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e-Bot 0.3 by kevin

e-Bot is an IRC bot written in Perl. It's main functioning is based on the Perl module, which makes possible its use on most servers that support Perl.

This software will require Perl 5.

You should be able to start up just by running infobot. If you are using macperl, you will

Config::IniFiles 2.38 by Scott Hutton

Config::IniFiles is a module for reading .ini-style configuration files.


use Config::IniFiles;
my $cfg = new Config::IniFiles( -file => "/path/configfile.ini" );
print "The value is " . $cfg->val( 'Section', 'Parameter' ) . "."
if $cfg->val( 'Section', 'Parameter' );

mod_diffprivs RC3 by Lukasz Wojtow

mod_diffprivs makes Apache configurable to work as diffrent user/group and chroot env. for each VirtualServer and for ~user request. Designed mostly for ISP to make Apache secure.

This is a core directive in mod_diffprivs. It takes one, two or three arguments. First is an user on what Apache sh… 

iproute2 2.6.15 060110 by Alexey Kuznetsov

iproute2 is `iproute', the professional set of tools to control the networking behavior in kernels 2.2.x and later.

ip link - network device configuration

A link refers a network device. The ip link object and the corresponding command set allows viewing and manipulating the state of network d… 

pvpnd 1.6 by Fredrik Hubinette

pvpnd is a simple daemon which greatly simplifies the task of setting up an PPP-over-SSH tunnel. And you don't even need root access to the other side of the tunnel to do it. All you need is a shell account where you can run slirp. Configuration is quite easy. You can find docs are in the file itsel… 

Mix2005 2.1 by Heroine Virtual Ltd.

Mix2005 is a graphical volume control that was developed from the ground up to support ALSA. It tries to customize its interface based on what ALSA says the sound card can support.

Introducing Mix2005, a graphical volume control for ALSA. Mix2005 is the ALSA version of our old Mix2000 program, sa… 

Vice Stats 1.1 by Anthony Lieuallen

Vice Stats is an advanced Web site statistics gathering package. Vice Stats collects data about the resources in a Web site, the visitors to that site, and the referring resources. Vice Stats runs in PHP and stores its data in a MySQL database.

What's New in This Release:
The $vs_resourceQuery… 

FaxRouter 0.05 by Reedtz Consulting, LLC

FaxRouter is a efax based application which converts a received fax to jpeg and sends it to you by email.

It will also keep your fax spool clean for you and can easily be configured to run from inittab and receive all faxes for you.

Perl modules:

QShaderEdit 0.1.2 by Ignacio Castano and Karl Robillard

QShaderEdit is a simple multiplatform shader editor inspired by Apple's OpenGL Shader Builder.

QShaderEdit supports GLSL shaders and CgFx effects.

This is an early release, there are bugs and many missing features.

Qt 4.1
GLEW 1.3
cmake 2.4

What's New in This Releas… 

libstldb4 0.4.5 by Ben Martin

libstldb4 library is a C++ wrapper for sleepycat db4 database.

It uses the STL in the API where sensible, allows standard IOStreams for data access where sensible, e.g. getting the value of a key should be able to use an istream interface to allow simple partial value retreival, and moves the tra… 

Gimp::Data 1.211 by Marc Lehmann

Gimp::Data is a Perl module to set and get state data.


use Gimp::Data;

$Gimp::Data{'value1'} = "Hello";
print $Gimp::Data{'value1'},", World!!n";

With this module, you can access plugin-specific (or global) data in Gimp, i.e. you can store and retrieve values that are s… 

JasperReports 1.2.8 by Teodor Danciu

JasperReports is a powerful open source Java reporting tool that has the ability to deliver rich content onto the screen, to the printer or into PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV and XML files.

It is entirely written in Java and can be used in a variety of Java enabled applications, including J2EE or Web appli… 

ALE 0.8.5-pre3 by David Hilvert

ALE is an image-processing program used for tasks such as image mosaicking, super-resolution, deblurring, noise reduction, and anti-aliasing.

ALE principle of operation is synthetic capture, combining multiple inputs representing the same scene.

What's New in 0.8.4 Stable Release:
This relea… 

Kpl 3.3 by Werner Stille

Kpl is a program for the KDE project (K Desktop Environment). Kpl's purpose is the two- and three-dimensional graphical presentation of data sets and functions.

Multidimensional nonlinear parameter fits of functions to data sets can be performed using the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm. Also gener… 

XML::Parser::Style::Stream 2.34 by Clark Cooper

XML::Parser::Style::Stream is a Stream style for XML::Parser.


use XML::Parser;
my $p = XML::Parser->new(Style => 'Stream', Pkg => 'MySubs');

package MySubs;

sub StartTag {
my ($e, $name) = @_;
# do something with… 

Mantaray Console 2.0 by Amir Shevat

Mantaray Console is a distributed, peer-to-peer, server-less communication & messaging solution for JAVA (JMS), C++ and .NET app. Offers guaranteed delivery, security and transactions. It supports TCP, SSL & HTTP protocols.

Basic Installation Instructions
1. Ext… 

post_call 1.0 by Johannes Schaub

post_call is a small tool which is able to send a HTTP request to your AVM FritzBox 7050, which will then call a number you provide to post_call as a command-line parameter and using a interface (phone port number) you also provide as a command-line parameter.

After FritzBox has called the number,… 

Net::IRC3::Util 0.3 by Robin Redeker

Net::IRC3::Util are common utilities that help with IRC protocol handling.


use Net::IRC3 qw/parse_irc_msg mk_msg/;

my $msgdata = mk_msg (undef, PRIVMSG


These are some utility functions that might come in handy when handling the IRC protocol.

You can export… 

nntp2rss 1.4 by Kai Blankenhorn

Today many people are used to keeping in touch with news sites and blogs with an RSS feed reader. RSS offers access to any kind of frequently posted information. This also makes it an interesting technology for handling usenet newsgroups, which are like updated several times a day.
nntp2rss provide… 

Mindy 1.0 by Justin Gullingsrud

Mindy is a very simple, serial molecular dynamics program derived from NAMD source code. It currently uses xplor parameter and structure files. The program is written in very straightforward C++.


Unpack the distribution. A directory named "mindy" will be created. In the mindy dir… 



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