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WWW::Google::Video 0.3 by Lilo Huang

WWW::Google::Video is a fetch the Google Video Information.


use WWW::Google::Video;

$foo=new WWW::Google::Video;

# The Google Video Page URL, such as… 

Video::Info::FOO 0.993 by Allen Day

Video::Info::FOO is a Perl module for video information.

Video::Info::FOO - what is it useful for? an example list:

-video codec
-audio codec
-frame height
-frame width
-frame count
and more!


use Video::Info::FOO;

my $video;


File::Headerinfo::Video 0.03 by William Ross

File::Headerinfo::Video is an extractor of useful information from video files.

File::Headerinfo::Video uses Video::Info to read the headers of video clips (of various kinds) and a few audio files, and extract from them the useful information we crave.

File::Headerinfo::Video can handle all th… 

Video::Info 0.993 by Allen Day

Video::Info can retrieve video properties such as: height width codec fps.


use Video::Info;

my $info = Video::Info->new(-file=>'my.mpg');

## ... see methods below

Video::Info is a factory class for working with video files. When you… 

Video::OpenQuicktime 1.02 by Allen Day

Video::OpenQuicktime is an interface to the OpenQuicktime library.


use Video::OpenQuicktime;

my $qt = Video::OpenQuicktime->new(file=>"");

From the OpenQuicktime site, http://www… 

Video::Info::Magic 0.993 by Allen Day

Video::Info::Magic can resolve video filetype if possible.


use strict;
use Video::Info::Magic qw(:all);

my $type = divine('/path/to/video.mpg' );

print $type; #MPEG system stream data (maybe)

## ... see methods below


various constants related to video… 

SDL::Video 2.1.3 by David J. Goehrig

SDL::Video is a SDL perl extension.


$video = new SDL::Video ( -name => 'pr0n.mpg' );

SDL::Video adds support for MPEG video to your SDL Perl application. Videos are objects bound to surfaces, whose playback is controled through the object's interface.



Video::Info::RIFF 0.993 by Allen Day

Video::Info::RIFF is a Perl module that can probe DivX and AVI files for attributes like:

-video codec
-audio codec
-frame height
-frame width
-frame count
and more!


use Video::Info::RIFF;

my $video;

$video = Video::Info::RIFF->new(-file=>$filename);… 

DVD Home Video Project 0.4.0 by DVD Home Video Project Team

DVD Home Video Project is a tool that provides a simple, quick way to transform video on a DV camcorder into a fully functional DVD, including a menu with optional background images and music.


What's New in This Release:
Cosmetic fixes were made.
The main… 

PlayStation Portable Video Converter 0.2.1 by Philippe MAES

PlayStation Portable Video Converter (PSPVC) is a FFMPEG front-end to convert video files for the PSP. PlayStation Portable Video Converter allow you to queue severals conversions with different parameters for each.


* MPEG4/SP (all firmware)
* H264/AVC (firmware 2.0+)


Video server 0.6 by Univision

Video server is a streaming video server which feeds a Java applet/application for display. The updates are rather slow, somewhere in the 10 frames/second range on a PIII. The server is written in Bigloo scheme and C. The client is written in Java.

To bring up the video server you have to do the… 

DV Video Assembler 0.93 by DV Video Assembler Team

This application is particularly useful for owners of digital DV video camera's and other people who use the Sony DV video format for high quality video production.

'DV Assembler' allows you to append multiple Sony DV files with nice looking transition effects for both audio and video. Multiple t… 

FFmpeg::Stream::Video 5704 by Allen Day

FFmpeg::Stream::Video is a video stream from a (multi)media stream group.


$ff = FFmpeg->new(); #see FFmpeg
$sg = $ff->create_streamgroup(); #see FFmpeg
$st = ($sg->streams())[0]; #this is a FFmpeg::Stream

Objects of this class are not intended to b… 

Video::Info::MPEG 0.993 by Benjamin R. Ginter and Allen Day

Video::Info::MPEG is a basic MPEG bitstream attribute parser.


use strict;
use Video::Info::MPEG;

my $video = Video::Info::MPEG->new( -file => $filename );

print $file->type; ## MPEG

## Audio information
print $file->acodec; ##… 

GNU VCDImager/VCDRip 0.7.23 by Herbert Valerio Riedel

GNU VCDImager is a program for making Video CD (and Super Video CD, a.k.a. SVCD) images out of MPEG movie files.

The images it creates are ready to use with programs which understand BIN/CUE images, such as cdrdao. GNU VCDRip allows for reversing the process, ripping mpeg tracks from (Super) Vide… 

Video::DVDRip 0.97.12 by Joern Reder

Video::DVDRip is a GUI for copying DVDs, based on an open Low Level API.

This Perl module consists currently of two major components:

1. A low level OO style API for ripping and transcoding DVD video, which is based on Thomas Oestreichs program transcode, a Linux Video Stream Processing Tool.… 

Linux Video Editor 050926 by Gerhard Monzel

Linux Video Editor provides frame and GOP accurate editing of MPEG1/2 files. Video scenes are handled as thumbnails movable by drag and drop.

Final videos can be build with or without re-encoding. Tools for shrinking and DVD authoring are also available.

What's New in This Release:

Amarok Video Player 0.1 by Bono

I like using Amarok for managing my podcasts but I wasn't able to play my video podcasts.

Amarok Video Player adds a PlayVideo/Play menu item to the context menu which runs KMPlayer.

Edit the script to change KMplayer to another video player.


Mplayer-video-thumbnailer 1.3-2 by Ravinder Rathi

Mplayer-video-thumbnailer is a shell script for thumbnails preview in nautilus.

A shell script which can ganrate thumbnails of video files in nautilus using mplayer.

GTK+ version 2.8.x

What's New in This Release:
applay better way of sed to filter speac… 

Veejay 0.9.8 by Niels Elburg

Veejay is a visual instrument and realtime video sampler. Veejay allows you to "play" the video like you would play a piano. While playing, you can record the resulting video directly to disk (video sampling). Veejay can be operated live by using the keyboard (which is 100% user definable) and / or… 



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