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homeLANsecurity 1.6.0 by James Howard

It was born out of the desire for an easy to configure, well documented, robust IPtables firewall. It has been made with the individual user or small business in mind. With that said, I've had plenty of e-mails from administrators that are using HLS in a large corporate environment. It was just not… 

pynids 0.5 by Michael J. Pomraning

pynids is a python wrapper for libnids, a Network Intrusion Detection System library offering sniffing, IP defragmentation, TCP stream reassembly and TCP port scan detection. Let your own python routines examine (or kill) network links.

pynids is free software, licensed under the GPL.

To ins… 

Buenos 1.1.0 by The Buenos Team

Buenos is a small SMP operating system skeleton which can be used as a base for operating systems project courses. Buenos runs in a machine simulator called YAMS, which is also available here.

Buenos project is intended to be used as OS project base code which students can improve. Extensive docu… 

php3guest 1.8.0 by Bastian Friedrich

php3guest is a Web guestbook written in PHP using a MySQL backend. Entries can easily be edited or removed by the owner via a Web interface. Installation and configuration is easy and well documented.

php3guest features modular language support with multiple sample modules (e.g. German, Chinese,… 

Gambit 0.2006.01.20 by Ted Turocy

Gambit project is a library of game theory software and tools for the construction and analysis of finite extensive and normal form games.

Gambit is designed to be portable across platforms: it currently is known to run on Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X, and Windows 98 and later.

Here are some key fe… 

z80ex 0.15 by Boo-boo

z80ex is a portable ZiLOG Z80 CPU emulator designed as a library.

Goals include precise opcode emulation (documented and undocumented), exact timings for each opcode (including I/O operations), and simultaneous operation of several virtual CPUs.

Here are some key features of "z80ex":
precise opco… 

Term::ReadLine::Gnu 1.16 by Hiroo Hayashi

Term::ReadLine::Gnu is a Perl extension for the GNU Readline/History Library.


use Term::ReadLine;
$term = new Term::ReadLine 'ProgramName';
while ( defined ($_ = $term->readline('prompt>')) ) {

This is an implementation of Term::ReadLine using the GNU Readline… 

AspectES 0.1 by Christopher M Balz

AspectES is an implementation of Aspect-Oriented Programming in JavaScript 1.5, as standardized by EcmaScript Specification 262.

AspectES project contains core classes that enable software engineers to gracefully develop JavaScript applications that have clear, well-documented designs that incorp… 

eZ components 1.1.2 by eZ systems AS.

eZ components project is an enterprise-ready, general-purpose PHP platform.

As a collection of high-quality independent building blocks for PHP application development, eZ components will both speed up development and reduce risks.

An application can use one or more components easily, as they… 

PPort 0.6.8 by Corcalciuc V. Horia

PPort is a simple yet handy automation program and its documented counterpart for interfacing a PC with external devices.

With this bundle, one can control any household appliance or electronic device with minimal hassle and practically no changes… 

YIFF 2.14.5 by WolfPack Entertainment

YIFF is a high performance, stable, and fully documented sound server for UNIX games and applications.

It employs a network transparent API which allows multiple client programs to access sound capabilities in a similar way to how X clients do graphics.

The Y Sound System employs a few additi… 

EtherDam 0.4 by Kelledin

EtherDam is a firewall configuration engine that relies on iptables. It presents firewall configuration as a somewhat simpler scripting language that's still flexible enough for most purposes.

So why not just use iptables?

Well, let's just face one thing: iptables is a pain to manage. By 'pain… 

Gimp::Module 1.211 by Marc Lehmann

Gimp::Module can run scripts embedded into the Gimp program.


not anything you would expect - and not documented, even!


Computational Linguistics Toolset 1.1.4 by Wybo Wiersma

The Computational Linguistics Toolset is a set of tools for computational linguistics. Computational Linguistics Toolset project contains re-usable code for cleaning, splitting, refining, and taking samples from corpora (ICE, Penn, and a native one), for tagging them using the TnT-tagger, for doing… 

TurboGears 0.8.9 by Kevin Dangoor

TurboGears project is based on the agile, mature, cross-platform, well-documented, easy and fun Python programming language.

Python makes it super simple to get started with TurboGears, whether you're running Windows, Linux, Mac OS X or even a cell phone. OK, so you're probably not going to want… 

MB-Ruby 0.3.0 by Paul Duncan

MB-Ruby project provides MusicBrainz bindings for Ruby.


What's New in This Release:
The examples were cleaned up.
Several new MusicBrainz queries were added, and all of them were documented.
API documentation for the TRM module was added.
Ruby 1.8-style allocators… 

Perl OpenID 1.1 by Dag Arneson

Perl OpenID is a perl module for verifying OpenID identities.

Here are some key features of "Perl OpenID":
asy-to-use API
Does not depend on underlying web framework
Extensive documentaion
Ready-to-use store implementation
Test suite
Licensed under the LGPL

What's New in This Relea… 

XOAD by Stanimir Angeloff

XOAD, formerly known as NAJAX, is a AJAX/XAP object oriented framework for PHP that allows you to create richer Web applications. It uses JSON and native PHP serialized objects to communicate.

Special attention has been paid to security. XOAD supports server side events (observation) and client s… 

vpopmail 5.4.16 by vpopmail Team

vpopmail (vchkpw) is a collection of programs and a library to automate the creation and maintenance of virtual domain email configurations for qmail installations using either a single UID/GID or any valid UID/GID in /etc/passwd with a home directory

Features are provided in the library for othe… 

SCRAP 1.0.0 by Fabio Pugliese Ornellas

SCRAP project is capable of working with any video4linux compatible device, supporring all of its documented features.

It can grab frames from multiple inputs of a single device and also support working with multiple capture boards at the same time, giving user the advantage of a low-cost recording… 



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