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Picture of the Day PHP Script 1.0 by Eugene Panin

Picture of the Day PHP Script shows daily changing pictures. Each Web page can contain several pictures. Each picture is taken in random order from its own set of directories. An unlimited number of images and directories may be used. Picture of the Day PHP Script doesn't use a database.

Here are… 

cwISPy 2.0.1 by CWISPY

cwISPy allows you to get back to important job of running your business by taking care of billing your customers automatically at your specified intervals.

We support Open Source products such as Apache, Php, PEAR, MySQL and Postgres you can budget your hard earned money into enhancing your busin… 

Ultrize TimeSheet 20051230 by Ultrize LLC

Ultrize TimeSheet is a Web based time card to keep track of all time spent on multiple clients and projects.

Ultrize TimeSheet project can keep track of multiple clients with multiple rate quotes with multiple projects easily, intuitively, and simply.

I realized a while ago, that I was having… 

Java RAM Interpreter 1.0 by Christian Reitwie?ner

JAM - Java RAM Interpreter simulates Random Access Machines (RAMs). A RAM is a theoretical computer model with an unlimited number of registers of unlimited size and a programming language similar to Assembly.

It is used in the book "Theoretische Informatik" by Klaus W. Wagner. Many things mentio… 

Netswitch 0.3.99 Beta1 by Olivier Rossiny

Netswitch project is a versatile network profile manager.

Here are some key features of "Netswitch":
A console tool and a GTK+ that let you create, activate and delete your profiles for an unlimited number of interfaces.
The ability to scan the network around you and see a lot of informations… 

DPCRTLMM 1.1.5 by David Duncan Ross Palmer

DPCRTLMM (Daybo Logic C-RTL Memory Management) is an ANSI C memory management library, including callbacks, a debug log, leak reporting, and garbage collection. DPCRTLMM does incur performace penalties, however.

Here are some key features of "DPCRTLMM":
Ability to separate out blocks of memory… 

Dedicated Server Manager Lite 3.2 by Zervex Server Solutions Inc

DSM Lite a offers a single user login to manage email, mysql, DNS etc from a single interface for an unlimited number of domains.

DSM Lite allows companies to offer a no cost solution to entry level server plans or provide web based management and automatic updates of critical Linux based infrast… 

SideRss 0.9 by s3m10s

SideRss is an rss feed reader in a sidebar format (just like desktop sidebars rss reader for window). Can take an unlimited number of feeds.

Autoscrolls or manually scrolls unlimited feeds
Shows 11 newest topics from each feed.
pops up a preview when topics are clicked.
clicking a preview will… 

Class Library for Numbers 1.1.13 by Richy Kreckel

Class Library for Numbers in short CLN is a library for computations with all kinds of numbers.

Here are some key features of "Class Library for Numbers":

Rich set of number classes: Integer (unlimited precision), rational, short float, single float, double float, long float (unlimited precisi… 

oggment 0.0.2 by August Black

oggment is a mixing/streaming environment able to mix an unlimited (depending on the CPU) number of vorbis encoded audio files. These files could came from from the hardisk with a line/mic input from the soundcard and stream to an icecast2.0 server.

It is being written with simplicity in mind an… 

MaxDB by MySQL by MySQL AB

MaxDB is a heavy-duty, SAP-certified open source database for OLTP and OLAP usage which offers high reliability, availability, scalability and a very comprehensive feature set. MaxDB by MySQL is targetted for large mySAP Business Suite environments and other applications that require maximum enterpr… 

Linedit 0.15.12 by Nikodemus Siivola

Linedit is a readline-style library written in Common Lisp that provides customizable line-editing features.

Linedit uses UFFI for foreign bindings, so it is a least theoretically portable, though REPL-wrapping is currently SBCL specific.

Here are some key features of "Linedit":
single-line text… 

CGIForum 1.10 by Markus Triska

CGIForum project is a highly configurable template-based discussion board.

It supports expandable/collapsible threads of unlimited depth, name registration with password encryption, multiple sections from within a single script, previewing, searching, and marking of new entries.

It also lets… 

YAFPC-Appliance 1.06 by Wolfgang Ullrich

YAFPC-Appliance is a CD-ROM image based on KNOPPIX technology and the PDF composer/printer/mailer YAFPC.

Any PC booted from this CD can act as a PDF print server and provide an unlimited number of network shared virtual PDF printers. The system requirements are low. System configuration can be do… 

Spalah CMS 1.1.3 by Anatoly Podlesnuk

Spalah CMS is a simple content management system for small- and medium-sized Web sites.

Here are some key features of "Spalah CMS":
Main points

Simply installation procedure. Just run install.cgi. Generaly site can be launched in 10 minutes.
User friendly interface. It requires no more th… 

Jackbeat 0.6 by Olivier Guilyardi

Jackbeat project is an audio sequencer with support for the JACK Audio Connection Kit.

Featuring a drum-machine-like interface, it is designed with real-time operation in mind: while playing, the pattern can be edited, the BPM rate modified, and new samples loaded.

The number of tracks and bea… 

phpInv 0.7.0 by

phpInv is a small yet highly configurable inventory script written in PHP with a MySQL backend. Its features unlimited categories, unlimited depth of sub-categories, customizable columns per category, an administration control panel, access permissions (user and group), easy configuration, a templa… 

jEdit 4.3 pre8 by Slava Pestov

jEdit is an Open Source text editor written in Java. jEdit has many useful features, such as syntax highlighting, bracket matching, regular expression searching, multiple file search and replace, folding, and keyboard macros.

jEdit also includes a powerful plugin architecture that allows more tha… 

Rubrica 1.0.16 by Nicola Fragale

Rubrica project is an address book for Gnome 2.x.

Here are some key features of "Rubrica":
File format, import, export

Rubrica's file format is xml
Rubrica can import addresses from GnomeCard
Rubrica can import addresses from Kabc, the Kde addressbook
Rubrica can import addresses from… 

Bazooka Board 2.75 by Adam Sharp

Bazooka Board is a PHP bulletin board that does not require MySQL. It uses nothing just a single text-file on your web server for its data storage.

Bazooka Board was created to help serve those who have PHP webspace, but no MySQL database support. Its goal is to be extreemly simple to setup, an… 



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