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User::Identity::Archive 0.90 by Mark Overmeer

User::Identity::Archive is a base class for archiving user information.


is a User::Identity::Item

User::Identity::Archive is extended by


use User::Identity::Archive::Plain;
my $friends = User::Ide… 

General Graphical User Interface 0.5.1 by Panayotis Katsaloulis

General Graphics User Interface is an effort to produce a common graphical user interface for any command-line program.

It uses a wizard-like input front end to collect the information needed. It then calls the desired program automatically with all the necessary options.

The user is able to p… 

KDE PureFTPd User Manager by Ole Behrmann

Kpum is a user manager for the pureftpd server. You can add, modify and delete users of the pureftpd server.

Currently only the pureftpd.pdb database is supported. Kpum is a application for the KDE environment.


make -f admin/Makefile.common
make install… 

pam_realm 0.2 by Mikhail Sobolev

pam_realm checks the user name against being of form user@realm, where realm is supplied as an argument. In case the check succeeds, this @realm part is stripped, and the control is passed to the following module.



does not do anytning at the moment



UserRC 1.0.0 by Matthew Jenkins

UserRC is a small program to run from rcNG to start or stop user processes at bootup and shutdown.

A feew checks are made on the scripts before they are executed:

1) Is the script owned by right person?
2) Are the file permissions restrictive enough?

A user's RC files are placed in $HOME… 

Open as user 0.1 by bram85

Open as user is a servicemenu allows you to open a file as a different user.


To install, put the file in ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus and restart Konqueror.


readpreprompt 0.1 by /dev/kev

readpreprompt is a simple program to read a string of text from the user.

The difference between this program and the bash builtin "read" command is that this program allows you to specify text that will be initially placed into the input edit buffer.

That is, you can specify "default" input… 

AxisPHP 1.2.4 by Edward Almasy

AxisPHP is a library of useful PHP objects and routines. AxisPHP provides PHP objects for the creation of PostScript and PDF documents, objects for the handling of sessions and user accounts, and a variety of smaller useful objects and subroutines.

PHP 4.0 or later is required to run AxisPHP.Axis… 

Configurable Audible User Interface 0.6 by Peter Willis

Configurable Audible User Interface in short caui is a simple plugin-based audible user interface.

Plugins use speech synthesis software to interact with a user and perform specific actions. The main method of input is a keyboard or number pad.

This project is the successor to the Blind MP3 Pl… 

Gimp User Manual 0.11 by The GIMP Help Team

GIMP User Manual project is a user manual for the GIMP. It is written for the GIMP Help Browser, but can produce help pages for other formats as well.

What's New in This Release:
New content for German, Spanish, Russian, Czech, and French translations. Spelling and grammar fixes for German, Fre… 

runsuid 1.4 by Matthias Hopf

runsuid runs a script with another user-id/group-id, when the user has the right to do so according to the configuration file.

If used in the right combination with access restrictions this can ease the life of system administrators. Additionally, it can be used for running CGI-scripts as differe… 

gnome-user-share 0.10 by Alexander Larsson

gnome-user-share is a small package that binds together various free software projects to bring easy to use user-level file sharing to the masses.

gnome-user-share is meant to run in the background when the user is logged in, and when file sharing is enabled a webdav server is started that share… 

ui 0.9.6-1 by Jem Miller

UI is an admin utility that renames existing users and adds users to a group.

ui is a user information utility that can display user information, list users from a given UID (or UID 500 by default), add a user to a group, rename a user along with his home directory and update his home directory f… 

HTTPGate 1.0 beta 3 by Tomi Ollila

HTTPGate project is a filtering HTTP Gateway originally intended to enchange user's privacy when surfing on the net, but it can also be used to avoid censorware systems in web browsing.

HTTPGate operates on a user definable internet port where the user connects using a web browser.


Kazehakase 0.4.3 by Hiroyuki Ikezoe

Kazehakase is a Web browser which aims to provide a user interface that is truly user-friendly & fully customizable.

Kazehakase supports tabbed browsing, a "remote bookmark" feature (through RSS) in a menu or sidebar, a variable UI to adapt to the user's skill level, and customizable mouse g… 

Test Master 0.2 by Ryan Mann

Test Master project allows a user to put questions into a text file and have the computer ask the user the questions.

The computer will tell the user whether they got the question correct or not. In addition to short answer questions, it supports multiple choice questions with the choices given i… 

Dolda Connect 0.2 by Fredrik Tolf

Dolda Connect is a modular P2P filesharing client built around the Direct Connect model. It supports most of the latest features of the DC protocol.

It runs in client/server mode with a well defined protocol, allowing extensibility, flexibility, and multiple detachable user interfaces. Dolda Conn… 

driveplugger 12-06-2006 by Calin

driveplugger is a removable storage manager that safely puts control into the hands of the user. driveplugger project makes devices such as USB drives, CDROMs, or any other removable media easy to use. The user can assign names to devices. Browsing, ejection, and other operations can be done through… 

PrefGenerate 0.2 by Niels Ippensen

PrefGenerate is a script used to configure user accounts without the need for user interaction.

PrefGenerate sets up a complete Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird profile, as well as the window manager Icewm. It's currently used in an enviroment with over 8000 users.


Rpmrestore 1.0 by Gerbier Eric

Rpmrestore allows the user to show the differences (user, group, mode, mtime, size) between a package's status on install and its current status. This act as an improvement of the functionality provied by the "rpm -V" command.

It also allows the user to restore the attributes to their original st… 



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