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ui 0.9.6-1 by Jem Miller

UI is an admin utility that renames existing users and adds users to a group.

ui is a user information utility that can display user information, list users from a given UID (or UID 500 by default), add a user to a group, rename a user along with his home directory and update his home directory f… 

Squid Users Manager 1.2.0 by Fred Cox

Squid Users Manager is a web-enabled and intuitive user interface written upon Ruby on Rails web development framework that manager Squid Proxy NCSA auth users across MD5 digest files.

The project is Open Source and distributed under the terms of the GPL licence.

What's New in This Release:

phpftp 2.2 by Paul Southworth

This is an FTP client implemented in PHP. It is freely distributed under a BSD-style copyright, which you will find in the source.

If you're using PHP 3, you must have version 3.0.17 or higher to run this software. If you're using PHP 4, you must have 4.0.3 or higher.

What's N… 

JAP 00.05.056 by JAP Team

JAP project makes it possible to browse the Web anonymously and unobservably. JAP uses a single static address which is shared by many JAP users.

That way, neither the visited Web site nor an eavesdropper can determine which user visited which Web site.

Instead of connecting directly to a Web… 

GeekLog 1.3.11 by Tony Bibbs

Geeklog is a weblog powered by PHP and MySQL. It allows you within minutes to set up a fully functioning dynamic website, and has many features to get you started.

Here are some key features of "GeekLog":
User-system, allowing members of the public to register for your site and submit stories.

Ouliblog 1.03 by Ouliblog Team

OuLiBlog is the "OUvroir de LItt?rature BLOGuesque": a Web-based "social" blog reader (technically an RSS/Atom aggregator) that supports multiple readers (each reader with an individual account and its own blog list) and social exchange.

Users of Ouliblog expose their reading list and highlight the… 

Epona 1.4.19 by PegSoft

Epona is a set of services for IRC networks that allows users to manage their nicks and channels in a secure and efficient way, and administrators to manage their network with powerful tools.

Currently available services are:

NickServ : a powerful nickname manager that users can use to protect… 

Pan 0.116 by Charles Kerr

Pan is a newsreader which attempts to be pleasing to both new and experienced users. In addition to the standard newsreader features, Pan also supports yEnc, offline newsreading, article filtering, multiple connections, and more features for power users and alt.binaries fans.

Pan is also the only… 

passwd_exp 1.2.9 by Sam

Passwd_exp notifies users via email of password or account expiration. Administrators can review expired accounts in the system.

passwd_exp has a modular architecture that allows you to perform expiration checks on any data source you use (databases, LDAP, NIS, etc.) and send expiration warnings… 

LibIdent C library 0.32 by Remi Denis-Courmont

LibIdent is a small C library for interfacing with RFC 1413 Identification protocol servers, which are used for identifying users. LibIdent C library supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses transparently.

It is meant to be used by daemons to try to authenticate users using the Ident protocol. For t… 

Siege 1.0 by Jeffrey Fulmer

SIEGE is an http regression testing and benchmarking utility. It was designed to let web developers measure the performance of their code under duress, to see how it will stand up to load on the internet.

Siege project lets the user hit a webserver with a configurable number of concurrent simulat… 

dirqmail 0.14 by Pawel Foremski

dirqmail is a qmail patch which adds simple and fast virtual users support based on directories.

dirqmail puts users in /var/qmail/mail/< domain >/< login > directories, so for instance if /var/qmail/mail/ directory exists, qmail will treat as a local domain, will acc… 

stat4proftpd 1.0.1 by Dmitry Shurupov

stat4proftpd is a Perl script (with console interface) that shows some statistics (input/output traffic, the most requested files, the most active users) taken from the default TransferLog file(s) created by ProFTPD.

Perl modules: Time::localtime

What's New in… 

Canzoniere 0.2.0 by Gabriele Bartolini

Canzoniere is an Mp3 mood classifier.

Canzoniere is an mp3 classification tool, which allows users to classify their songs using personal criteria such as artist score, song score and moods (i.e. romantic, relax, party, etc.). Users can then select their mood and play songs that match.


CD-Mason 0.1 by Felix Braun

A GTK+ gui for cdrecord and mkisofs aimed at being easy to use for inexeperienced users.

CD-Mason is yet another GUI frontend for cdrecord and mkisofs. It tries to make CD burning on Linux and other POSIX platforms as easy as possible.

It has been designed with novice desktop users in mind (t… 

AutoProfile 2.14 by Casey Ho

AutoProfile is an extension to Gaim that allows users to create customized away messages and profiles using dynamic "components" that automatically update on a regular basis.

Generated text can include song names from XMMS/Winamp/iTunes, fortune quotes, computer uptime, the contents of a Web page o… 

Oxylus Newsletters System 0.2 by OXYLUS Development

Oxylus Newsletters System is a complex newsletter system. It allows you to manage multiple groups.

You can import and export users, and public subscription is allowed. Oxylus Newsletters System project allows linux users to schedule newsletters for a specific date using a crontab job.

For each… 

Module::Build::TestReporter 1.00 by chromatic

Module::Build::TestReporter is a Perl module to help users report test failures.


use Module::Build::TestReporter;
my $build = Module::Build::TestReporter->new(
# normal Module::Build code here

# or, in your own M::B subclass

package My::Module::Build;


e-Przelewy 1.0 by

e-Przelewy allows users to create, manage, and print money transfer forms (druki przelew?w) used (and very popular) in Poland.

e-Przelewy project also allows users to print forms for tax institutions like ZUS and US.… 

PPMy 0.5 by Daniel Sundberg & Per ?kergren

PPMy is a simple webb based administration utility to administrate users and groups to a proftpd ftp server with its users and groups in a MySQL database. All documentation you need to get started should be included in the HOWTO. If not, please drop me a mail and tell how I can improve the HOWTO.



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