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iftop 0.17pre2 by Paul Warren and Chris Lightfoot

iftop does for network usage what top(1) does for CPU usage. iftop project listens to network traffic on a named interface and displays a table of current bandwidth usage by pairs of hosts.

What's New in This Release:
This release includes improved support for non-Linux platforms, including Mac… 

CompactBlack Karamba 1.0 by hadrurus

CompactBlack Karamba is yet another simple system status SuperKaramba theme.

Also included source svg file.

It monitors:
CPU usage
System uptime
Memory Load
Swap Usage
Network Usage
HDD Usage


Server Web Administration Tool 2.0.0 by Nikhil Kulkarni

Server Web Administration Tool is a self-extracting shell script that installs a perl module called Linux::Statistics and a bunch of perl scripts that provide detailed information about a server.

Information includes : memory usage, disk usage, cpu usage, file usage, network usage, swap usage in… 

msysinfo 1.0 by Milos Capin

msysinfo is a system info theme for SuperKaramba.

It shows:

CPU Usage
System Info
Memory Usage
Network usage
Computer Uptime


Palm usage manager 0.0.3 by Manuel Amador

Palm usage manager lets you choose between HotSyncing your Palm with Evolution, or letting it connect to your computer via PPP.

Palm usage manager is a small application that lets you choose between:

- making your Palm organizer HotSync with Novell Evolution
- letting you connect to your co… 

Test::Usage 0.07 by Luc St-Louis

Test::Usage is a different approach to testing: selective, quieter, colorful.


Let's say we are building module To exercise it, we write a usage examples module,, which may eventually look something like this:

package Foo_T;
use Test::Usage;
use strict;

duv Visual Disk Usage 2.0 by BitWagon Software LLC.

duv visual disk usage draws an interactive visualization of disk usage, with display area proportional to disk space.

The map may be based on directory hierarchy, uid of owner, file extension (.c, .mp3, etc.), or number of days since last access or modification. As you move the pointer across the d… 

WMMemFree 0.7 by Draghicioiu Mihai

WMMemFree shows system memory usage. It runs as a dockapp for WindowMaker or some other window manager which supports dockapps.

On the top side you have your physical memory usage and on the bottom there's
your swap space usage. The following options can be passed to WMMemFree on the command lin… 

wmdf 1.6 by Anthony Peacock

wmdf is a dockapp to monitor disk space on partitions.

An app to monitor disk usage,the app makes use of the OS's filesystem info and partition info functions so is very low on the CPU usage scale. It allows you to toggle the mount point with scrolling information about the disk usage and free sp… 

KompctMon 1R3B by shozaemon

KompctMon is SuperKaramba theme shows following informations with simple and compact.

CPU Usage (0~100%:sector graph)
CPU Frequency (0.00~9.99 GHz:digit)
CPU Temperature (0c~75c:horizontal bar graph)
MEMORY Usage (0~100%:sector graph)
SWAP I/O per sec (0~999/sec:digit)
SWAP Usage (… 

All System Info by revolutionist

All System Info is a system info SuperKaramba theme. Simple english version...

It shows:
System Info
CPU usage
Network Usage
Memory Load
HDD usage


Duff GTK 0.0.2 by Daniel Brodie

Duff GTK is a tool to see the disk usage of your folders and files to help you clean up your drive.

Shows the disk usage of a folder using a graphic interface.


What's New in This Release:
First actually usable version… 

WMMemMon 1.0.1 by Seiichi SATO

WMMemMon is a memory/swap monitor dockapp. The current memory usage is displaied as the outside pie-slices. The swap usage is represented by the inside slices.

The back-light may be turned on/off by clicking the mouse button over the appliacation. If the usage hits a certain threshold, an alarm-m… 

KStatus enhanced 1.1 by QwertV2

KStatus enhanced is a modified version of a note SuperKaramba panel: Kstatus 1.1.

I've removed the XMMS info panel and addedd the harware monitoring feature. So I've updated the icon set too.

It monitors:
System Info
CPU usage
RAM usage
HDD usage
Network usage
System uptime

check_dir 1.1 by Matteo Corti

check_dir is a Nagios plugin to check the number of files in one or more directories.



-d dirname directory
-r recursive
-c crit critical
-w warn warning
-v verbose

What's New in This Release:
The unkown tag was added.

allMonitors 0.3 by Lemmur

allMonitors is a system monitoring SuperKaramba theme.

It shows:

CPU usage
Network Load
Memory Load
HDD usage


What's New in This Release:
New style… 

Keep IT Simple 0.1 by KonMan

Keep IT Simple is a simple, customizable, Conky-like theme for Superkaramba featuring a mail-checker and a temperatures monitor.


It monitors:

CPU usage
HDD usage
Network load
Memory load
e-mail inbox


online.php 1.0 by Claas

online.php analyses /var/log/ppp-usage and displays connection statistics. It also prints some information about your current PPP connection.

Well, I was inspired by the script Onlinecalc by Michael Schlenstedt ( His script is heavily based upon "calc" by Ulrich Schmitz.

wmsupermon 1.2.0 by Sergei Golubchik

wmsupermon project is a universal monitoring dockapp.

It can be used to monitor CPU usage, disk I/O, memory usage, swap, filesystems, space utilization, network traffic, wireless link quality, CPU frequency, CPU temperature, fan speed, voltages (without requiring lm_sensors), battery status (with… 

Analog 6.0 by Stephen Turner

Analog is an application that will help you measure the usage on your web server. It tells you which pages are most popular, which countries people are visiting from, which sites they tried to follow broken links from, and all sorts of other useful information.

Here are some key features of "Ana… 



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