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Upgrade-oldest 0.2 by zowers

Upgrade-oldest selectively upgrades a Debian system by upgrading the packages with the oldest and most significant version numbers. It can be limited to certain sections, and the level of version differece necessary to trigger an upgrade can be controlled.

It is a simple Python script, but it is… 

FreshInvoice 1.1.3 by FunzoneQ!

FreshInvoice is a Web-based invoice system that enables users to look at their invoices, change their personal information, and more. FreshInvoice is a basic framework which can be built upon.

What's New in This Release:
This release contains some bugfixes throughout the system.
It also inclu… 

Anthill 0.3.0 by Vincent Danen

Anthill is a PHP-based bug tracking system. It is no longer in active development. Because it is released under the GPL license, you may download and modify the code to your heart's content.

Anthill will not be developed by myself anytime in the near future. As a result, the demo and bug reportin… 

delfin 20030216 by Hermann Samso

delfin is a realtime software sampler for Linux. The other day I went to buy a music sampler, that kind of hardware you use to create contemporary music (Hip-hop, Jungle, Techno, ...). Somehow I foundthe price wasn't right. Why spend 3000 DM (that's around 1300$) in an overspecialized machine, when… 

Buddy 1.14 by Marc O. Gloor

Tired of a broken package system after upgrading using dselect or aptitude? Buddy is a hardcore Debian package handler reduced to its essential functions. Buddy is not intended as replacement for the common Debian package manager

Buddy is a tiny, fast, and proper Debian package handler which acts… 

remerge 2.1.1 by Tim Horton

remerge is a simple browser-based interface to Gentoo Linux's Portage and Novell's Red Carpet package management systems.

It supports installation, uninstallation, and upgrading of many different packages.

What's New in This Release:
An installation script glitch was fixed.… 

KSlackCheck 3.5 by gK & Mangus

Kslackcheck keeps in sync changelogs and shows updates in a graphical popup in KDE, with just one click.

KSlackCheck can tell users what packages in need to be upgraded for major releases, and helps to download them to a particular directory ready for manual upgrading.


OSSP iselect 1.3.1 by Ralf S. Engelschall

OSSP iselect is an interactive line selection tool for textual files, operating via a full-screen Curses-based terminal session.

It can be used either as an user interface frontend controlled by a scripting backend as its wrapper or in batch mode as a pipeline filter (usually between grep and the f… 

The Tamber Project 1.2.22 by Tim Gray

The Tamber project is a free, componentised n-tier website engine that uses open languages such as XML and JavaScript.

Once installed you will be able to see the home page and directions in the installation wizard. Next step is to run the wizard. It will ask you choose whether you are upgrading a… 

SlackGrade 0.0.2exp1 by Marcelo A. B. Slomp

SlackGrade is a utility that allows Slackware Linux users to keep the system always up to date with the latest offcial packages available in the main Slackware distribution sources on the web, by listing, downloading and upgrading its with ease, in just a few mouse clicks, through a nice X-based wiz… 

XPKGTOOL 0.0.9a1 by Marcelo A B Slomp

XPKGTOOL is a GUI front-end for pkgtools - the Slackware Linux package manager.
It's designed to allow users to perform the common package maintenance operations,
such install, remove and upgrade packages with ease, in a nice X-based user interface.

Since version 0.0.8a, XPKGTOOL comes with a b… 

Java VideoLan Client Bindings 0.0.9 by Filippo Carone

Java VideoLan Client Binding lets you use the VideoLan multimedia player in any Java software.

Here are some key features of "Java VideoLan Client Bindings":
displays an original VideoLan Client
using JVLCCanvas (extends java.awt.Canvas) or JVLCPanel (extends javax.swing.JPanel) is possible… 

Module::Install::Deprecated 0.64 by Adam Kennedy

Module::Install::Deprecated are warnings and help for deprecated commands.

One of the nicest features of Module::Install is that as it improves, there is no need to take into account user compatibility, because users do not need to install Module::Install itself.

As a result, the Module::Insta… 

APT-RPM 0.5.15lorg3.2 by Gustavo Niemeyer

APT-RPM project is a port of Debian's APT tools to a RPM based distribution (Conectiva, Red Hat, SuSE, ALT-Linux, etc). APT is an advanced package management utility front-end which allows you to easily perform package installation, upgrading and removal.

Dependencies are automatically handled, s… 

Armangil's podcatcher 1.3.7 by doga

Armangil's podcatcher is a podcast client for the command line. It provides several download strategies (new shows only, back-catalog allowed, etc), supports BitTorrent, offers cache management, and generates playlists for MP3 player applications.

Armangil's podcatcher project is written in… 

MP3 Streaming DownSampler for PHP 3.1 by Damacus Porteng

MP3 Streaming DownSampler for PHP is written with cable modem/DSL users with low upstream caps in mind. Using LAME, it dynamically downsamples a requested MP3 to a bitrate which can be streamed.

It doesn't use temporary files, so you don't have to take the time to do any batching, and you just gi… 

Day planner 0.3.1 by Eskild Hustvedt

Day planner is a simple time management program. It is designed to help you easily manage your time.

It can manage appointments, birthdays, and more. Day planner makes sure you remember your appointments by popping up a dialog box reminding you about them.

Day planner is free software which me… 

XWork 1.0.4 by Pat Lightbody

XWork is a generic command pattern implementation and inversion of control (IoC) container. XWork is designed to be small, fast, and fit specifically for workflow-related usages, such as Web application frameworks and workflow engines. XWork provides the foundation for WebWork, a Java-based Web fram… 

demexp 0.8.0 by David MENTRE

demexp is a client/server system for direct democracies. demexp makes it possible to ask questions in the system, add new answers to those questions, and vote on proposed answers.

The voting procedure used is Condorcet voting. Questions are classified, and a delegation system allows one's vote fo… 

Cynus 0.6.2 by Brett Profitt and Jason Profitt

Cynus project is a Content Management System aimed at academic establishments.

Cynus is a Content Management System which aims at providing academic establishments a means of simple, yet elegant Web site generation.

Its modular design and plugin repository system make extending features and u… 



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