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LinQ 4.1.6 by Zhang Yong

LinQ is a full featured, modern Jabber instant messaging client. It is compatible with many other instant messaging client, like Google Talk, Gaim, Psi, and Meebo.

LinQ is powerful. It aims to be fully compliant with XMPP, and to catch up with the latest JEPs.

LinQ is flexible. LinQ provides… 

Unimaginatively-named Attendance 1.8.0 by Sam Clippinger

Unimaginatively-named Attendance tool was originally created to provide attendance tracking for a scout troop but is actually completely free of anything scout-specific. Unimaginatively-named Attendance is perfect for tracking attendance for any type of group.

Here are some key features of "Atten… 

Tkabber 0.9.9 by Alexey Shchepin and Sergei Golovan

Tkabber is a Free and Open Source client for the Jabber instant messaging system.

Tkabber provides a Tcl/Tk interface to the Jabber instant messaging and presence service.

Tcl/Tk is a graphical scripting language that runs on the Unix, Windows, and Macintosh platforms. The choice of Tcl/Tk for… 

JWChat 1.0 beta2 by Stefan Strigler

JWChat is a full featured, web-based Jabber client. It uses only JavaScript and HTML on the client-side. It supports basic jabber instant messaging, roster management and groupchats based on the MUC protocol.

JWChat is an advanced instant messenger (IM) just like AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messen… 

LeagueSite 0.8.0 by Don Seiler

LeagueSite is a PHPWebSite module that adds roster, stats, and schedule information for a sports league or team onto the PHPWS base. This software can be used to create a Web site for fans to learn more about the league and its teams and players.

I've been sitting on this one for a while because… 

Psi 0.11 Beta2 by Psi Team

Psi is the truly open messaging application.

Psi is the premiere Instant Messaging application designed for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and GNU/Linux. Built upon an open protocol named Jabber, Psi is a fast and lightweight messaging client that utilises the best in open source technologies.… 

BaseballNuke 1.0 by Shawn Grimes

BaseballNuke is a module for PHP-Nuke that allows for the administration of a baseball team. BaseballNuke module gives managers of baseball teams a module for the PHP-Nuke CMS to manage their team's roster, stats, and schedules.

The module simplifies team administration and communication to fans.… 

Baseball Statbook 0.9.2 by Pachyderm Software

Baseball Statbook allows you to keep track of baseball or softball statistics. The program was originally developed to take the statistics from a little league game scorebook and enter them into an application so that overall hitting and pitching statistics could easily be generated.

Baseball Sta… 

Piorun Jabber Client 0.1.0 by Dominik Zablotny

Piorun Jabber Client is a Jabber client for Gnome with user interface simmilar to IRC clients.

Currenly implemented features include: standard chat, multi-user chat, roster and subscriptions management, VCards, privacy lists, secure connections (TLS and SALSL).
Piorun is written using Mono/Gtk#

CBoard 0.2.4 by Ben Kibbey

CBoard (Curses/Console Board) is an Ncurses frontend to chess engines supporting the XBoard protocol.

CBoard is still in development, but has quite a few features that make it usable. Supports reading and writing PGN including roster tags, RAV, FEN, NAG and comments. The move validator still need… 

Tsung 1.2.0 by Nicolas Niclausse

Tsung (formerly known as IDX-Tsunami) is a distributed load testing tool. Tsung is protocol-independent and can currently be used to stress HTTP and Jabber servers.

It simulates user behaviour using an XML description file, reports many measurements in real time (statistics can be customized with… 

Wildfire 3.1.0 by Jive Software

Wildfire is a leading Open Source, cross-platform IM server based on the XMPP (Jabber) protocol.

Wildfire server has great performance, is easy to setup and use, and delivers an innovative feature set.

Wildfire is an enterprise instant messaging (EIM) server dual-licensed under the Open Source… 

Gajim 0.10.1 by Yann Le Boulanger

Gajim is a Jabber client written in PyGTK.

Gajim does not require GNOME to run, eventhough it exists with it nicely. Gajim is released under the GNU General Public License.

Here are some key features of "Gajim":
Tabbed chat windows
Groupchat support (with MUC protocol)
Emoticons, URL gr… 

Light Hawk 0.6 by Neil Stevens

Light Hawk is a KDE Jabber client. It is unfinished, but I have been using it every day for some time now.

Those interested in following or helping development should use GNU arch 1.2 or later. My archive is and is available at The bra… 

JBother 0.8.9 by Adam Olsen

JBother is a Jabber client written in pure Java (1.4.x). It supports groupchat in a tabbed window, multiple resources, transport registration (so you can get on AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, and ICQ through JBother), sounds for different events, has several different skins, and should run on any platform that h… 

iFolder 3.2.5347.1 by Calvin Gaisford

iFolder is a secure and simple storage solution that can increase your productivity by enabling you to back up, access and manage your personal files-from anywhere, at any time.

Once you have installed iFolder, you simply save your files locally-as you have always done-and iFolder automatically u… 

gloox 0.8.6 by Jakob Schr?ter

gloox is a high-level Jabber/XMPP library for C++. Additionally, it offers high-level interfaces for interaction with an XMPP server. gloox is released under the GNU GPL. Commercial licenses are available.

gloox is fully compliant to XMPP Core and almost fully compliant to XMPP IM.


Jabberzilla 2-0.4-r702-1.8 by Pawel Chmielowski and Carl Tanner

Jabberzilla is an extension which adds a Jabber IM Client for Firefox.

When most think of Jabber, they think of instant messaging, and there's a pretty good reason for that. Jabber is the first open source instant messaging platform. With Jabber, independent people and organziations can instantly… 

Gossip 0.20 by Mikael Hallendal

Gossip project is an instant messaging client for GNOME. Layered on top of the open protocol Jabber is a clean and easy-to-use interface, providing users of the GNOME Desktop a friendly way to keep in touch with their friends.

Here are some key features of "Gossip":
Presence of your contacts

JabberTools 0.5.0 by Mike Szczerban

JabberTools is a set of tools that makes it easier to use and convert to Jabber.

It is important to note that in certain scenarios, the server may take a little while to complete the tasks described below and may not response. For now, to compensate, we don't check for a response. Thus, you may… 



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