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SvnReporter 0.4 by Remy Blank

SvnReporter generates various reports in response to commits happening in a Subversion repository.

SvnReporter is intended to be called from the post-commit hook. Two types of reports are supported: single-event and event list reports.

The former generate reports relative to the current commit… 

Papyrus 1.6.2 by Papyrus Team

Papyrus project is an XML reporting engine for Linux. Papyrus enables you to generate reports from a variety of different SQL databases.

Your reports can be generated as PDF, PostScript, XML, HTML, DVI, Latex or straight ANSI text. Papyrus will correctly represent the reports in each of these out… 

Ciphire Mail Security Reports for Thunderbird 0.4.0 by Ciphire Labs

Ciphire Mail Security Reports for Thunderbird is an extension for Mozilla Thunderbird (Version 1.0 or greater) which reads the X-Ciphire-Report header in incoming email messages.

Ciphire Mail Security Reports for Thunderbird marks Ciphire-protected and authenticated messages with graphical elemen… 

Go Awstats 1.0 by Jean-Marc Liotier

Go Awstats project automates the production of Awstats Apache log reports at a site where multiple virtual hosts exist.

It always updates the reports for the current month and the current year and only produces other reports if they do not exist, which saves on CPU.

The regeneration of a repor… 

StatCvs-XML 0.9.6 by StatCvs-XML Team

StatCvs-XML provides reports about cvs usage based on the cvs log. It is an extension of the great StatCvs project.

StatCvs-XML shares the cvs log parsing code with StatCvs but has advanced report generation and customization features.

Here are some key features of "StatCvs XML":
Colorful 3… 

VCS Report 1.1.4 by Alexander Maximenya

VCS Report is a free open source Java project to generate statistical reports from your VCS repository. Versions Control System (VCS) helps to manage revisions of your source files.

You can run VCS Report on Microsoft Windows and Linux. VCS Report shows various information about your project file… 

Report Designer EAP 0.1 b162 by gridvision engineering GmbH

Report Designer is an easy to use rich client application to graphically create reports. It features a wizard that assists you by creating new reports from your data sources without the need to start every report from scratch.

The reports can be previewed and created directly on the machine where t… 

ReportEngine 0.2 Beta3 by Dragos Balan

Reportengine project is an easy to use API for java reports very well suited for economical applications, statistical applications and any other report based applications.

Supporting Normal reports and also Cross Tab reports you will be amazed about how fast and simple is to write the code for a… 

durep 0.9 by Damian Kramer

durep creates disk usage reports with bar graphs, allowing one to easily deduce which directories are using the most space.

Although durep can produce text output similar to do, its real power lies in the ability to store reports in a file, which can then be viewed as a web page with the supplied… 

PHP Timeclock 1.03 by Ken Papizan

PHP Timeclock is a simple yet effective web-based timeclock system. It allows you to track all employee time as well as upcoming vacations and more, and it can replace manual sign-in/sign-out sheets.

An administration piece is included which allows an administrator to add or delete users, change… 

Baseball Statbook 0.9.2 by Pachyderm Software

Baseball Statbook allows you to keep track of baseball or softball statistics. The program was originally developed to take the statistics from a little league game scorebook and enter them into an application so that overall hitting and pitching statistics could easily be generated.

Baseball Sta… 

Progress Report Manager 2.1 by Matt Reider

Progress Report Manager project is a system for entering and sending school progress reports for teachers and parents.

The Progress Report Manager was built to alleviate problems experienced with traditional school progress reports.

Administrators create progress reports that are automaticall… 

Devel::Tinderbox::Reporter 0.10 by Zach Lipton and Michael G Schwern

Devel::Tinderbox::Reporter is a Perl module with client to send reports to Tinderbox.


use Devel::Tinderbox::Reporter;

my $report = Devel::Tinderbox::Reporter->new;


RaboGRAP 0.6 by Michiel van Baak

RaboGRAP is a tool for Dutch Rabobank users. RaboGRAP project generates reports containing overviews, statistics, summaries and graphs from your banking transactions, which can be downloaded from the Rabobank Internet banking site.

Reports are generated for various time frames (per year and per m… 

phpreports 0.4.9 by TaQ

PHPReports project started when I needed something to create some reports on the browser as replacement of those ones my company used to generate using tools like FoxPro, Visual Basic and all that m$ stuff you dudes know about.

I was starting PHP programming (still am) and was really excited abou… 

iam 0.0.2 by Thomas Arendsen Hein

iptables accounting monster (iam) is a traffic reporting tool for iptables. Currently it can generate daily reports in plain text and HTML format. It can also create summaries (month or year) of these daily reports.

While looking for a traffic reporting tool, I didn't find something that i lo… 

Squid Report Generator 1.1 by Matt Brown

SRG is a Squid Report Generator designed for the needs of CRCnet. None of the existing report generators could provide the exact solution that we required and we decided to start from scratch rather than trying to modify an existing progamme.

SRG is designed to be fast and easy to integrate in to… 

Tenshi 0.6 by Andrea Barisani

The regular expressions are assigned to queues which have an alert interval and a list of mail recipients.

Queues can be set to send a notification as soon as there is a log line assigned to it, or to send periodic reports.

Additionally, uninteresting fields in the log lines (such as PID numb… 

Focus/SIS 1.0 by Andrew Schmadeke

Focus/SIS is a student information system used to manage schools and districts and their student-related data. It allows teachers to take attendance online and includes an online gradebook for teachers.

It also tracks discipline, prints report cards, transcripts, form letters, etc., and produces… 

Sysstat 7.0.3 by S?bastien Godard

The sysstat package contains the sar, sadf, iostat and mpstat commands for Linux. The sar command collects and reports system activity information. The sadf command may be used to display data collected by sar in various formats (XML, database-friendly, etc.).

The iostat command reports CPU utili… 



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