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Last Exit 2.0 by Iain

Last Exit is a player for the LastFM radio station.

It has most of the useful features that the official player has including

Stream support
Station searching
Access to subscriber features

It also has more powerful searches for stations including Neighbour's p… 

tk_zap 0.1.2 by schaepe

tk_zap is a Tcl/Tk-GUI fzap frontend.

Here are some key features of "tk zap":
Listbox: available channel
Progressbar: progress of current program
+/-/last: channel + 1/ channel - 1/ last channel
update/reset/exit: channel list update / reset tk_zap / end tk_zap
Audio combobox: switc… 

sc68 2.2.0 by Benjamin Gerard

sc68 is a full Atari ST(E) and Amiga music emulator with a large collection of music files.

sc68 is available in GNU/Linux (and others) as an XMMS plugin and as a commandline player.

usage : sc68 [options] < file.sc68 >


--help : Display this message and exit

smixer 1.0.4 by David Johnson

smixer is a command-line and scriptable program to control and display the mixer volume levels on a sound card in linux. smixer is ideal for setting mixer settings on startup or to switch between multiple configurations quickly.

Distrubution of smixer is under the GNU GPL. See the "COPYING" and/o… 

Net::Telnet::Netscreen 1.1 by Marcus Ramberg

Net::Telnet::Netscreen is a Perl module that interacts with a Netscreen firewall.

Net::Telnet::Netscreen is mostly a pure rippoff of Net::Telnet::Cisco, with adaptations to make it work on the Netscreen firewalls. It also has some additional commands, but for basic functionality, see Net::Telnet… 

Tk::Menustrip 0.03 by Damion K. Wilson

Tk::Menustrip is another menubar with help menu support, etc.


use Tk::Menustrip;
use Tk;

my $MainWindow = MainWindow->new();

my $l_Menubar = $this->Menustrip();

$l_Menubar->MenuLabel ('File'),
$l_Menubar->MenuEntry ('File', 'Save', sub {Save(… 

Cronwrap 2.0 by Scott Hamilton

Cronwrap is a utility that offers more control over the execution of a cron job than the standard cron daemon allows.

Cronwrap project can ensure and report that the job completes within a specified time period. It can email and/or log any output produced from the job. It reports on the exit… 

ACPI wakeup tool 1.0 by Ron Bessems

ACPI wakeup tool is a little commandline application that allows your linux computer to wakeup from soft-off (S5) at a predetermined time.

If you want to have a server turn off at night but poweron it selfs in the morning you would have to set this manually each and every day, writing a shell scr… 

Add Podcast to amaroK 1.0 by Harald Sitter

This script is adding a new action item to Konqueror, this will allow you to add Podcasts to amaroK with just 3 clicks.

The item is adding the selected URL to amaroK's Podcast database.

Note that the script is not very dynamic. It will not be able to recognize PHP based Podcasts if it's not… 

Finance::Currency::Convert::Yahoo 0.2 by Lee Goddard

Finance::Currency::Convert::Yahoo is Perl mdoule that convert currencies using Yahoo.


use Finance::Currency::Convert::Yahoo;
$Finance::Currency::Convert::Yahoo::CHAT = 1;
$_ = Finance::Currency::Convert::Yahoo::convert(1,'USD','GBP');
print defined($… 

Tiltilation 1.9 by New Dawn Software

Tiltilation is a action packed ball rolling fun game.

Tilt the board to guide your ball through the maze to the exit collecting the gold tokens along the way. Sound easy? Why not play it and tell us that after! Bounce, fall and dodge your way through over 50 levels of challenging fun.

Here are… 

Local Lyrics 1.0.2b by Mathias Stephan Panzenbok

Local Lyrics is a python based amaroK-script requires amaroK 1.4!

I wrote simple wrappers for dcop-calls (using the shell-tool dcop), kdialog and amaroK's script system while writing this script. Use them if you want (it's all LGPL) See the .tar.bz2's contense and:… 

geotool 0.9.1 by Dirk

geotool is a small tool that is a collection of some GeoIP.dat quirks.

Inserts countries into output of numerous cmdline network tools reverses GeoIP.dat into a guarding.p2p.

geotool [OPTION]... GeoIP.dat

--trace=IP show geological position of IP or domain --trace=- will read… 

flc 1.4.2 by NoisyB

flc creates BBS-style file lists with FILE_ID.DIZ found in archives and files.

Usage: flc [OPTION]... [FILE]...

-t sort by modification time
-X sort alphabetical
-S sort by byte size
--fr sort reverse
-k show sizes in kilobytes… 

ACPID 1.0.4 by Tim Hockin

ACPID used to try to handle events internally. Rather than try to climb an ever-growing mountain, ACPID now lets YOU define what events to handle. Any event that publishes itself to /proc/acpi/event can be handled.

ACPID reads a set of configuration files which define event->action pairs. This is… 

Term::Shell 0.01 by Neil Watkiss

Term::Shell is a simple command-line shell framework.


package MyShell;
use base qw(Term::Shell);

sub run_command1 { print "command 1!n"; }
sub smry_command1 { "what does command1 do?" }
sub help_command1 {

Term::Shell lets you write simp… 

xgestures 0.3 by Nir Tzachar

xgestures is an x gesture program, inspired by all-in-one-gestures for firefox.

By clicking a mouse button (while possibly pressing a modifyer) and performing a movement sequence (composed of Up, Down, Left and Right) you can perform various actions around your desktop.

Currently, only the fol… 

Eject Cdrom 1.1 by Eject Cdrom Team

Eject Cdrom, forcefully ejects your cdrom/cdwriter device.

It is especially useful when you are in a hurry, and don't know which application is using the cdrom device. Instead of pressing the Reset Button use Eject Cdrom

Eject Cdrom, will try the "normal" eject first, if it fails then it will… 

KAdventure 0.2.1 by Arend van Beelen jr.

KAdventure is a nice and simple adventure game providing fun and challenging puzzles. The player is presented with a 2D view from above a playing field, where he has to move his player to the exit.

To get to the exit he has to overcome several obstacles, like walls, moving blocks, water and creat… 

combina 0.4.1 by Danilo Cicerone

combina is a password generator that uses three different algorithms based on combinatorial analysis.

It implements the permutation without repetition, permutation with repetition (the famous brute force), and combination without repetition. combina project supports an unlimited number of charact… 



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