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Apache::Audio::DB 0.01 by Todd Harris

Apache::Audio::DB is a Perl module that can generate a database of your tunes complete with searchable interface and nifty statistical analyses!


# httpd.conf or srm.conf AddType audio/mpeg mp3 MP3
# httpd.conf or access.conf
< Location /songs >
SetHandler perl-script

Kisdnmonitor by Jorge Windmeisser Oliver

Kisdnmonitor is an applet for your KDE-desktop environment, it shows the status of the B-Channels and logs the calls (incoming and outgoing) with the duration and the costs and some other information.

It uses the standard KDE-addressbook to avoid annoying duplicities, and it retrieves on the fly… 

RSIBreak 0.8.0 by Tom Albers

RSIBreak project is a small utility which bothers you at certain intervals. The interval and duration can be configured.

You can use the breaks to stretch out or do the dishes. Future versions will include idle detections and hopefully animated examples of simple excersises you can do during the… 

Apache::MP3::Sorted 4.00 by Tim Ayers

Apache::MP3::Sorted is a Perl module to generate sorted streamable directories of MP3 files.


# httpd.conf or srm.conf
AddType audio/mpeg mp3 MP3

# httpd.conf or access.conf
< Location /songs >
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler Apache::MP3::Sorted
PerlSetVar S… 

Throughput 0.1 by Ragnar Kurm

Throughput monitor is a log analyzer. In general notation it is a event counter per timeframe - in short frquency monitor. If it detects too high event rate, utility notifies about it. If rate drops below predefined value, also notify with statistics gathered meanwhile. It can analyze past logs or r… 

TimeSaver Beta 0.5 by Danko Komlen

TimeSaver is simple time management application. TimeSaver is designed to improve productivity by keeping track of the time spent on different activities.

TimeSaver is a simple application with intention to help users save their time spent on computer. It allows user to manage many tasks, each w… 

ffmpeg-php extension 0.5.0 by Todd Kirby

ffmpeg-php is an extension for PHP that adds an easy to use object-oriented API for retrieving information from movies and audio files.

It has methods for returning frames from movie files as images that can be manipulated using PHP's image functions.

This works well for automatically cre… 

aTunes 1.3 by Alex Aranda

aTunes is an app to manage and play mp3 files.

Here are some key features of "aTunes":
Mp3 player
Reads ID3v1, ID3v1.1 and ID3v2 tags (only essential information)
Tag editor
Show pictures of song: pictures inside ID3v2 tag, or in the same folder
Load / save play list in m3u format

PDL::Audio 1.1 by Marc Lehmann

PDL::Audio is a Perl module for some PDL functions intended for audio processing.


use PDL;
use PDL::Audio;

Oh well. Not much "introductory documentation" has been written yet.


Brackets around parameters indicate that the respective parameter is optional and will… 

LMF 0.5 by Max Schubert

LMF project is a flexible log monitoring framework that allows the user to match text from log files, using perl regular expressions and capturing parentheses (pattern).

An optional external command (trigger) will be executed when a user-specified number of matches (threshold) is found within a u… 

MP3::Splitter 0.03 by Ilya Zakharevich

MP3::Splitter is a Perl extension for splitting MP3 files.


use MP3::Splitter;
mp3split('xx.mp3', {verbose => 1}, [3, 356.25], [389, 615, lax => 10]);

mp3split_read('xx.mp3', 'xx.list', {verbose => 1});

The first two arguments of mp3split() is a name of an MP3 file and a r… 

RhythmLab 0.32 by Aaron Lav

RhythmLab is a drum-machine-like program which allows you to compose and visualize polyrhythms (rhythms in which different voices divide a measure into different numbers of beats).

RhythmLab was written because I couldn't find any software which would easily let me construct and visualize polyrhy… 

Diogene87 1.0.0 pre3 by Dominique Parisot & Siebe G. Ytsma

Diogene87 provides a scheduler system very powerfull for Linux operating systems.

Diogene87 is a powerful scheduler system for GNU/Linux. Diogene87 is a french project and is written in C.

Diogene87 provides a daemon dio87d which can be control with the dio87c communication utility. If you want to… 

mod_sleep 2.1 by Anthony Howe

mod_sleep module simply sleeps a fixed length of time every request. The sleep time can be configured globally, or per < VirtualHost >, < Directory >, or < Location >.

This module serves more as an example than providing any really useful function, though someone did ask for it - sort of.


Pause 2.4 by Bill Poser

Pause determines the location of silences in an audio file for use in fragmentation of large recordings, studies of pause duration, and the like.

Pause project generates both a nicely formatted table intended to be read by people and a simple tab-delimited file that is easily parsed by software.

Squid Graph 3.2 by SecurLogic

Squid Graph is a free, simple, yet powerful Squid v2 native logfile analysis tool that generates reports with graphical representation of the proxy server's traffic.

Squid Graph is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL), which means it is FREE FOR USE AND DISTRIBUTION.

Squid Gr… 

gcb 0.2.8 by Edward Liu

It is something like 'xcb'. It has multiple buttons to store strings of paste buffer. You click a button to put the content into paste-buffer/clipboard.

Here are some key features of "gcb":
Use right button to assign the button as a snooper. It is more straightforward than xcb.
It has tool-ti… 

DVR 3.2 by Pierre Hebert

DVR is short from Digital Video Recorder.

In a few words DVR is a simple and efficient software aiming at recording digital video on a Linux computer.

DVR runs on computers equipped with one or more video capture cards. It can record and compress audio and video in real time, using recent code… 

Audio::Data 1.029 by Nick Ing-Simmons

Audio::Data is a module for representing audio data to perl.


use Audio::Data;
my $audio = Audio::Data->new(rate => , ...);


$audio OP ...

Audio::Data represents audio data to perl in a fairly compact and efficient manner using C via XS to hold data… 

Apache::MP3::Resample 4.00 by Lincoln Stein

Apache::MP3::Resample can downsample MP3/FLAC/Shorten files during streaming.


# httpd.conf or access.conf
AddType audio/shorten .shn .SHN
AddType audio/flac .flac

Alias /apache_mp3 /usr/share/libapache-mp3-perl

< Location /songs >
SetHandler perl-script



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