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MMSlib 0.96 by Stefan Hellkvist

MMSlib is a PHP library for encoding, decoding, and sending MMSes.

In short it is the successor of SMS (Short Message Service) with the enhancements that you can not only send text but basically any content type your phone can handle such as images, text, videos, ring signals and audio clips.


SideSMS 1.0 by Federico Galli

SideSMS sends SMS trought Italian sites and if requests works as interface for smssend.

SideSMS use italian gateways for sending SMS. It's multiplatform. SideSMS has a lot of features for sending and managing sms and accounts.

GTK+ version 2.8.x
Python 2.4
Pygtk 2.8 for GU… 

UltraSMS 0.5.6 by Tim Ellis

UltraSMS is a free utility for sending and recieving mobile phone SMS messages to and from a MySQL database on Linux, Unix, Mac OS X etc.

UltraSMS was created as an inexpensive solution for SMS enabling web (or other) applications as easily as possible for the developer. For instructions on how t… 

ickle 0.3.2 by Alex Antropofff

ickle is an ICQ2000 Client using the GTK+ graphical toolkit. It aims to bring all the useful features of ICQ2000 to non-windows usersand also SMS messaging.

Here are some key features of "ickle":
Message sending/receiving
URL sending/receiving
SMS sending/receiving, including delivery repor… 

trapdoor2 1.2 by Andreas Krennmair

Trapdoor2 (td2) is an application that allows remote users to execute local commands by sending 'magic cookies'. This can e.g. be used to alter local firewalling rules so people can connect to local services after sending the magick cookie.

td2 is implemented as high-secure https server. the… 

PoTerm 2.0 by Rajulu Ponnada

PoTerm is serial terminal shell talks to serial ports and it is capable of sending AT commands to modems. A serial communication library is also available. Works on Windows and Linux also.

What's New in This Release:
An enhanced cmd shell provided to intaract with serial port
A serial communi… 

UniMailer 1.0 build 210905 by JAPISoft

UniMailer is the ideal companion for announcing new products and services to your customers, delivering and managing newsletters, or simply staying in touch with family and friends.

Here are some key features of "UniMailer":
Built-in SMTP, built-in DNS
Internal data base stored (add/remove/se… 

Send with Kopete 0.11 by knot

Send with Kopete is a servicemenu for sending files with Kopete application. It shows a dialog containing all contacts in Kopete which are able to receive files and after selecting one of them, the file is sent to that contact.

I've tested it only with jabber protocol (the only one I can use for… 

GSM::SMS::NBS 0.162 by Johan Van den Brande

GSM::SMS::NBS is a API for sending and receiving SMS messages.


use GSM::SMS::NBS;

my $nbs = GSM::SMS::NBS->new;

$nbs->sendRTTTL('+32475000000', $rtttl_string);
$nbs->sendOperatorLogo_b64($msisdn, $countrycode, $operator, $b64, 'gif');

Network Communicator 2.0.0 by David

Network Communicator is a simple script for sending and receiving data over TCP/UDP connections.

It can be useful for testing firewall configurations, routing tables, and similar things.

I had originally written two scripts for testing TCP only: a talker and a listener. Upon failure to proper… 

HylaFax 5.0.1 by Matthias Apitz

HylaFAX project is an enterprise-class system for sending and receiving facsimiles as well as for sending alpha-numeric pages.

The software is designed around a client-server architecture. Fax modems may reside on a single machine on a network and clients can submit an outbound job from any other… 

btnSMS Library 0.2 by BEYOND THE NET

btnSMS Library is a C library that provides an easy interface for sending SMS messages through the Beyond The Net SMS service provider.

Messages can be sent to nearly every country in the world with many different options.

libCURL for http-request
libxml2 for generating XML-… 

kobex 0.6 by Nick Protopapas

The kobex is a utility for sending and receiving files over the infrared device to obex enabled devices, such as cell phones, pdas, laptops.

Here are some key features of "kobex":
Kobex is a standard KDE application. It can be configured to act like a standalone application or to be a deamon in… 

libicq2000 0.3.2 by Barnaby Gray

libicq2000 is an opensource C++ library being developed to support the icq2000/2001 protocol. It is easy for developers to use as the backbone for their clients' connection to the ICQ network - all the protocol work is abstracted away in one nice object-orientated interface.

You will need to inst… 

Mail::MboxParser::Mail::Convertable 0.55 by Tassilo von Parseval

Mail::MboxParser::Mail::Convertable is a Perl module that can convert mail for sending etc.


use Mail::MboxParser;


# $msg is a Mail::MboxParser::Mail-object
my $mail = $msg->make_convertable;

$mail->delete_from_header('date', 'message-id');

packETH 1.3 by Miha Jemec

packETH is a Linux GUI packet generator tool for ethernet. It allows you to create and send any possible packet or sequence of packets on the ethernet.

Here are some key features of "packETH":
you can create and send any ethernet packet. Supported protocols:
ethernet II, ethernet 802.3, 802.1q… 

nnewz 0.3 by Nuno Marques

nnewz is a NNTP/RSS client done with MONO (C#).

In future will support:

- Posting
- NZB Files

GTK+ version 2.4.x
SQLite >3.2.0

What's New in This Release:
Sending posts
Identities for sending posts
Group search possible (well... kind of)
SQLite dropped,… 

GladeNetSend 0.9.1 by Gaurav Sahni

GladeNetSend is a GTK- based NetSend GUI for linux for sending and recieving net send from linux/windows machines.

Uses Samba to send and recieve messages. It can be minimized into the system tray and a popup window will appear as soon as a message is recieved.

What's New in This Release:

BulkSMS 0.2 by David Wilson

BulkSMS is a Python implementation of the HTTP client API. It features an object- orientated Python module which can be called from other Python programs, alongside a command-line 'sms' command for sending SMS messages and performing account control functions. is a com… 

YSM 2.9.9 by rad2k

YSM is a Free, open source (GPL license) console based ICQ client written in the C language. The project was born in the year 2001 when Mirabilis (AOL) introduced a new version of the ICQ protocol.

Full of humor and interesting features, ysm has an easy to use command line interface which allows… 



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