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Netdude 0.4.7 by CPK

Netdude, the Network Dump data Displayer and Editor, is a framework for inspection, analysis and manipulation of tcpdump trace files.

The Netdude framework consists of three main components:

- Netdude: a GUI application that allows you to perform trace file editing, inspection and analysis to… 

BuGLe 0.0.20061109 by Bruce Merry

BuGLe is a tool for OpenGL debugging at it is implemented as a wrapper library that sits between your program and OpenGL.

Here are some key features of "BuGLe":
Dump a textual log of all GL calls made.
Take a screenshot after every frame, or capture a video (the latter requires FFmpeg)

trace2html 0.2.1 by Olivier Grisel

trace2html is a HTML coverage report generator for

trace2html is a utility to convert execution coverage data obtained with the trace module of the standard Python library into a set of human readable HTML documents showing a sortable summary and annotated source files.


PTT 0.10.0 by Matthieu Castet

PTT helps users to analyze and understand correction and performance problems for multi-threaded applications. It shows when a program calls NPTL routines and when it exits from them, with details about the internal mechanisms of the library.

Three different trace formats are provided: a machine… 

libnetdude 0.9 by Christian Kreibich

libnetdude is a library for manipulating tcpdump and libpcap trace files. You may ask why this requires a new library. We believe that a lot of code that uses libpcap is wasted, for two reasons:

- Developers often write monolithic, stand-alone programs that address a particular problem at the tim… 

Asianux 2.0 by Red Flag Software CO.,Ltd. , Miracle Linux Corpora

Asianux is a Linux server operating system which is co-developed by Chinese Leading Linux vendor Red Flag Software Co., Ltd. and Japanese Linux vendor Miracle Linux Corporation and Korean Linux software vendor Haansoft, INC, aiming at the common-standard enterprise Linux platform for Enterprise syst… 

libPaje 0.4.1 by Lucas Schnorr

libPaje is a library developed in GNUstep environment and is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

The library intends to provide a better way to generate trace files for Paje Visualization Tool.

libPaje library can be used to create conversion tools from other format to Paje t… 

Outgun 1.0.3 by Jani Rivinoja

Outgun is a 32-player Internet/LAN capture-the-flag.

Outgun is a free capture-the-flag action game, for up to 32 players. You can play it over a LAN or connecting to a server on the Internet. The game has a very light network footprint, so it is ideal for modem players.

You will also find that… 

Getopt::GUI::Long 0.7 by Wes Hardaker

Getopt::GUI::Long is a wrapper around Getopt::Long that extends the value of the original Getopt::Long module.


use Getopt::GUI::Long;

# pass useful config options to Configure
Getopt::GUI::Long::Configure(qw(display_help no_ignore_case capture_output));

Zap! 1.196.0 by GarageGames

Experience the excitement that brought down the house at IndieGamesCon 2004. Zap! - a 2D vector graphics multiplayer team action strategy game that plays like a cross between Robotron and Tribes with the graphical blend of Asteroids and Pac-Man.

As a 2D game Zap can be played with keyboard+mouse… 

Flagedit 0.0.7 by dams

Flagedit is a CLI USE flags and package keywords editor for Gentoo Linux. It lets you edit the USE flags of /etc/make.conf, as well as the /etc/portage/package.use file.

Flagedit project also allows you to easily edit /etc/portage/package.keywords.

Flagedit allows you to edit the use flags or… 

libpcapnav 0.7 by Christian Kreibich

libpcapnav is a libpcap wrapper library that allows navigation to arbitrary locations in a tcpdump trace file between reads.

The API is intentionally much like that of the pcap library. You can navigate in trace files both in time and space: you can jump to a packet which is at appr. 2/3 of the tra… 

Web Interface for SIP Trace 0.4 by Devel-IT

Web Interface for SIP Trace is a PHP Web Interface that permits you to connect on a remote host/port and listen/filter.

Web Interface for SIP Trace was born as a prof concept of the idea to capture SIP traffic from a remote host (SIP Proxy, Gateway, etc) and show up alive SIP messages about an spec… 

Term::TUI 1.20 by Sullivan Beck

Term::TUI is a simple tool for building text-based user interfaces.


If TUI_Run is the only routine being used:
use Term::TUI;

If other TUI subroutines are used:
use Term::TUI qw(:all);

Conjury::C 1.004 by James Woodyatt

Conjury::C is a Perl Conjury with C/C++ compilers, linkers and archivers.


Source => Isource-file>,
Directory => Idirectory>,
Includes => [ Idir1>, Idir2>, ... ],
Defines => { Ivar1> => Ival1>, Ivar2> => Ival2>, ... },
Compiler => I< compiler>,

jcsound 0.3 by Gerard van Dongen

jcsound is a command line wrapper for csound that makes it a jack and alsa-sequencer client.

Currently jcsound is somewhat jack-transport aware:

- If slave mode is set to 1 , it will only play if the jack transport is rolling, playing silence when it is not.
- It will _not_ reposition, and it… 

Regexp::Parser::Handlers 0.20 by Jeff Pinyan

Regexp::Parser::Handlers is a Perl module with handlers for Perl 5 regexes.

This module holds the init() method for the Regexp::Parser class, which installs all the handlers for standard Perl 5 regexes. This documentation contains a sub-classing tutorial.


I will present two exa… 

PHP Profiler Class by Carl Taylor

This profiler is intended to be used to identify areas of code that could be optimised in order to improve overall performance of an application. Typically I identify the areas of concern in an application and place profile timers around those sections and focus down to add timers around the areas t… 

GNU nano 2.0.1 by Chris Allegretta

GNU nano project was started because of a few "problems" with the wonderfully easy-to-use and friendly Pico text editor.

First and foremost is its license: the Pine suite does not use the GPL or a GPL-friendly license, and has unclear restrictions on redistribution. Because of this, Pine and Pic… 

RoboTournament rt-10.31.2003 by Bryan Schofield

RoboTournament project is a RoboRally-inspired game with Death Match, Rally, and Capture The Flag matches.

RoboTournament is a RoboRally inspired game where players program their robots to vanquish their opponents.

RoboTournament features multiple game types (Death Match, Rally, and Capture T… 



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