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Message Level Authentication 0.4.5 by Message Level

Message Level Authentication is a Thunderbird extension which authenticates mail from Message Level Network Users.

Joining the Message Level Network is Free.

Once a member you can register the addresses that you would like to protect and sign with Message Level Authentication.


Level Shmup 1.0 by The Booboo

Level Shmup is a frantic addictive shoot-em-up.

Level Shmup is an old-school arcade style shoot-em-up game in the style of classics such as R-Type and Gradius. Interesting features of this game include the ability to fire in eight directions, and an adaptive difficulty curve.

The game automati… 

Fmd2ctl 0.9.0 by Jakub Strnad

Fmd2ctl is a command line utility used to control the radio receiver in a SF16-FMD2 soundcard.

Options for usage:

/usr/local/bin/fmd2ctl [-l level] [-f freq] [-d] [-u] [-s]

-l level Set search-level of station to 'level'
-f freq Preset frequency to 'freq'
-u Sea… 

mod_gzip by Kevin Kiley

mod_gzip is an external extension module for the WWW's most popular web server arrowApache, created in autumn, 2000.

Its implementation allows for using the compression method arrowgzip for a significant reduction of the volume of web page content served over the arrowHTTP protocol.


Env::C 0.06 by Stas Bekman

Env::C is a Get/Set/Unset Environment Variables on the C level.


use Env::C;

my $key = "USER";
$val = Env::C::getenv($key) || '';

Env::C::setenv($key, "foobar", [$override]);
$new_val = Env::C::getenv($key) || '';


my $ar_env =… 

No Friction 0.1 by Remar Games

No Friction is a roll-a-ball-and-collect-the-dots puzzle game.

In this simple puzzle game, you control a rolling ball that has to collect the green dots and make it to the end of each level.

The ball can only be sent rolling if it's sitting still, and it only stops when it hits a wall; it can'… 

Recording level monitor 0.2.1 by Manuel Amador

Recording level monitor records analog audio from the sources you choose and plays it back simultaneously so that you can hear it, while monitoring the loudness (input) level of the recording.

You'll be able to hear and see whether the volume is too high (introducing analog distortion and digital… 

KAdventure 0.2.1 by Arend van Beelen jr.

KAdventure is a nice and simple adventure game providing fun and challenging puzzles. The player is presented with a 2D view from above a playing field, where he has to move his player to the exit.

To get to the exit he has to overcome several obstacles, like walls, moving blocks, water and creat… 

Apache::NavBarDD 0.75 by Panos Louridas

Apache::NavBarDD is a dynamic double-decker (two level) Navigation Bar.


use Apache::NavBarDD;
$Apache::NavBarDD::myBar = Apache::NavBarDD->new;

The NavBarDD package provides a dynamic navigation bar along the lines of the NavBar module described in Lincoln Stein's and Doug… 

Kamikaze 0.2.2 by Kamikaze Team

Kamikaze project is a bomberman-style action game for KDE. Multiple themes, rulesets and internet level updates are provided to the player. Online multiplayer games are supported as well.

Here are some key features of "Kamikaze":
4 Themes, and original graphics can be used, too
10 levels, and… 

Tux, of Math Command 2001.09.07-0102 by Bill Kendrick

Tux, of Math Command project is a math practice game for elementary school level children.

Like so many other Linux games, it stars Tux, the Linux Penguin.

Players must answer math equations to shoot down comets which are falling towards their cities.

It can run on Linux/UNIX, Win32, Mac,… 

3dFB 0.6.1 by dangerz

3dFB is a 3d File Manager / Browser. It was started in 2004 by Roy El-Rayes.

The aim of this project is to make a viable, workable, 3d file manager that is not a hog on resources and can actually be usable.

Here are some key features of "3dFB":
Mouse Movement
Level Zoom
Ability to show d… 

XML::DOM::DocumentType 1.44 by Enno Derksen

XML::DOM::DocumentType is an XML document type (DTD) in XML::DOM.

XML::DOM::DocumentType extends XML::DOM::Node.

Each Document has a doctype attribute whose value is either null or a DocumentType object. The DocumentType interface in the DOM Level 1 Core provides an interface to the list of en… 

JACK Meter 0.3 by Nicholas Humfrey

Jack Meter is a basic console based DPM (Digital Peak Meter) for JACK. I wrote it for quickly checking remote signal levels, without having to run X11 to use a pretty graphical meter such as meterbridge.


Usage jack_meter [-f freqency] [-r ref-level] [-w width] [-n] [< port >, ...]


MegaMek 0.32.1 by Ben Mazur

MegaMek project is an unofficial, online version of the Classic BattleTech board game.

Currently, nearly all level 1 BattleTech rules and technology are working. Work is progressing on level 2 rules and technology, and most of those are functional at this point. Even some level 3 rules have been… 

dwdiff 1.21 by G.P. Halkes

dwdiff is a front-end for the diff program that operates at the word level instead of the line level.

dwdiff project is different from wdiff in that it allows the user to specify what should be considered whitespace, and in that it takes an optional list of characters that should be considered de… 

hlfl 0.60.1 by Arnaud Launay

High Level Firewall Language (hlfl) permits writing firewalling rules using a high level language. It translates your high level language firewalling rules into usable rules for IPChains, NetFilter, IPFilter, Cisco, and many others. Renaud Deraison, founder of the Nessus Project, initiated this proj… 

Mac::PropertyList 1.29 by Brian D. Foy

Mac::PropertyList is a Perl module to work with Mac plists at a low level.


use Mac::PropertyList;

my $data = parse_plist( $text );

# == OR ==
my $data = parse_plist_file( $filename );

# == OR ==
open my( $fh… 

Balls 1.0 by Bruce Perry

Balls is a puzzle game. Place a few tiles judiciously in the level, and then activate the level and watch the balls find their way into the holes - or not.

There aren't many levels, but this game is worth the download if only for the music and sound effects.


Hivetools 0.3 by Sean Loaring

Hivetools software is organized into a low-level library (lib), a mid-level library (hivetools) and user programs (bin). The low-level library provides access to raw hive files. Its interface attempts to approximate that of the win32 registry API.

The mid-level library facilitates use of the low-… 



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