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Kisdnmonitor by Jorge Windmeisser Oliver

Kisdnmonitor is an applet for your KDE-desktop environment, it shows the status of the B-Channels and logs the calls (incoming and outgoing) with the duration and the costs and some other information.

It uses the standard KDE-addressbook to avoid annoying duplicities, and it retrieves on the fly… 

Pybber 0.1.0 by Claudemir Todo Bom

Pybber is a single window Jabber client that is being written in Python, PyGnome, PyGlade ,pyjama. The main objectives of this project is:

* All chats and group chats in one window, using tabs. Always that's possible, use main window tabs to show things;
* Gnome panel applet that show cl… 

bbppp 0.2.3 by John Kennis

Bbppp is a minimalist PPP dialer designed for use with the Blackbox window manager.
This Tool displays the status of a ppp link in an decorated window, simulating the look of the Blackbox toolbar (Blackbox is a Windowmanager for X11).

To compile bbppp for use with an isdn modem follow these:

selectwm 0.4.1 by Luc Dufresne

This is a small application (using GTK+) which lets you select your window manager. It looks for a file named .selectwmrc in the user's directory which contains a list of window managers.

When you start X it should show a list which lets you choose your window manager (by double clicking on it wi… 

Gtk2::Ex::PodViewer 0.16 by Gavin Brown, Torsten Schoenfeld and Scott Arringto

Gtk2::Ex::PodViewer is a Gtk2 widget for displaying Plain old Documentation (POD). NB: This module used to be called Gtk2::PodViewer. That module is now a stub that points to this module.


use Gtk2 -init;
use Gtk2::Ex::PodViewer;

my $viewer = Gtk2::Ex::PodVi… 

JMP 0.51 by Robert Olofsson

JMP is a profiler for java that can be used to trace objects usage and method timings. JMP uses the JVMPI interface to gather statistics and interact with the JVM. JMP project uses the GTK+ interface to show the status.

JMP normally uses one window to show the classes in memory. Each class has su… 

PassReminder 0.6.1 by Eyecanseeyou

You would like to protect a list of passwords? You would like to remember your passwords? PassReminder is for you!

PassReminder is a free password manager. It keeps password secure. A master password is used to encrypt/decrypt each database.

PassReminder 0.3 is highly customizable with about 5… 

Skippy 0.5.0 by Hyriand

Skippy is what (I think) is best described as a full-screen task-switcher for X11. It tries to provide an alternative when taskbars or regular task-switchers aren't the most efficient way of switching tasks (like when you have a lot of applications open).

When activated (currently only through a… 

Page Title Eraser 0.5.2 by Scheglov Konstantin

Page Title Eraser is a Firefox extension which provides more privacy at your workplace by hiding the title and icon of a selected tab.

I always open several tabs in a Firefox window, but I would not like other people see some of tabs labels. So I wrote the PTE extension which helps me to have suc… 

Buffy and Libbuffy 0.11 by Enrico Zini

Buffy displays a window with a summary of your mailboxes and lets you open them in your mail program. It is written with the intent of being a handy everyday tool for people working with large volumes of mail.

For mutt users, it can be a nice front-end to supplement the simple built-in folder brows… 

Fruit Show 0.5 by Wayne Venables

Fruit Show is a minimalist forum package based on the forums at Fruit Show is based on the philosophy that social atmosphere is a by-product of software design.

There's no registration and very few features for visitors. It's skinnable and easy to install. It also contains som… 

Sportal 1.4 by bruj0

Sportal is a program made for the people that needs to know what is going on, in their systems, what it does is keep an eye on the files that you select , for "hot Words" that u also select, all this is made trough a graphical interface, u never have to touch a config file, but if u want u can.


kkeyled 0.8.11 by Dieter Landolt

KKeyled is a KDE panel tray widget which displays the LED states of the keyboard (ie. Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock).

It is particularly useful for wireless keyboards without LEDs, and can be used to set the LED states of the keyboard aswell.

Cooperates with KlineakConf

What's New in… 

Splash 1.1 for Thunderbird by aldreneo

Splash is a Thunderbird extension that adds a custom splash screen at startup.

Also with sound features, customize everything from loading message to font .

Here are some key features of "Splash":
Option to close Splash screen immediately after browser window opens
Button to browse locally… 

alloywm 0.4.0 by Kensuke Otake

As its name implies, alloywm is a quite exquisite, aesthetic little window manager for X11. The premise of this window manager is not to be over-bloated like better known window managers such as KDE, and to keep the interface out of a user's way. Also, alloywm maintains to be small, fast, and have… 

Firefox Showcase 0.8.0 by Josep del Rio

Firefox Showcase is an extension that provides a new way to manage tabs and windows by showing them as thumbnails in a single window, tab or sidebar.

Includes a find bar that will filter the thumbnails, and the capability to select the thumbnails in the same way you would select files in your sy… 0.5.0 by Seiichi SATO is a ticker dockapp based on wmticker written by Jiro SEKIBA. reads a file that is specified by the command line, and displays each line in a viewing area periodically. When the file has been modified, it was reread automatically.

If you run in a tail-mode, ticks… 

xbindkeys 1.7.3 by Philippe Brochard

xbindkeys is a program that allows you to launch shell commands with your keyboard or your mouse under X Window.

xbindkeys links commands to keys or mouse buttons, using a configuration file. It's independant of the window manager and can capture all keyboard keys (ex: Power, Wake...).


CommandGui 0.1 by angm

CommandGui is a package of classes that intercept and show asynchronous process output errors from graphical applications.


The main class is "CCommandGui" class; it includes the public methods to set the GUI's graphical properties (see CCommandGui.h) and the public method to open the win… 

GreenT 0.9.1 by Michael Csulits

GreenT is a terminal emulator with tabs written in C#.

GreenT is a linux terminal emulator written in C#. Its visibility can be toggled by a hotkey just like the consoles found in games.

Additionally it supports tabs like gnome-terminal. GreenT uses gnome terminals settings for its configuration… 



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