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Transfer to iPod 0.2 by madpenguin8

This script creates a new Playlist Right Click Menu item for transferring selected playlist items to your iPod via the Media Device Browser.

This script requires current amaroK svn.

Transfer to -> iPod.

What's New in This Release:
Add status message for the number of trac… 

SX-IDE 0.08 by XGS Software

This is an application to compile assembler files and transfer them from Linux to the XGS (SX28/52 microcontrollers) with the SX-Key.

It requires QT 4, WINE and the SASM assembler. The 0.02 version contains just the transfer part. The newer versions also contain the rest of the IDE to compile the… 

Reft 0.10 by Rafkind

Reft comes from "Ridiculously Easy File Transfer", and is a file transfer program without hassles.

All that's required is for two parties to load Reft. One person sends a file, the other person accepts the file, and that's it


java -jar reft-0.1.jar

Java 1.4.2 or la… 

Command Line Progress Bar 1.10.7 by Michael Peek

Command Line Progress Bar is a simple tool to copy a stream of data and print a display for the user on stderr showing (a) the ammount of data passed, (b) the throughput of the data transfer, and (c) the transfer time, or, if the total size of the data stream is known, the estimated time remaining,… 

Simple File Transfer 0.4.14 by Nicolas Benoit

Simple File Transfer is a pure useless program which allows you exchange files with remote computers via Internet. This program has been written for personnal use, so don't blame me if you think I am stupid doing such tool for the others.

It should run on every POSIX compliant Operating System, b… 

Thin SFTP Applet 1.03 by Thin File

Thin SFTP Applet is a full featured Secure File Transfer Program. Thin SFTP Applet can be use for secure file transfer and management and can be easily integrated into your website or web application.
You can use our SFTP applet to carry out recursive folder uploads and downloads, with entire dire… 

Transfer to Media Device 0.8 by madpenguin8

Transfer to Media Device is a script that creates a new Playlist Right Click Menu item for transferring selected playlist items to your iPod via the Media Device Browser.

This script now also supports generic copy to operation for USB mass storage devices. Currently the script will prompt for a… 

VirgoFTP by VirgoFTP Team

VirgoFTP is an FTP GUI based on SWT. VirgoFTP provides a CuteFTP-like interface for users who turn from Microsoft Windows to Linux.

Here are some key features of "VirgoFTP":
A "true" Universal FTP Client. VirgoFTP can be installed and run on a wide variety of platforms such as Linux ,Mac OS ,So… 

Fedut 2.0.1 by Hinaman Technologies, LLC

Fedut is a Java 2.0 swing based application for File Explorer Data Url Transfer. The goal of this application is to provide an easy to use open standard method for moving data between computer systems.

Here are some key features of "Fedut":
URL Syntax Sample: ftp://mylogon:mypassword@mysite:23… 

dtoGen 0.5.2 by the_mindstorm

dtoGe project is a java source generation tool that can ease the development of multi-tier systems by offering a reliable solution to obtain the data transfer objects out of the domain model objects without hand-writting additional code.

Using a simple set of javadoc tags, dtoGen™ provides… 

KNetStats 1.6.1 by Hugo Parente Lima

KNetStats is a simple KDE network monitor that show rx/tx LEDs or numeric information about the transfer rate of any network interface in a system tray icon. The source code of the current version (v1.3) is avaliable for download at Sourceforge download and CVS servers.

Here are some key features… 

Ircp-Tray 0.6.1 by Xin Zhen

Ircp-Tray is a wireless file transfer program for Linux.

kernel IrDA stack

What's New in This Release:
Fixed a bug that prevents receiving from Windows Mobile 2003 PDAs… 

NcFTP Client 3.2.0 by Mike Gleason

NcFTP's purpose is to provide a powerful and flexible interface to the Internet standard File Transfer Protocol. It is intended to replace the stock ftp program that comes with the system.

Although the program appears to be rather spartan, you'll find that ncftp has a wealth of valuable performan… 

Batchput 0.9.1 by Johan Warlander

Batchput transfers files from a local directory, matching the regex you specify, to an FTP server. Written in Python, the program is focused on doing this safely and efficiently, using per-directory locking and a single ftp session.

Batchput was originally written as a program to transfer text… 

mod_cband by Lukasz Dembinski

mod_cband is an Apache 2 module provided to solve the problem of limiting users' and virtualhosts' bandwidth usage. When the configured virtualhost's transfer limit is exceeded, mod_cband will redirect all further requests to a location specified in the configuration file.

I advice for… 

Thin FTP Applet 1.00 by Thin File

Thin FTP Applet is a full featured File Transfer Program that can be easily integrated into your website or web application.

You can use it to carry out recursive folder uploads and downloads. Entire directory trees being transfered in single click. Interrupted transfers can be resumed.


progress 1.0 by Leigh L. Klotz, Jr.

Progress is a utility used in a pipe to report progress of data transfer to standard error. Command-line arguments tells to specify how frequently to report, what character to use to report, and how much buffering to do.

What's New in This Release:
February 9, 2003
progress 1.0

Speed 1.1 by Jess Mahan

Speed is a simple program to add a transfer meter to any console or terminal based copy program.

Speed allows you to easily report Kilobytes or Megabytes per second when using programs that do not report file transfer speeds (such as 'cp' or 'ftp').

./speed [ -u int… 

WU-FTPD 2.6.2 by Alex Yu

The WU-FTPD package contains the WU-FTPD FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server daemon. The FTP protocol is a method of transferring files between machines on a network and/or over the Internet.

Here are some key features of "WU dash FTPD":
logging of transfers
logging of commands
on the fly compre… 

NotMD 0.50902 by Johannes Jordens

NotMD is a programme that facilitates the transfer of music onto various devices. Initially aimed at MiniDiscs exclusively, NotMD's latest code provides an abstract framework to support more or less any music device with the help of easily written drivers. The current version is a complete rewrite o… 



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