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LiliBoggie 0.1 by Camille Harang

LiliBoggie is a Boggle-like video game.

LiliBoggie can find words automaticaly, learn words, extend many languages, countdown timing, grammar options and flexible grid.



For installation optio… 

Ruby/DICT 0.9.3 by Ian Macdonald

Ruby/DICT is an RFC 2229 compliant client-side library implementation of the DICT protocol, written in the Ruby programming language. Ruby/DICT library can be used to write clients that access dictionary definitions from a set of natural language dictionary databases. In the words of the RFC:


Bio::ExtractNE::MakeDict 1.06 by Yung-chung Lin

Bio::ExtractNE::MakeDict is a package for creating dictionary.


mkdict($input_file, $output_dictfile)
This function creates named-entity dictionary. Note that $input_file is a hash. Currently, only SwissProt data is supported.
mkdict({ sprot_file => "sprot", } => "sprot.dict");

Word Inspector 0.1a by Scott Gifford

Word Inspector project is a GTK frontend to Dict dictionary program.

The dict program allows you to search through one or more dictionary-like reference books for a word, then displays its definition.

Word Inspector expands that by allowing you to enter words to look up more easily, easily lo… 

DictEm 0.81 by Aleksey Cheusov

DictEm is an extremely customizable DICT client for (X)Emacs. DictEm implements all functions of the client part of the DICT protocol (RFC-2229).

Unlike dictionary.el, it widely uses autocompletion that is used for selecting a dictionary and search strategy. It provides several hooks that may be… 

QuikDic 0.9.3 by Daniel Tams

QuikDic project is a user-friendly Java-based DICT client.

QuikDic is an Internet dictionary which will look up words over the Internet and define them.

What's New in This Release:
International characters support. The application will now correctly display international characters, such as… 

Lexi 0.01 by matusa

Lexi project is a dict client and vocabulary builder.

Lexi is a dict client that also serves as a personalized vocabulary builder.

It caches definitions and has a persistent word list.

The interface is structured to be quick and easy and features synonym clicking, drag and drop word queri… 

Fantasdic 1.0 Beta2 by Mathieu Blondel

Fantasdic is a client for the DICT protocol.

Here are some key features of "Fantasdic":
Can use multiple servers at the same time and filter databases.
Includes a simple vocabulary learning tool.
Scans clipboard.
Keeps an history of searched words so you can go back and go forward easily.… 

qLeo 0.2.0 by Markus Litz

qLeo is a fast and simple QT gui for de-en translation using the "" dictionary.

qLeo is faster than using the webbrowser and has a few nice features like grabbing the clipboard for translation.


1. type "qmake" in the top folder.
2. type "make" in the top folder.

PyJflash 1.2.1 by David Morrissey

PyJflash is a Japanese flashcard conversion utility, editor, and viewer. It loads and saves Edict (UTF, EUC and SJS), JFC, JQuickTrans (BFG), Kanji Gold vocabulary (DIC), PenPen (LVL), PyKanjiCard (DICT), Unicode TSV files (TSV and TXT), and Wakan CSV files.

It can print, show a print preview, an… 

ADDRESS LIST print dict one slide 0.3 by Klaus Rieger

ADDRESS LIST print dict one slide allows users of can print up to 85 addresses on one sheet of paper!

If you use the printing function of, you get a lot of pages to print but never all informations stored before. It is much more convenient to have all informations on one shee… 

Learn Words 0.1 by Adam Ritter

Learn Words project is a tool for teaching words in foreign languages.

Once words and their meanings have been entered, the computer quizzes you and shows how many errors you made.

Here are some key features of "Learn Words":
Dictionary quick searching
Thumbnail view

What's New in This… 

Twisted Words 0.4.0 by Jean-Paul Calderone

Twisted Words library provides implementations of a handful of IM protocols, including IRC, MSNP8, OSCAR, TOC, and Jabber.

Twisted Words provides two separate high-level end-user features:

a multiprotocol instant messaging server
a multiprotocol instant messaging client

These are both st… 

Vocabulary Builder 1.33 by Amit Shrestha

Vocabulary Builder project is a program to build your vocabulary.

Vocabulary Builder helps you practice for the SAT, GRE, or any vocabulary-intensive examination, or simply to increase your vocabulary.

It asks you a series of multiple-choice questions.

You can edit the words, categorize t… 

Complete! 1.0.3 by Jerry de Raad

Complete! is a desktop tool that speeds up your typing by inserting words.

Complete! suggests words as you type.

These words are based on what you have typed previously.

The UI will display words as you type; press both SHIFT keys to insert the word. Press both SHIFT keys again if you wan… 

Anagram Solver 0.1 by Tim Harper

Anagram Solver is a simple anagram solver program.

You can use it against any spelling dictionary that is formatted:

- one word per line
- in alphabetical order

If its not in alphabetical order, you could send it through pipe.

The basic algorithm tries all possible combinations of a… 

Russian Language Learning 1.0.1 by

Russian Language Learning is a Java application that helps you to learn Russian using the Leitner system.

Memorizing words and phrases will not only be more efficient, but the system is a joy to use. Each card also has the phrase spoken by a native russian speaker, to help with pronunciation.

GLosung 3.0 by Eicke Godehardt

GLosung is a watch words program.

This program shows the watch words (german: Losungen) for each day. The `Losungen' are words out of the bible, one from the Old and one from the New Testament.

GTK+ version 2.4.x


To install glosung you… 

Gretools 1.2.4 by Arvind Narayanan

Gretools is a vocabulary building tool for GNOME.

It is a fun and efficient way to learn words. It has a simple and intuitive interface. Its word list consists of about 4000 words.

Gretools consists of a synonym quiz, a word guessing game and a word browser. It automatically remembers the wor… 

XCard 1.2.5 by Shawn Ellis

XCard project is a is a French flashcard program.

It's used to help students memorize French words. It comes with several default word lists, ranging from verb lists, to vocabulary associated with airplane travel.

It has the capability to repeat lesser known words, graph a student's progress,… 



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