 by Domizio Demichelis

Template::Magic is a Perl module for magic merger of runtime values with templates.


Just add these 2 magic lines to your code...

use Template::Magic;
Template::Magic->new->print( '/path/to/template' );

to have all your variable and subroutines merged with the template f… 

MfGames.Template 1.1.0 by Dylan R. E. Moonfire

The MfGames.Template library is a C# native library for creating template libaries.

MfGames.Template was inspired by NVelocity, but was designed from the ground up to use the CIL internals, such as System.CodeDom and internal compliation to handle the template language.

Because of this, it sup… 

MAT Template Library 0.1.7 by Andrey Mirzoyan

MAT Template Library is a C++ mathematical template class library. The library contains classes and routines for working with:

finding roots of polynomials
solving equations
and more...… 

HTML::Template::JIT 0.05 by Sam Tregar

HTML::Template::JIT is a just-in-time compiler for HTML::Template. Templates are compiled into native machine code using Inline::C.

When using HTML::Template::JIT, the compiled code is stored to disk and reused on subsequent calls. HTML::Template::JIT is up to 8 times as fast as HTML::Template us… 

HTML::Template::Expr 0.07 by Sam Tregar

HTML::Template::Expr module provides an extension to HTML::Template which allows expressions in the template syntax.

HTML::Template::Expr module is purely an addition--all the normal HTML::Template options, syntax, and behaviors will still work.

Expression support includes comparisons, math op… 

Template::Plugin::XML 2.16 by Andy Wardley

Template::Plugin::XML is a XML plugin for the Template Toolkit.


dom = XML.dom('foo.xml');
xpath = XML.xpath('bar.xml');
simple = XML.simple('baz.xml');
rss = XML.simple('news.rdf');

[% USE XML(file='foo.xml');

Pre Make Kit 0.10.0 by Damien Couderc

Pre Make Kit (PMK) aims to be a BSD alternative to GNU autoconf, GNU libtool, and pkg-config. Pre Make Kit uses data files instead of scripts to limit the spreading of trojans in software packages.

It's designed to be easy to use for users and developers. For better portability and efficiency, al… 

Template::Plugins 2.15 by Andy Wardley

Template::Plugins is a Perl module with plugin provider.


use Template::Plugins;

$plugin_provider = Template::Plugins->new(%options);

($plugin, $error) = $plugin_provider->fetch($name, @args);

The Template::Plugins module defines a provider class which can be used… 

Template::Tutorial 2.15 by Andy Wardley

Template::Tutorial are template toolkit tutorials.

This section includes tutorials on using the Template Toolkit. Subjects currently include an general overview of the Template Toolkit, showing users how to get quickly up to speed building web content, and a tutorial on generating and using data… 

Dicop::Item::Template 3.04 by Dicop::Item::Template Team

Dicop::Item::Template is an object defining Dicop::Item subclasses.


use Dicop::Request::Template

push @templates, Dicop::Item::Template->new (
class => 'Dicop::Item::Subclass',
fields => "name => { maxlen => 128, def => 'some name'… 

Class::DBI::Template::Stash 0.03 by Jason Kohles

Class::DBI::Template::Stash is a Perl module with Template::Stash subclass for Class::DBI::Template.


package Music::DBI;
use base 'Class::DBI';
use Class::DBI::Template;

There is nothing you need to do for this module, it is setup for you when you use Class::DBI::Template.… 

Bee Template 0.3 by Bee Template Team

Bee Template is a Web template system parses HTML files into PHP objects which can be manipulated by using tag names or IDs.

While other template systems make use of prepared HTML files for templates, Bee Template allows you to use arbitrary HTML files without modification.

Bee Template is pow… 

HTML::Template::Extension::DOC 0.25 by Bruni Emiliano

HTML::Template::Extension::DOC are plugins for comments in template.


use HTML::Template::Extension;

my $text = qq
< HTML >< HEAD >< /HEAD >< BODY >
< H1 >This is a template example...< /H1 >
< TMPL_DOC >An example use of TMPL_DOC tag < /TMPL_DOC >

Template::Plugin::KwikiFormat 1.04 by Thomas Klausner

Template::Plugin::KwikiFormat is a filter to convert kwiki formatted text to html.


[% USE KwikiFormat %]

[% FILTER kwiki %]

== title

*bold* /italic/

[% END %]

A wrapper around Kwiki::Formatter.

Template::Plugin::KwikiFormat allows you to use KwikiFo… 

Template::Plugin::MP3::Tag 0.01 by Tomoyuki SAWA

Template::Plugin::MP3::Tag is a Perl interface to the MP3::Tag Module.


[% USE tag = MP3("path_to_mp3_file") %]

[% tag.title %]
[% tag.album %]

# perldoc MP3::Tag for more ideas

Template::Plugin::MP3::Tag provides a simple wrapper for using MP3::Tag in object… 

Chroniton::Config 0.03 by Chroniton::Config Team

Chroniton::Config it manages config file for Chroniton.


my $config = Chroniton::Config->new;



Creates an instance. Takes no arguments.


Returns the directory where the backup should be placed.


Returns a list of directories to b… 

HCKit::Template 0.02 by Hangil Chang

HCKit::Template is a Perl module with a template system for HTML construction.

This module constructs an HTML page from a template. The conversion proceeds with the help of rewrite rules and data sources. Rewrite rules can be specified in the template file itself, or in the Perl script. Data sour… 



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