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Getopt::Function 0.017 by Getopt::Function Team

Getopt::Function is a Perl module to provide mixed options with help information.


use Getopt::Function qw(maketrue makevalue);
$::opthandler = new Getopt::Function
[ ], { => [ , ,
] }
$result = GetOptions (...option-descr… 

File::Sync 0.09 by Carey Evans

File::Sync is a Perl access to fsync() and sync() function calls.


use File::Sync qw(fsync sync);
fsync(*FILEHANDLE) or die "fsync: $!";

use File::Sync qw(fsync);
use IO::File;
$fh = IO::File->new("> /tmp/foo")
or die "new IO::File: $!";

cproto 4.7e by Chin Huang

cproto generates function prototypes for functions defined in the specified C source files to the standard output.

The function definitions may be in K&R or ANSI C style, or in lint-library form. cproto can also convert function definitions in the specified files from the K&R style to the ANSI C… 

Samba Commander 1.2.2 by Rafal Michniewicz

Samba Commander is a text mode SMB network commander. In SMBC, you can browse the local network or you can use the search function to find the files.

You can also download/upload files and directories or create them both locally and remotely. SMBC has a resume function and supports UTF-8 characte… 

CL-EMB 0.4.3 by Stefan Scholl

CL-EMB is a library to embed Common Lisp and special template tags into normal text files. CL-EMB library can be used for dynamically generated HTML pages.


CL-EMB can be installed with ASDF-INSTALL.
See for further information.



keyTouch 2.2.3 by MarvinR

KeyTouch is a program which allows you to easily configure the extra function keys of your keyboard. This means that you can define, for every individual function key, what to do if it is pressed.

When you buy a new keyboard a CD-ROM will probably included. This CD-ROM contains software to config… 

JDOX 1.00pre1 by Pawel Prokop

JDOX is a vim plugin that generates javadoc compatible comment for c++ function definitions. Some time ago I found a similar vim plugin that generated c-style comments. I like javadoc style comments even in c++, so I decided to write my own plugin, mostly configurable - see CONFIGURATION in jdox_cpp… 

kmplot 1.0 by Klaus-Dieter Moeller

Kmplot is a mathematical function plotter for the KDE-Desktop. It has built in a powerfull parser.

You can plot different functions simultaneously and combine their function terms to build new functions.

Kmplot supports functions with parameters and functions in polar coordinates. Several gri… 

yatesParse 0.2 by Andrew Yates

yatesParse is a C++ library for parsing and handling command line arguments. It can handle normal arguments (foo --help, foo -h, etc) and arguments with values (foo --file evilplans.txt, foo -f evilplans.txt, etc).

A small example program using yatesParse is available in SVN. Complete Doxygen doc… 

CoreLinux++ Function Load Library 0.1.1 by CoreLinux Consortium

CoreLinux++ Function Load Library (libclfll++) takes advantage of the abstract Library Load framework in the CoreLinux libclfw++ library by providing management of loading Linux shared libraries.

Application developers define function objects as wrappers and can then dynamically load the function… 

genproto 0.4.1 by Freek

genproto generates prototypes from C/C++ code. It does not touch the original files, and the output format can be changed via printf-style format strings.

Unlike cproto it does not rely on external programms, such as gcc or cpp.


me@home:~/src/genproto-0.2> ./genproto main.c
/* gen… 

SAPRFC 1.4.1 by Eduard Koucky

SAPRFC is a extension module for PHP 4 and PHP 5. SAPRFC can call ABAP function modules in SAP R/3 from PHP scripts.

You can use the powerful PHP language to create a web applications or interface programs with a connectivity to the SAP R/3.

You can also write RFC server program in PHP and ca… 

GNU Gengetopt 2.18 by Lorenzo Bettini

GNU Gengetopt generates a C function that uses getopt_long function to parse the command line options, to validate them and fills a struct.

Thus your program can now handle options such as:

myprog --input foo.c -o foo.o --no-tabs -i 100 *.class

And both long options (those that start with… 

SQL Query Builder 1.2 by David Regla Demaree

SQL Query Builder is a PHP 5 class that generates simple SQL queries (select, insert, update, and delete) that can be sent to an SQL server.

It provides an intuitive class-based way to build queries instead of crafting complicated one-line or concatenated-string queries by hand.

It is very use… 

RCCrypt for C/C++ 1.0 by RCCrypt

RCCrypt for C/C++ is an adapted version of the RCCrypt function for C/C++.

RCCrypt for C/C++ project works both in Linux compilers (gcc) and Windows (Borland C and Visual C++ 6 and .NET 2003).

There are some PHP functions converted to C, like URLEncode, that the function uses, but it can be us… 

QAddress 0.2 by Lennart Sauerbeck

QAddress is a small and lightweight address book. QAddress aims to be simple and easy to use, with only the features really needed (and really used). This minimalistic approach is meant to make QAddress fast and reliable.

Here are some key features of "QAddress":
Search function (maybe even inc… 

hashit 0.9.4 by Pleyades Crew

hashit is a generic hash library.

hashit implements diverse collision handling methods.

This function creates a hash table which is returned as a hash_t type. 'errno' is set to ENOMEM if there wasn't enough memory avaliable for creating the table.

Return value is a reference to the table ju… 

Atli 0.1.3 by linxs

Atli is a scripting language interpreter originally meant to be a quick way to develop a particular application's scripting language.

Atli can also be used to write shell-like scripts to do tasks. Atli is a weakly typed language in which variables do not need to be declared before use.

All var… 

phpftp 2.2 by Paul Southworth

This is an FTP client implemented in PHP. It is freely distributed under a BSD-style copyright, which you will find in the source.

If you're using PHP 3, you must have version 3.0.17 or higher to run this software. If you're using PHP 4, you must have 4.0.3 or higher.

What's N… 

libffi 1.20 by Anthony Green

libffi is a library that really only provides the lowest, machine dependent layer of a fully featured foreign function interface.

A layer must exist above libffi that handles type conversions for values passed between the two languages. ffi stands for Foreign Function Interface.

A foreign func… 



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