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whohas 0.15 by Philipp Wesche

whohas is a command line tool that allows querying several package lists at once - currently supported are Arch, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Slackware (and, Source Mage, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Fink and DarwinPorts.

whohas is written in Perl and was designed to help package maint… 

Gimp::Fu 1.211 by Marc Lehmann

Gimp::Fu is a "easy to use" framework for Gimp scripts.


use Gimp;
use Gimp::Fu;

(this module uses Gtk, so make sure it's correctly installed)

Currently, there are only three functions in this module. This fully suffices to provide a professional interface and the ability… 

Gimp::UI 1.211 by Marc Lehmann

Gimp::UI is a "simulation of libgimpui", and more!

Due to the braindamaged (read: "unusable") libgimpui API, I had to reimplement all of it in perl.

$option_menu = new Gimp::UI::ImageMenu
$option_menu = new Gimp::UI::LayerMenu
$option_menu = new Gimp::UI::ChannelMenu
$option_menu = new… 

Gimp::Data 1.211 by Marc Lehmann

Gimp::Data is a Perl module to set and get state data.


use Gimp::Data;

$Gimp::Data{'value1'} = "Hello";
print $Gimp::Data{'value1'},", World!!n";

With this module, you can access plugin-specific (or global) data in Gimp, i.e. you can store and retrieve values that are s… 

Gimp::Lib 1.211 by Marc Lehmann

Gimp::Lib is an interface to libgimp (as opposed to Gimp::Net).


use Gimp; # internal use only

This is the package that interfaces to The Gimp via the libgimp interface, i.e. the normal interface to use with the Gimp. You don't normally use this module directly, look at the docume… 

gimpShop 2.2.11 by gimpShop Team

gimpShop project is a fork of GIMP which changes the layout of the user interface to resemble Adobe Photoshop.

Version 2.2 is an update on GIMP 2.0. GIMP 2.2 is fully backward compatible to GIMP 2.0. Plug-ins and scripts written for GIMP 2.0 will continue to work and don't need to be changed nor… 

Gimp::Config 1.211 by Marc Lehmann

Gimp::Config is a Perl module with config options found during configure time.

The Gimp::Config module creates a tied hash %Gimp::Config which contains all the definitions the configure script and perl deduced from the system configuration at configure time. You can access these values just like… 

Gimp::Pixel 1.211 by Marc Lehmann

Gimp::Pixel is a how to operate on raw pixels.

***WARNING*** this manpage is no longer up-to-date. See examples/map_to_gradient for a simple raw-pixel-manipulating plug-in. If you bug me enough I'll rewrite this document.


use Gimp;
use PDL; # to make sensible thin… 

Gimp::Module 1.211 by Marc Lehmann

Gimp::Module can run scripts embedded into the Gimp program.


not anything you would expect - and not documented, even!


Gimp User Manual 0.11 by The GIMP Help Team

GIMP User Manual project is a user manual for the GIMP. It is written for the GIMP Help Browser, but can produce help pages for other formats as well.

What's New in This Release:
New content for German, Spanish, Russian, Czech, and French translations. Spelling and grammar fixes for German, Fre… 

Gimp::Net 1.211 by Marc Lehmann

Gimp::Net is a communication module for the gimp-perl server.

For Gimp::Net (and thus commandline and remote scripts) to work, you first have to install the "Perl-Server" extension somewhere where Gimp can find it (e.g in your .gimp/plug-ins/ directory). Usually this is done automatically while i… 

Gimp::Pod 1.211 by Marc Lehmann

Gimp::Pod is a Perl module to evaluate pod documentation embedded in scripts.


use Gimp::Pod;

$pod = new Gimp::Pod;
$text = $pod->format ();
$html = $pod->format ('html');
$synopsis = $pod->section ('SYNOPSIS');
$author = $pod->author;
@sections = $pod->sections;

GIMP arrow and cursor brushes 1.0 by Paul Sherman

GIMP arrow and cursor brushes project consists of 17 sets of arrows and three cursors (a total of 72 brushes) to put in your GIMP brushes folder.

Arrow brushes is my small payback for using the great GIMP program.

I had a hard time (actually impossible) finding any arrow brushes for the GIMP.… 

GIMP cursor brushes 1.0 by Paul Sherman

GIMP cursor brushes project is a set of (50) brushes for use in the GIMP, created from assorted cursors. Cursor brushes continues my contribution to my image editor of choice, the GIMP.

Seems basic things like cursors (most used for help-style pages) are often lacking.
I find lots of fancy, usel… 

goldenmean 0.5 by Claes G Lindblad

goldenmean is a GIMP plugin. Will create a new image. You enter the shortest side, select portrait or landscape orientation and it will automagically calculate the longest side according to the Golden Mean. The plug-in is tested with 1.1.3.


Ellipse 1.0.3 by Bernhard C. Maerz

Ellipse is a nice plugin for the famous graphical program GIMP. I have started to write it for a long time, where gimp was in an early state.

But after gimp became V1.0 I have rewriten this plugin, so this plugin would work again. Now, the Ellipse-Plugin works with gimp V1.0 and V1.1 (mybee it wi… 

GIMP checkmark brushes 1.0 by Paul Sherman

GIMP checkmark brushes is fourth in a series of "rubber stamp" GIMP brushes which help making simple objects easy and clean for GIMP users. GIMP checkmark brushes includes 30 brushes. They default to black, and some are in red, green, and blue.


Stick them in the GIMP brushes fold… 

Gimp::PDL 1.211 by Marc Lehmann

Gimp::PDL is a Perl module to overwrite Tile/Region functions to work with piddles. This module is obsolete, please remove any references to it.

use Gimp;
use Gimp::PDL;
use PDL;

This module overwrites some methods of Gimp::Tile and Gimp::PixelRgn. The new functions return an… 

GIMP circle brushes 1.0 by Paul Sherman

GIMP circle brushes provides circle brushes for use as "rubber stamps" in the GIMP.

GIMP circle brushes can be used with one click instead of creating outline circles by making a circle, filling with black, shrinking, and filling with white.

The following pixel sizes are provided: 6, 12, 15,… 

Dry Brush Plug-In 0.1 by Kyoichiro Suda

Dry Brush Plug-In is a plug-in like a tool in Gimp.

It mainly tries to express a feeling of a drawing materials with strength that is brought by pressure sensor of a tablet.



You need the Gimp version 2.2 and development environment for Gimp.

Do "make inst… 



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