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AllInOneRuby 0.2.10 by Erik Veenstra

AllInOneRuby creates a compressed executable for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X (Darwin) that includes both the Ruby interpreter and the runtime libraries. Why? Because it's sometimes not easy, or possible, or desirable, or allowed to do a complete Ruby installation. That's where AllInOneRuby comes in.… 

Xsnow 1.42 by Rick Jansen

Xsnow application is the X-windows application that will let it snow on the root, in between and on windows.

Santa and his reindeer will complete your festive-season feeling.

How to compile:

To build:

make depend

To run:

./xsnow& (in the backgr… 

Pytho?ol 2.1 by PhrozenSmoke

Pytho?ol is a Gtk-based, Linux application written in Pythonl and C. Pytho?ol is an all-in-one Spanish-English language educational software package capable of running on Linux / Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X.

The most important features of Pytho?ol include: Verb conjugation, Spanish-English dictio… 

CrossOver Office Standard 5.0.0 by CodeWeavers Inc.

CrossOver Office allows you to install your favorite Windows productivity applications and plugins in Linux, without needing a Microsoft Operating System license. CrossOver includes an easy to use, single click interface, which makes installing a Windows application simple and fast.

Once installe… 

XDirectFB 1.0-rc5 by Denis Oliver Kropp

XDirectFB project is a rootless X Server using DirectFB windows for X11 toplevel windows.

This way you can adjust the opacity of every application with your mouse wheel (while holding CapsLock or Meta down over a window). More details about these shortcuts can be found in the DirectFB README.


BrowserLauncher2 1.0 RC4 by Jeff Chapman

BrowserLauncher2 is a library that facilitates opening a browser from a Java application and directing the browser to a supplied URL.

In most cases, the browser opened will be the user's default browser.

BrowserLauncher2 is free software and it is being released under the GNU Lesser General Pu… 

Java Service Wrapper 3.2.3 by Leif Mortenson

Java Service Wrapper is a configurable tool which allows Java applications to be installed and controlled like native NT or Unix services. Java Service Wrapper includes fault correction software to automatically restart crashed or frozen JVMs. It is built for flexibility.

The Java Service Wrapper… 

CD Crisol 0.2 by CD Crisol Team

CD Crisol is a that that generates Software Libre Windows CDs. It downloads the applications, generates HTML, and builds an auto-runnable ISO image.

CD Crisol allows you to add your own applications and documentation to the CD and use your own templates for generating the HTML.

What's New in T… 

NetTraf 1.4 by Rangel Reale

NetTraf consists of a daemon that gets information from a Linux interface and sends it on the network to NetTraf clients. Clients then can use the information to show to the user how the connection status.

NetTraf consists of a daemon running on Linux, and a client application (now Windows and Li… 

GPSMap 0.5.2 by Christof Dallermassl

GPSMap is a Java application that displays maps and shows your position with the aid of a GPS device.

GPSMap project can track paths, load overlays (such as shape files), and download maps from the MapBlast and Expedia servers.

What's New in This Release:
Serial communication on Windows syst… 

wxCL 1.3.0 by Surendra Singhi

wxCL is an industrial strength GUI library for application programmers that is portable across Common Lisp implementations and operating system platforms. It builds upon wxWidgets.

wxCL builds upon wxWidgets, a comprehensive C++ library that provides uniform application interface to all major GUI… 

autocutsel 0.9.0 by Michael Witrant

autocutsel project is a simple buffer in which any application can store text.

X servers use two schemes to copy text between applications. The first one (old and deprecated) is the cutbuffer. The other scheme is the selection and works differently.

There may be many selections in a single ser… 

wxChecksums 1.2.2 by Julien Couot

wxChecksums is a program which calculates and verifies checksums. wxChecksums is able to read and write files in SFV and MD5 format.

wxChecksums can run on Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP and Linux.

SFV and MD5 files are very useful to check the integrity of the downloaded and/or burned files. Many soft… 

PodsBlitz 1.1.2 by Alexander Dietrich

Did you ever want to copy songs off your iPod, but all you could find were MP3 files with cryptic names ?

PodsBlitz application gives you access to your music. Just download the file to your iPod and double-click to start, that's it.

PodsBlitz was tested with an iPod Photo (synchronized by iTu… 

ThinLinc 1.5.0 by Cendio AB

ThinLinc is a fast and versatile terminal server system. ThinLinc is based on open protocols such as TightVNC and SSH.

The ThinLinc server software runs on Linux or Solaris, and can be used to distribute Linux/Unix desktops to thin clients. The system also supports additional application servers,… 

Xnetintf 1.9 by Jeff Forys

Xnetintf is an X Windows application that manages network interfaces. The current interface state is depicted through a series of bitmaps, and a mouse click in the window initiates a state transition.

Xnetintf uses a per-interface configuration file to supply commands that check and toggle state,… 

Guikachu 1.5.10 by ?RDI Gerg?

Guikachu is a resource editor for PalmOSTM systems. Guikachu project allows you to visually create dialog boxes, menu bars and windows for your Palm application in the GNOME desktop environment.

If you are familiar with PalmOS development, you may have encountered one of the numerous resource ed… 

NavSys 0.0.9 by Amaury Jacquot

NavSys application is a combined GPS navigation / media player application to be used in a vehicle.

The NavSys system generates GPS tracklogs that are then editable with the MapEditor application.


There are two ways to run navsys (and 2 binaries), using X or gtk-fb (frame bu… 

adamoto 0.4.53 by Beamerik

Adamoto is an Application Deployment And MOnitoring TOol. It's a client/server based application for deploying software packages with a web-frontend.

The web-frontend in conjunction with the server enables you to administrate and monitor the deployment of software packages on the computers in you… 

YPOPs! by Anuj Seth & K.Shyam

YPOPs! is an application that provides POP3 access to Yahoo! Mail. It is available on the Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac platforms.

Yahoo! Mail disabled free access to its POP3 service on 24th April, 2002. YPOPS! is a POP3 emulator and you can download mail from yahoo account with the help of… 



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