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Data::Type 0.01.04 by Murat ?nalan

Data::Type is a Perl module with versatile data and value types.


use Data::Type qw(:all);
use Error qw(:try);

verify $email , EMAIL;
verify $homepage , URI('http');

cksfv 1.3.9 by Heikki Orsila

cksfv is a program that can use the .sfv file to verify the downloaded files. Also, cksfv can be used to create new .sfv files.

Some files that you download will come with a .sfv file. This is used to verify that the files that you received are the same as the originals.

What's New in This Rel… 

Parano 0.3.0 by Gautier Portet

Parano is a GNOME program to create, edit and verify hashfiles. For now SFV and MD5 formats are supported.


What's New in This Release:
Better UI (files sorted by status, better progress/status).
GnomeVFS Support.
SHA-1 hashfile loading/s… 

jzipscript 3.100712 by Moshe Jacobson

jzipscript is a program that runs in conjunction with the gl FTP daemon (glFtpD) to verify uploaded file integrity and to keep per-user and per-group statistics.

This is my well-known zipscript. It is used to verify uploaded file integrity and to keep per-user and per-group statistics. Collected… 

CkFormLogin 1.0 by identicentric

CkFormLogin is a plug-in for the Nagios network monitoring system that makes it more useful in the context of secured Web sites (with login forms) and access management/single sign-on protected environments.

Originally developed to monitor Web applications that require authenticated access, it wo… AIM Client 1.0 by Blaine Simpson AIM Client is a PHP client for the AIM API for customers can use this class to submit credit card charges to This is a PHP port of the Java class com.admc.lm.AIM.

Make sure to verify the checksums, and do not obtain these files from an… 

mod_xmltime 1.1 by Daniel Bibbens

mod_xmltime produces an XML timestamp for +1200 to -1200 UTC Zones. mod_xmltime creates an XML Date/Time graph.


Verify that you have a late version of libxml2.
Verify that 'apxs' is on your path (it should have installed with your Apache installation).
Download mod_xmltime… 

Ecc 0.2.2 by David Stes

ECC is a package for Elliptic Curve cryptography.

ECC is implemented by using OpenSSL 0.9.6a or higher, for message digests and symmetric ciphers, and by using the Portable Object Compiler and Computer Algebra Kit for the elliptic curve cryptography.

Important note: you need version 3.2.5 of t… 

mod_rssindex 1.0 by Daniel Bibbens

mod_rssindex is an Apache module which creates a non-recursive RSS 2.0 feed of the directory contained in the HTTP Request.

Apache 1.3.x


Verify that you have a late version of libxml2.
Verify that 'apxs' is on your path (it should have installed… 

FormatCheck 01.01.00 by David Read

FormatCheck is a Java-based application used to verify the format of flat files. The verification can be quite complex including verification of header/child records within a file, checking for batch header/trailer value matches, and requiring 1 of a set of fields within a record. FormatCheck projec… 

Jabberpresence 2.0.1 by Collaborative Development Group

Jabberpresence is a Thunderbird extension that has the purpose to verify the presence (online status) of your Jabber contacts.

Users can add their Jabber accounts (Tools->Jabber Account Setting). A new panel is added in the bottom-left corner, listing contacts presence status.

Also, users can… 

Cdck GUI 0.9.1 by Alexey Semenoff

Cdck GUI is a frontend for Cdck program.

Actually cdck is a simple program to verify CD/DVD quality. The known fact is that even if all files on the disc are readable, some sectors having bad timing can easily turn into unreadable ones in the future.

To get an idea about disc cdck reads it s… 

Checkbot 1.78 by Hans de Graaff

Checkbot is a tool to verify links on a set of HTML pages. Checkbot can check a single document, or a set of documents on one or more servers. It creates a report which summarizes all links which caused some kind of warning or error.

perl 5 (version 5.8 recommended)
LWP 5.76 (th… 

mod_xobjex 1.0.1 by Daniel Bibbens

mod_xobjex converts each HTTP Request into an XML Graph and applies the requested XSLT stylesheet. Uses libxml2 and libxslt.

One of the first examples seen when learning XSL is that of an XML document that refers to an XSL template in a processing instruction. We've turned that process around. As… 

mod_verify 1.4 by Anthony C Howe

mod_verify Apache module is a ownership & permission verification for Apache 1.3.

This module is intended to verify ownership and permissions of directories and files within a web site's hierarchy without having to use setuid() and setgid(), ie. no root privileges needed.

In order for this mo… 

SMK PHP Authentication Class 1.0.1 by SoftMarket

SMK PHP Authentication Class package can be used to authenticate users against a MySQL database of user records.

It can verify whether there is a record for an active user given the user name and password. If the authentication succeeds, it creates a record for a new session in another database t… 

QProg 0.3 by Brandon Fosdick

QProg project is a software interface to the popular DIY line of PIC programmers sold by and is intended to be a cross- platform replacement for the software provided with the DIY kits.


I don't have a Linux box of any flavor so there's no way for me to generate any of… 

Authen::Captcha 1.023 by Seth T. Jackson and Josh I. Miller

Authen::Captcha is a Perl extension for creating captcha's to verify the human element in transactions.


use Authen::Captcha;

# create a new object
my $captcha = Authen::Captcha->new();

# set the data_folder. contains flatfile db to maintain state

WmCdrom 0.4 by Matteo Lucarelli

WmCdrom is a dock application for WindowMaker. When launched WmCdrom creates a 48 x 48 pixel showing an icon (centered in a 64 x 64 pixel tile). To dock WmCdrom, left-click on the border of the tile and drag the tile to the dock area.

By clicking the icon you can mount,unmount,eject and launch a… 

dkop 017 by kornelix

dkop project is a Linux utility program for copying disk files to recordable DVD media. With dkop, you can copy your files to DVD for safekeeping or archival storage, and verify that the copy is good (no read errors). dkop is a free program licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Three kin… 



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