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Apache::Language 0.14 by Philippe M. Chiasson

Apache::Language is a Perl transparent language support for Apache modules and mod_perl scripts.



sub handler {
my $r = shift;
use Apache::Language;
my $lang = Apache::Language->new($extra_args);
#$lang is now a hash ref that will automacigally pi… 

Short Markup Language 0.1 by Martin Klang

Short Markup Language is an alternative XML notation that is a character by character equivalent with XML.

Short Markup Language covers all legal XML constructs, including processing instructions, doctype declarations, internal DTD subsets and namespace declarations.

Currently SML-to-XML and XML-t… 

Simple Machine Language interpreter by Daniel Sterling

SML is a "toy" machine language intended to teach basic processor concepts. This website contains an explanation and definition of SML, as well as an interpreter and example SML programs. GPL'd source code for the interpreter is available, as well as binaries for Windows and Linux.

A machine la… 

Arena Scripting Language 0.9.9 by Pascal Schmidt

Arena Scripting Language is a light-weight scripting language. The language uses a syntax and library similar to that of ANSI C, but adds automatic memory management and runtime polymorphism on top of that.

Here are some key features of "Arena Scripting Language":
syntax similar to ANSI C

X Language 0.7.1 by Patrick Deschenes

X Language is a new multi-syntax programming including a portable set of APIs to create console or graphical applications runnable on many platforms (UNIX/X11, Win32, ...). X Language comes with an interpreter, a compiler and a debugger.

X Language is publicly available under the GPL.


RPilot 1.4.2 by Rob Linwood

RPilot project is an interpreter for the IEEE-standard language PILOT.

RPilot is an interpreter for the IEEE-standard programming language PILOT written in portable C.

PILOT is a language that was designed in the 1960's to support computer-aided instruction and is very simple to learn.


bc 1.06 by Philip A. Nelson

bc is an arbitrary precision numeric processing language. Syntax is similar to C, but differs in many substantial areas. It supports interactive execution of statements. bc is a utility included in the POSIX P1003.2/D11 draft standard.

Since the POSIX document does not specify how bc must be impl… 

Language::Basic::Expression 1.44 by Amir Karger

Language::Basic::Expression is a Perl package to handle string, numeric, and boolean expressions.


See Language::Basic for the overview of how the Language::Basic module works. This pod page is more technical.
# Given an LB::Token::Group, create an expression I parse it
my $e… 

Mozilla Afrikaans Language Pack by

The Mozilla Afrikaans Language Pack provides translations of the Mozilla suite's Web browser, email program, and editor into Afrikaans.

All functions, errors, menus, and buttons are translated into Afrikaans.… 

Apache::AxKit::Language::SAXMachines 1.6.2 by Apache::AxKit::Language::SAXMachines

Apache::AxKit::Language::SAXMachines is a Perl module that can transform Content With SAX Filters.


# add the style processor mapping
AxAddStyleMap application/x-saxmachines Apache::AxKit::Language::SAXMachines

# add the processor
AxAddProcessor application/x-saxma… 

Bestix 2006-04-05 by Bestix Team

Bestix is a Linux live CD. Two features distinguish this system from others:

(1) A simple user interface
(2) Outstanding language support

Bestix includes the following popular programs, and not much more:

The software dialog helps y… 

SQL::Routine::Language 0.70.3 by Darren R. Duncan

SQL::Routine::Language is a Perl module for what language or grammar SQL::Routine speaks.

SQL::Routine contains SQL schemas and queries, represented as a tree of atomic tokens; it is structurally like an abstract syntax tree or an XML DOM, but one that only accepts, respectively, a specific sourc… 

PHP-GTK 2.0.0 Alpha by Andrei Zmievski

PHP-GTK is a PHP extension that implements language bindings for GTK+ toolkit.

PHP-GTK is an extension for the PHP programming language that implements language bindings for GTK+. It provides an object-oriented interface to GTK+ classes and functions and greatly simplifies writing client-side cr… 

Conjury::C::Sun 1.004 by James Woodyatt

Conjury::C::Sun is a Perl Conjury with the Sun Workshop C/C++ tools.


c_compiler Vendor => 'Sun',
Language => I< language>,
No_Scanner => 1,
Program => I< program>,
Options => [ I< opt1>, I< opt2>, ... ],
Journal => I< journal>;

c_linker Vendor => 'Sun',… 

Piet::Interpreter 0.03 by Marc Majcher

Piet::Interpreter is a Perl interpreter for the Piet programming language.


use Piet::Interpreter;

my $p = Piet::Interpreter->new(image => 'my_code.gif');


Piet is a programming language in which programs look like abstract paintings. The language is named… 

Yodl 2.04 by Frank B. Brokken

Yodl implements a pre-document language and tools to process it. Yodl lets you write a single document, then use a tool like yodl2html to convert it to some final document language (HTML, man, LaTeX, etc.).

Yodl's document language is easy to use and to expand. Predefined converters are available… 

jstree 0.8b2 by swast

jstree is a JavaScript that allows you to see the entire DOM tree of a selected object.

The object can be selected by ID or as an object variable.

JavaScript is an object-based scripting programming language based on the concept of prototypes. The language is best known for its use in websites… 

LingoTeach 0.4.0-alpha-2 by Reto Stamm

LingoTeach project is a language-teaching program with sound and various translation sets.

LingoTeach is a language teaching program and library that use a session-based concept to teach languages from definable lesson files.

It currently supports more than 16 languages, and sounds of native… 

LaTrine 0.9.0 by Martin Godisch

LaTrine project is a language vocabulary drill.

LaTrine is a curses-based LAnguage TRaINEr. It takes a dictionary and asks you for a word or a phrase, and you try to give the correct answer.

The direction is configurable. The selection of the words or phrases depends on how often you don't kn… 

Hop 1.4.0 by Manuel Serrano

Hop is a new programming language designed for the Web 2.0. Hop is a higher-order language for programming interactive web applications such as web agendas, web galleries, music players, etc.

Hop can be viewed as a replacement for traditional graphical toolkits. HOP is implemented as a Web broker… 



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