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GoldenPod 0.6 by Eskild Hustvedt

GoldenPod is a podcast client (or podcast aggregator, or podcatcher, feel free to pick whichever name you want) written in perl.

It supports multiple ways to work. GoldenPod supports reading configuration files in ~/.goldenpod/ and then saving the podcasts to the directory defined there.

It su… 

Psi 0.11 Beta2 by Psi Team

Psi is the truly open messaging application.

Psi is the premiere Instant Messaging application designed for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and GNU/Linux. Built upon an open protocol named Jabber, Psi is a fast and lightweight messaging client that utilises the best in open source technologies.… 

DEX Extensible Operating System 1.035 by Joseph Emmanuel Dayo

DEX Extensible Operating System is an operating system specifically designed for educational and research use. DEX Extensible Operating System allows for the dynamic reconfiguration and customization of various system services using concepts found in extensible operating systems.

It aims to creat… 

KCPentrix 1.0 by Knowledgecave

KCPentrix is liveCD design to be a standalone Penetration testing toolkit for pentesters and security analysts.

KCPenTrix based on SLAX, a Slackware live cd and gentoo,auditor and whoppix.

The Powerful modularity which KCPenTrix uses, allow us easily customize our version, and include whicheve… 

LibOSDK 0.0.3 by Maslan

LibOSDK is an operating systems development toolkit. LibOSDK is designed to help operating systems programmers avoid using assembly language at all.

What's New in This Release:
Full support for user-space tasks, code cleanups, and minor bugfixes.… 

AegeanLinux 0.5.02 by AegeanLinux Community

AegeanLinux is a free open source operating system for your computer. Other examples of an operating system are: Microsoft Windows XP, and Apple OSX.

With over 650 packages (precompiled executables, ready for download and run), and using KDE as it's desktop, Aegean provides an easy to use, fast,… 

My-Info 1.0 by James S. Sparenberg

Myinfo is a quick little app I created a while back and decided to share. Quit often help desk style persons need to ask some basic info about a box that many non technical users don't know how to find, and the technical users do know how to find but may need root access in order to find it.


Xprobe2 0.3 by

Xprobe is an alternative to some tools which are heavily dependent upon the usage of the TCP protocol for remote active operating system fingerprinting.

Xprobe I combines various remote active operating system fingerprinting methods using the ICMP protocol, which were discovered during the "ICMP… 

Kaboot Recovery by Hanni Ali

Kaboot Linux Operating system aims to provide an operating system which you can take anywhere and has all your favourite programs on.

Kaboot operating system is avaliable as a Live CD or Live USB you can take with you anywhere.

A number of different versions are avaliable, two optimised for size o… 

AFU Knoppix 3.7 by AFU Knoppix Team

The AFU Knoppix CD contains software for the operating modes of PSK31, RTTY, SSTV, FAX, APRS and packet radio. Additional applications for Sat tracking, logging, locator referencing and antenna computation are also included.

The idea for this CD came in April 2003 after a lecture by Klaus Knopper… 

LILO 22.7.3 by John Coffman

LILO is a Boot loader for Linux/x86 and other PC operating systems. It is responsible for loading your Linux kernel from either a floppy or a hard drive and passing control to it.

LILO is capable of booting beyond cylinder 1024 of a hard disk if the BIOS supports EDD packet call extensions to the… 

Facter 1.1.1 by Luke Kanies

Facter is a cross-platform Ruby library for retrieving facts from operating systems. Supports multiple resolution mechanisms, any of which can be restricted to working only on certain operating systems or environments.

Facter is especially useful for retrieving things like operating system names, I… 

GNU Coreutils 6.7 by Free Software Foundation, Inc.

GNU Coreutils package are the basic file, shell and text manipulation utilities of the GNU operating system. These are the core utilities which are expected to exist on every operating system.

Previously these utilities were offered as three individual sets of GNU utilities, fileutils, shellutils… 

GAG 4.7 by Raster Software Vigo

GAG (initials, in spanish, of Graphical Boot Manager) is a Boot Manager program. GAG's loaded when the computer is turned on and allows you to choose the operating system you want to use.

Here are some key features of "GAG":
Allows boot of up to 9 different operating systems.
It can boot… 

Kaboot Komplete 0.1 by Hanni Ali

Kaboot Linux Operating system aims to provide an operating system which you can take anywhere and has all your favourite programs on.

Kaboot operating system is avaliable as a Live CD or Live USB you can take with you anywhere.

A number of different versions are avaliable, two optimised for si… 

XChat 2.6.8 by Peter Zelezny

XChat is an IRC (chat) program for Windows and UNIX (Linux/BSD) operating systems. I.R.C. is Internet Relay Chat, see for more information about IRC in general.

XChat runs on most BSD and POSIX compliant operating systems.

Here are some key features of "XChat":
Full featur… 

GXemul 0.4.1 by Anders Gavare

GXemul is a machine emulator I'm developing in my spare time.

GXemul project emulates processors and surrounding hardware components, in some cases well enough to allow unmodified "guest" operating systems to run inside the emulator as if they were running on a real machine.



Ankur 1.0 by Sayamindu Dasgupta

Ankur is working toward supporting Bangla(Bengali) language on GNU/Linux operating system. However, most of our projects are focused on's XServer. Some of our projects are in fact platform independent and adds supports of other operating systems.

We are working on providing Bangla sup… 

HeavenOS 0.1.4 by Nuno Miguel

HeavenOS is an original, alternative 32-bit operating system for Intel 80386 compatible processors.

It is made with NASM (The Netwide Assembler), and is not intended to compare to modern operating systems, but to try to get the best features and discover better ways to do things.

HeavenOS project… 

Debian GNU/Linux Etch RC1 (Debian-Installer) by Debian Developers

Debian is an operating system for your computer that consists only of Free Software.

It uses the Linux kernel, and a large part of the basic tools that fill out the operating system come from GNU, which are also free.

Debian GNU/Linux Etch comes with thousands of packages.… 



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