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Universal Boxing Manager by Phelios, inc.

Universal Boxing Manager simulates the life of a boxing manager, allowing you to train your boxers, hire new ones (registered version only), and hopefully win one of the 17 different championship titles!

The game consists of various screens from which you'll be able to do all the required things,… 

Universal Password Manager 1.4 by Adrian Smith

Universal Password Manager is a cross platform password manager. Over the years I've used a number of different password managers but I never quite found one that gave me everything I needed. At work I use MS Windows but at home I use a Mac.

What I wanted was a password manager that would run on… 

Linux X10 universal device driver 2.1.4 by Scott Hiles

Linux X10 universal device driver (also known as Project WiSH) provides a /dev interface to an X10 network through a combination of Linux kernel modules and daemons.

It is intended to provide a standard interface and syntax to shell script utilities (such as cat and echo), Perl scripts, C progra… 

KEuroCalc 0.9.7 by Bischoff

KEuroCalc is a universal currency converter and calculator. It can convert from and to many currencies, either with a fixed conversion rate or a variable conversion rate.

KEuroCalc directly downloads the latest variable rates through the Internet.

What's New in This Release:
Fixed problem wi… 

sEngine 1.0.0 by Martin Eitzenberger

sEngine is an universal tiny server for your C application.

You can use it as the base for your own server application or you can integrate it into an existing program that requires network support.

The source code is well documentated in English, and it is shipped with English and German doc… 

UDO 6.4.1 by UDO community

UDO (Universal Document) is a powerful and multipurpose utility for creating documentation or any other text file needed in one text format or more.

Though UDO is powerful, it is quite easy to understand and to use. UDO was originally shareware, before the author released it as open source under… 

PAIP 0.2.4 by Cinek

PAIP (pipe) is a universal filter application. It uses plugins to transmit and convert data. They can be nested, so the inner structures can become quite complex (non-linear). The command-line interface is similar to a programming language and very easy.

You will need:

gcc & GNU make
GNU sed

mod_publisher 0.2.2 by Nick Kew

mod_publisher is an universal markup processing filter. It builds on Web?ing's experience with smart markup processing, in particular the SAX-based filters such as mod_accessibility, mod_proxy_html, mod_xmlns, and mod_annot.

It supports both HTML and XML input, and works equally well in a server… 

FlexiCrypt 1.0 by FlexiCrypt Team

FlexiCrypt is a universal cryptography toolkit for managing certificates and symmetric keys. FlexiCrypt can perform many kinds of encryption, decryption, signing, and several related tasks.

Here are some key features of "FlexiCrypt":
key managing (asymmetric and symmetric)
generate certificat… 

Extended Universal Resource Library 0.2 by Yarda Tulach

Extended Universal Resource Library is a pure Java library for cleaner, more flexible file access in Java.

How data is stored is completely transparent to the client, since the library is meant to replace

It provides implementations for handling local files, Jar/Zip archives, and… 

HTTunnel 0.04 by Patrick LeBoutillier

HTTunnel is a universal HTTP tunnel using Apache, mod_perl and Perl.

To install this module do the following:

perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install

Note 1: The test suite will require the URL to an Apache::HTTunnel server to run. You will prompted for it during the installation.… 

Jurpe 0.3.7 by Alessio Saltarin

Jurpe is a Role Playing Engine.

JURPE (Java Universal Role Playing Engine) is a Java API to support the writing of new computer RPG games based on a skill based, three dice RPG system. It comes with a full featured game demo of a medieval warrior crawling into a monster filled dungeon.


Universal Module Player B4 by Toad

Universal Module Player or UModPlayer, is a audio module "tool-chain", providing you functions to work with modules like playing, exporting, getting information, and more.

Universal Module Player works in UNIX-like platforms, including Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Solaris...

It uses the Custom Li… 

Kurd 0.1 by David Monk

KDE Universal Remote Desktop has the goal of becoming an extendable remote desktop control client frontend.

While Kurd is developed using KDevelop 3.0 (Gideon) on a Gentoo 1.4 system running KDE 3.1, the interface is generic enough that any KDE 3.x version should work. No testing outside of my de… 

KDBEdit 0.6.5 by Avi Alkalay

KDBEdit is a key database editor for Elektra project.

Elektra is a universal hierarchical configuration store, similar to (but better then) GConf and the Windows Registry.

It allows programs to read and save their configurations with a consistent API, and allows them to be aware of other appli… 

USAGI Project 20060508 by Jun Murai & Keio University

USAGI(UniverSAl playGround for Ipv6) Project works to deliver the production quality IPv6 and IPsec(for both IPv4 and IPv6) protocol stack for the Linux system, tightly collaborating with WIDE Project, KAME Project and TAHI Project.

USAGI Project is run by volunteers from various organizations. A… 

Highlight 2.4.8 by Andr? Simon

Highlight is a universal converter from source code to HTML, XHTML, RTF, TeX, XSL-FO, LaTeX and XML. (X)HTML output is formatted by Cascading Style Sheets.

It supports 100 programming languages and includes 50 highlighting color themes. It's possible to easily enhance the parsing database. The co… 

Tera-WURFL Beta 1.4.2 by Steve Kamerman

Tera-WURFL project is a PHP class that can identify the capabilities of mobile devices using the standardized Wireless Universal Resource File (WURFL).

This implementation uses the same methods as the stock PHP WURFL library, but significantly improves performance by storing the WURFL data in a M… 

PlanetaMessenger 02 Beta4 by Leidson Campos, the universal Instant Messenger fully written in java. Welcome to This site is the home of, the universal Instant Messenger fully written in java.

You have 2 first, and better, possibilities to install If you'r… 

VETH 1.0 by Nestor Pe?a

VETH is a daemon that creates a virtual ethernet card in Linux. This is done via the Universal TUN/ TAP Driver. It is useful to request more than one IP address via DHCP with a virtual ethernet card attached to an existing NIC.

Linux has an implementation that does the work, but partially. Somet… 



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