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HTTP Anti Virus Proxy 0.83 by Christian Hilgers

HAVP (HTTP Antivirus Proxy) is a proxy with a ClamAV anti-virus scanner. HTTP Anti Virus Proxy aims are continuous, non-blocking downloads and smooth scanning of dynamic and password protected HTTP traffic.

Havp antivirus proxy has a parent and transparent proxy mode. It can be used with squid or… 

POP3 Virus Scanner Proxy 0.4 by Folke Ashberg

POP3 Virus Scanner Proxy is a full-transparent proxy daemon which scans all mails for viruses using third party scanners (built-in support for AVPD and Trophie).

You have to set up a port redirection in the linux-netfilter (iptables) so that all connections from e.g. inside your office to any P… 

Viralator Proxy Virus Scanner 0.9.7 by Viralator Team

Viralator is a Perl script that virus scans HTTP/FTP downloads request on a UNIX server after passing through the Squid proxy server.

Even when I implemented virus protection for my network email server we still continued to get the odd virus. Most of the viruses came from people using free webma… 

AVG Anti-Virus Definitions 7.1.30 by Grisoft

AVG Anti-Virus Definitions are virus definitions for AVG Anti-Virus software.

About AVG Anti-Virus:

AVG Professional Single Edition is perfectly designed to give you the maximum antivirus protection for your single home PC or workstation.

It is simple to install and operate. No IT expertise… 

Corbicula Anti Virus 0.0.20060505-1 by Pascal de Bruijn

Corbicula Anti Virus is a GNOME HIG compliant front end for ClamAV.

Corbicula Anti Virus tries to be the simplest possible anti virus application, without any fancy features who nobody uses anyway...

GTK+ version 2.4.x


frox 0.7.17 by James Hollingshead

Frox is a transparent FTP proxy that runs under Linux and BSD. It should also work on other UNIX OSes that use ipfilter.

It supports caching of FTP downloads, either by redirecting through a Squid proxy, or through its own local cache. Downloads may also be transparently scanned for viruses (thro… 

P3Scan 2.9.04d by Jack S. Lai

P3Scan is a full transparent proxy server for email clients. It runs on a Linux box with iptables (for port redirection).

P3Scan can be used to provide email scanning from the Internet to any internal network, and is ideal for helping to protect your "Other OS" LAN from harm, especially when used… 

ClamShell 2.2 by Richard Schwalb

ClamShell gives you an easy graphical tool for running the clamscan anti-virus command line engine.

ClamShell project has built-in reporting of both the scan activity as well as any virus activity found, customization options, and virus definition updating.

What's New in This Release:
This r… 

mod_clamav 0.21 by Andreas M?ller

mod_clamav is a virus scanning module which uses the Clam Antivirus (clamav) package to scan Web traffic for viruses. Apache 2 introduces filters, which allow to modify content generated by some other module. mod_clamav is an Apache 2 filter which scans the content delivered by the proxy module (mod… 

Maverix 2.5 by Vlad Seryakov and Eric Dean

Maverix is an Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus solution for AOLServer.

This is AOLserver module that implements SMTP protocol and acts as SMTP proxy with anti-spam and anti-virus capabilities. It includes Web interface to manage quarantined messages and administrative interface based on OSSWEB.


gadoyanvirus 0.4 by Mohammad Damt

gadoyanvirus is a virus checker for qmail that works with the QMAILQUEUE patch by Bruce Guenter. gadoyanvirus scans incoming messages using the ClamAV anti-virus library.

Suspected messages are quarantined and a notification message can optionally be sent to the recipients.

ClamAV 0… 

Proxy Detector 0.1 by Daantje Eeltink

Proxy Detector is a PHP class that can detect HTTP requests via proxy. This class can detect if a visitor uses a proxy server by scanning the headers returned by the user client.

When the user uses a proxy server, most of the proxy servers alter the header. The header is returned to PHP in the arra… 

Proxy Scanner 2.0 by Angelo Rosiello

Proxy Scanner is a tool that looks for proxy servers and tells you whether or not they can bounce your connection.

The software is very easy to use.

To compile it, you must execute the Makefile.
To get a scansion of a b-block or c one:

./proxyscanner 192.168 22… 

ClamSMTP 1.6 by Nate Nielsen

ClamSMTP project is an SMTP filter that allows you to check for viruses using the ClamAV anti-virus software.

It accepts SMTP connections and forwards the SMTP commands and responses to another SMTP server. The 'DATA' email body is intercepted and scanned before forwarding.

ClamSMTP aims to be lig… 

Virus Killer 1.0 by Parallel Realities

Your computer has been invaded! Dozens of little viruses are pouring in via security holes in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft MSN Messenger and Microsoft Recycle Bin!!

Using your trusty mouse you must shoot the buggers before they can destroy your files! Some will steal… 

Reapoff 0.24 by Michael Cohen

Regular Expression, Arbitrary Protocol, Opensource Filtering Firewall (Reapoff) is an arbitrary protocol proxy. A proxy server is a program which accepts connections on behalf of another program and forwards these connections to the original program. There are a many different commonly used proxies… 

smf-zombie 1.0.0 by Eugene Kurmanin

smf-zombie is a SendmailTM filter for SPAM and virus filtration from zombie PC.
More than 80% of SPAM is going from the infected Windows computers (zombie PC).

This filter aims to be lightweight, reliable, and simple rather than have a myriad of options. It's written in C and works under Linux/… 

Shrew Proxy/Filter 0.1.0 by Thomas Metge

Shrew Proxy/Filter is a tiny proxy built on WEBrick's HTTPProxyServer, extended for both URL and content filtering. Shrew Proxy/Filter is designed to be small, simple to configure, and easy to install.

It is extremely small, lightweight, and works quite well. All blacklists (both URL and content)… 

Aegis Virus Scanner 2.0.0 by Gavin Brown

Aegis project is a virus scanner for Linux, Unix and Windows with a simple and intuitive user interface.

Aegis supports scanning of subdirectories, hidden files and .zip and .tar archive files, and drag-and-drop of files from the Nautilus file browser, or your Gnome desktop. When a virus is dete… 

Ftp.proxy 1.2.3 by Andreas Schoenberg

ftp.proxy is an application level gateway for FTP. It sits between a client and a server forwarding command and data streams supporting a subset of the file transfer protocol as described in RFC 959.

But, beside this basic function which makes the program useful on firewall or masqueraders it off… 



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